Oooohhhhh…. I should have titled all my posts something with “family”. O.k., I,m just going to go back and do it now. Do me a favour and pretend it was always this way! I can’t believe I didn<t think of it right away. It was so obvious and everything…

I had a little intro all worked out in my head as well. I was going to tell you I’m filled with happinesss with three Ss. Because of Saturday, Sunshine and Spy x Family. It was cloyingly cute and now it’s all ruined. But I got a title theme going. So worth it!

Is it just me or does that cow look like it has Kiss makeup on? That’s all I could think about. I can’t even name a Kiss song and yet the makeup somehow just conjures up instant recognition for me.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the Academy entrance interview, was one of my favourite early parts of the manga and I was looking forward to seeing how it would get adapted. I’m making it sound like it’s all important and singular, I actually like most of the manga this isn’t all that special. But I remember thinking that bringing the action to this school setting added just a great bit of mean girl commentary. and I happen to enjoy the genre.

The lead-up and stampede were just as crazy here and if anything felt a bit less out of nowhere if you can believe that. Or maybe it’s just easier to accept the second time around. But you know, I don’t mind a bit of suspension-shattering nonsense when it’s done for a reason, and this was a great bit of traditional absurdist comedy. The Forger’s supernatural preparedness and how they snap into new and more lavish outfits each time is a gag that is more than worth all the setup for me. just love this type of humour. And Spy x Family makes great use of it.

However, the interview took me by surprise. Of course, I knew what would happen. Almost word for word, but still, this was new to me.

one thing I will say is that Anya is wonderfully expressive. Yes, she always made all those faces but now, she fidgets a lot, she shudders, she huffs lightly when she’s offscreen. Her presence is so much bigger than her character. And that has made me care about Anya a lot more. As you can imagine, this interview was a bit of a rollercoaster.

The entire sequence was full of great moments and character growth. Loid and Yor talking about their family and realising that there might be a lot more truth than fiction in their answers. Anya being her adorable self and melting everyone’s heart by proclaiming that her parents are the best. Then shattering those melted pieces somehow but tearing up when thinking of her mother. I am going to assume that this is a scene a lot of anime fans are going to remember.

But for me, it was the great agent Twilight losing his cool that really dove it home. Not once mind you, sure, seeing his daughter cry was the last straw but he had been annoyed by jabs at his wife for a while before. And for a moment, the happiness of his “family” was more important than the mission. And even though that’s not something that should happen, I was still impressed. And his parting lines were fantastic.

I think the Forgers will be ok this time. as it seems there are also some very elegant teachers left. But even greater challenges seem to lie ahead!

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  1. I love this show so much . I also like how the assassin lady kind of looks like Hajakuji from a monogatari. I think its the red eyes and dark hair .

  2. That was totally a Kiss cow. (And I can name quite a few songs, but the only record of theirs I have is The Elder, which, according to my experience, is not something I should say to a Kiss fan.) Anya comforting the frightened cow was adorable, too.

    I wonder whether the Forgers might have saved one of the mentioned important kids from the stampede? That might give them school-political currency, on top of the educator support they seem to already have.

    I was looking forward to the interview, and it didn’t disappoint.

    1. Yes two people saw the Kiss makeup. I’m not nuts!
      Loid does things one at the time which is great but getting in is not going to garantee
      The success of the mission

  3. Yeah, this episode was awesome! I totally thought the elegant obsessed teacher was going to be the bad guy, but he actually stood up for the family. Anya was adorable, I loved the part where she was reading Loids mind to get the right answers and ended up sounding like a kid obsessed with success at the school. I got a real kick out of the changes of clothes they brought with them. What did Loid think was going to happen at a school interview that they would need that much clothes?

    1. Elegant headmaster is a great character. I think a lot of people fell for the bait and switch

  4. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who thought, “what’s with the KISS facepaint-style cow?!” ^_^’

    This episode really was a nice balance of silly and heartwarming though. We got to see Loid and Yor showing off their skills (while trying to hide them, even from each other!) and Anya doing the same during the interview. I’ve not read the manga yet, but I think Anya’s reactionfaces make this adaptation so worthwhile. As you say: she’s really expressive, and the animators seem to have realised how endearing and hilarious she is.

    The big surprise for me was how the old bearded teacher was initially set up as the antagonist, but in the end he was a more nuanced character who believes in the traditions and values of the school. When the other guy was shown to be much more cruel and spiteful, he came across as a “firm but fair” and I sort of had respect for him by the end. Especially with that smack to the face that Loid (just about) managed to avoid doing XD

    If that scene was taken word-for-word from the manga, I definitely need to give it a read. The whole interview section was sooo cool! Their answers to the questions really brought out the growing bond between them…the way that they spoke so highly of each other was utterly adorable. I know that it was an “act”, but I got a strong feeling that they really meant it. Aww~

    1. I read this scene in the manga almost 2 years ago so I can’t really confirm if it was word for word but it was definitely very similar. So far it’s been a very faithful adaptation

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