I’m seeing some early whispers about Spy x Family being anime of the year. That’s an ambitious cal to make in the spring season with only 3 episodes out but I get it. These have been 3 really great episodes!

I had actually forgotten about the great ooting, although I did remember their little superhero moment at the end. Although I was really looking forward to the school interview, I’m glad we had an episode to see them getting used to each other. I have to agree with that old lady, they make for a wonderful family.

I really liked the little opening tag recap they did this week. Sounds weird, I know. With so many things going on in this show, that’s what I chose to talk about! The “previously on” segment. But it really struck me. When I’m interested n a show, I usually have a pretty good memory for what has happened on it and previously on segments tend to annoy me. It’s just a waste of time for me but you can’t easily skip them. Nothing dramatic just a small inconvenience.

And I definitely did not need a reminder of what had happened in the two first episodes of Spy x Family. I remember it in detail. Yet, I thought this tag was great. I loved how they quickly reminded us what Operation Strix is in the first place. I think that’s probably very easy to forget for most viewers and it really helps to get the proper context of the story and the recap of the events was so quick that it mostly served to get me excited about the episode I was about to watch. Well done recap!

And while I’m talking about things no one but me is going to care about, isn’t the Forgers’ new apartment great! Like really great. I was jotting down home decor tips while watching. I’m not sure if it’s my love of colours influencing me, but I never even noticed this apartment in the manga. But I really thought it was a great design element in the anime. It has so much character and creates a sense of space. It makes the Spy x Family universe a bit more tangible and therefore easier to just get lost in. I was a little disappointed that Anya finished off her home tour so quickly.

Oh and before I forget, last week I talked about the great OP but the ED is wonderful as well. If you guys have been skipping it, you should watch it. Both the music and the visuals are great!

But that’s because episode 3 of Spy x Family wasn’t about home decoration. Shocking, I know! It was about giving a chance to our characters to actually come together as a family. A real one. One that’s not perfect all the time. We already saw that Anya and Loid make an absolutely fantastic odd couple but how will that work out with Yor in the mix?

I think I mentioned it, to me Yor is a big dork. Sure, she’s a very good killer. She would have to be to have survived this long. But in every other aspect, she’s just a sweet but awkward girl who doesn’t always think things through. At all. For those of you who are anime-only, are you curious about Yor’s brother? What do you guys think he’ll be like? And if there are any manga readers here, please don’t spoil it!

While Loid was trying to shape them into the ideal upper-class family and Anya and Yor were getting to know each other better, we also got to know them all just a little more. We were reminded just how anxious Anya is about being discovered as a telepath. How scared she is that she will be thrown away. We also saw that little Anya is starting to realize there’s a difference between her romanticized ideas of what an assassin is and Yor’s actual reality. And that’s scary. Not that she has anything to worry about, her new mama seems very charmed by her.

We also learned that Yor may be taking her professional interests a bit too far with her… appreciation of the tools of her trade. And she is a true professional, always taking her double life into consideration. But ultimately, she’s a kind girl. One that deeply wants people to be happy and cares about those around her. As far as Yor is concerned, Loid and Anya are doing her a favour by letting her be the mom, and she really doesn’t want to let anybody down!

As for Loid, he didn’t get the spotlight as much this week. In many ways, Loid is the straight man of the trio and that’s always a thankless job. But he still got a chance to shine in the end. He showed off his cool heroic side that we’ve all come to admire. Because Loid is a cool liar after all…but is he? Cool may be an affectation that he needs for the job, but deep down is that really his natural inclination?

After all, Loid is kind of pusillanimous ( I had to look that word up). He is very quick to give up. Every little obstacle and he’s ready to throw in the towel and call the operation a failure. He also overthinks everything. I understand it’s part of the job but it’s also the opposite of a cool guy trade. Not to mention that he’s just one huge softie. He may act gruff at times, but at the end of the day, one pleading look for his daughter and he’ll drop everything to get her the world. I bet he would do the same for his wife now as well.

Actually, I take it back. That might be exactly what makes him so cool in the first place.

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  1. I’ve fallen in love with this show so fast it’s almost given me whiplash. I wasn’t sold on the first episode, and the sequence with Yor and Loid at the end of last episode had a bit of suspension of disbelief. But now that we’re three episodes in I’ve completely fallen in love with Yor, I mean this show. (Having Saori Hayami voice a character is just cheating). I might pick up the manga for this one after this season ends, it’s been on my radar for a while now. The chemistry between the three main characters is just so good and I’m here for it.

  2. I thought I put into last week’s comment that I’m fairly sure Yor’s brother has some sort of secret job, too, but it turns out I didn’t. Anyway, I think it’s that sort of show. It’d be fun if he were actually one of Loid’s superiors, who then gets a little surprise when he learns about the “wife”. From promo art, we learn there’s going to be a dog. I don’t think that’s going to be Yor’s brother, but you never know.

    Also, I loved the photo you put into the header. So relatable, that scene.

    1. For some reason, I really like when animated characters take bad photos. It takes a lot of effort for anime to be unphotogenic!
      Good guess abut the brother. It would really be fun if was also a spy. It could be useful if he was working for the target that twilight is trying to get to. After all, government work is a pretty vague description

      1. That’s a neat idea. Task him with catching his own brother-in-law, without knowing who he really is — kind of like Breaking Bad. That would make for some fun family dinners. Waku waku.

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