So last week I made a 3 in one post to sample several Friday shows (they air on Fridays in Canada at least). I have now added two more shows to my Friday night lineup cause wh needs socializing! A big thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the format. I actually enjoyed it and may try something similar next season.

This time around, after going over it with Karandi, she will keep reviewing Dr. Stone herself (so will I on this blog), However, I’m moving my Granbelm and Fire Force reviews over to 100word anime and keeping only the screencap galleries here like I did for Bungo Stray Dogs. For the moment it seems that

I quite like that format. For one it allows me to put up moar pictures which is always cool and, for two, having all the images of an episode laid out on a page like that makes it possible for me to spot things I never would have otherwise. I tried something new with tomorrow’s galleries and really liked it. I hope you check it out.

Fire Force ep2 (6)
You. Will. Enjoy. It

As such Saturdays morningish will be Dr. Stone right here on I Drink and Watch Anime, while Granbelm will be publishing around 2a.m. Mondays (Montreal time) and Fire Force will be around 9p.m. also Mondays, on 100word Anime. I hope you enjoy them as I liked writing both those reviews. I am also polishing up an episode review model that suits my needs. It’s a work in progress.

Additionally, I will be collaborating with Karandi on Given and Danmachi reviews. Given is going to land at 2a.m. on Sundays while the schedule is still being determined for Danmanchi. Both will be on 100word Anime. I will keep galleries for Given but I haven’t decided about Danmanchi yet. My blog is quickly turning into a picture blog and I’m ok with that.

Crow and I will be continuing our collaboration on Demon Slayer on each of our respective blogs on Sundays. I love collaborating with Crow. If you have the chance, please bug him to keep putting up with me next season.

I’m also watching To Love-Ru with Matt over on his blog.

way better than text

The rest of my schedule will stay largely the same except for my character studies on Mondays. I love those posts but frankly, they are very difficult for me and I find myself straining for subjects. I have noticed that for me, these posts only work when I truly have a passion for the character or at least something specific to say. By shackling those posts to a specific schedule, I end up straining for subjects and it doesn’t make for the best posts. As such, I will keep writing character studies but I’ll simply do so whenever the mood or muse strikes me.

I do hope to eventually institute some type of random weekly one-off collabs with different bloggers. I am trying to figure out exactly what the best way to go about it is.

In other plans, I hope to finish up my year of Natsume’s Book of Friends OWLS posts but I don’t think I’ll go for a second round. I need to figure out another form of monthly Natsume content for 2020. No monthly Natsume post is not an option…

That’s pretty much it for this teeny update. Howdy, I don’t think I’ve ever watched this many shows as they aired before. It’s going to be an adjustment. Hope I survive!!!! Man, I’m whining about watching anime I enjoy. I have it really sweet! I hope you all have such pleasant problems! Have a wonderful day,



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  1. I’m almost concerned – I thought you’d have written about the Natsume Yuujincho movie by now!

  2. Well…I know I have been away for a long time, but whoa it seems you are more busier than ever now. Awesomeness😊
    As for a Natsume post idea for 2020…well…wasn’t there a watch-a-long we were planning with Karandi a few months back? 🤔🤔That could be turned into something interesting for a series of posts. Seeing I still haven’t watched that because I’m horrible lol 😅😅😂😂
    Eh…just an idea. Cool to see your blog is still going strong😊😊

  3. You invented a time machine, didn’t you? You could sell the patent and make a ton of money!

    “If you have the chance, please bug him to keep putting up with me next season.”

    No need for that! I’m enjoying the collaboration, too!

    Great screen cap from To-Love Ru, by the way!

  4. Wow, watching anime that you like. . .what a problem to have! Glad the blogging is going so well, though, as I always enjoy your insights–Karandi’s, too.

  5. Wow, your such a busy person now working with two blogs. I know that you’ve always have passion for blogging, but I hope you don’t burn out or don’t mind the idea for a collab that I had. (Still need to watch the film in mind. It’s been a busy birthday weekend. )

    1. Actually, it’s freed up some time for me. I wrote a post explainng it and I’ll publish it over on K’s blog soon… 🙂

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