You guys may remember when I told you about Manta Comics. Right here, cough, cough. In short, it’s a new platform to read your webcomics on and they have a few unique features that you may have been looking for. If you want to go check out the app and the reviews, you can just click over here for apple and here for android.

Semantic Error

But aside from the fact that you don’t have to pay for every chapter, (that’s how you end up with a single volume that cost you like 50$ or something…), the really cool thing about Manta is that they are going out there and securing the rights to Manhwa that you’re not going to find easily elsewhere.

For Valentine’s Day, I told you guys about Under The Oak Tree and honestly, I’ve gotten some great feedback from you guys. It seems that a few of my readers really did enjoy this story and are avidly waiting for more! It’s coming, you guys!

And so, I figure it’s a good time to let you in on another brand new Manta title: Semantic Error.

This is a BL title that is apparently all the rage in Korea right now. And although I don’t talk too much about BL on my blog, I am a big fan and I wouldn’t mind sharing a few more titles with you from time to time. Look, whether it’s a guilty pleasure, an open passion, or something you think is not for you, there are just times when a nice love story between two nice boys hits the spot.

Here’s the official summary because when I write them it ends up sounding like I’m an overexcited toddler and no one understands what I’m talking about:

Computer science major Chu Sangwoo is the epitome of an inflexible and strict rule-abiding person. While working on a liberal arts group project with freeloaders who don’t put in any effort, Sangwoo reasonably decides to remove their names from the final presentation.

But he didn’t imagine how involved he would become with the person whose study-abroad plans were messed up because of that project. The involved person: the campus star who everyone knows, Department of Design’s Jang Jaeyoung. He has everything from skills, looks, family background, and good relationships except for 1 big problem: Chu Sangwoo.

What happens when an engineer and an artist whose personalities are like oil and water have to work together? Jang Jaeyoung is like a semantic error in the perfect world of Chu Sangwoo. Will Sangwoo be able to debug this?

As someone who does read a lot of this genre, I can see the tropes just through the summary. Odd couple with a straight lace guy and a free spirit. All that initial tension grows into something…else… Sure, I’ve seen it before but man, I never get tired of it. Fair warning though, I haven’t read the whole thing but it’s based on a novel that is very much 18+ so I have a feeling things get saucy!

Also, do you guys love manga/manhwa computer nerds as much as I do? They got all the fun expected stuff going for them. You know, kinda shy, introverted and very bright but awkward. However, they’re also all super hot. Case and point, here’s Sangwoo:

Semantic Error

I mean if hot boys aren’t enough to convince you to give this a read, well I just don’t know what’s happening anymore. Still, if you’re the type that likes to try things out, you can always go read like the five first episodes for free right over here. You should know though, it’s kind of a trap. You start reading a webtoon and get through a handful of chapters before you know it and then you just have to read the rest, right? It’s always like that!

Before I forget, you might want to follow Manta’s Instagram account. They regularly post pics from their new and upcoming releases so it’s a very quick and easy way to see what’s coming up. And if you’re like me, a description is nice and all but you wanna see the pretty pictures!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to reading Semantic…I mean work. I’m a hard worker who would never ever read webtoons on my phone during a bathroom break. Nuh-huh. Not me. Man, I hope my boss isn’t reading this…

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