I won’t lie, one of the best things about AMAIM is the fact that I get to watch it virtually with Scott. It makes the show a lot more fun when I can discuss it with a friend like that! And I hope you guys will go over to Scott’s blog to join that discussion as well!

Hi Irina, how are you doing? Have a good time? I did something unusual for me, but I drove down a state on Friday to visit some cool wordpress people and it was the first time that I met online people in real life. It was also a lot of fun but punctuated with some […]

AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline EP 18 – Oh, So They Aren’t All Cartoon Villains? — Mechanical Anime Reviews

Of course I can still show you all the screencaps I got.

I do really enjoy the mech designs in this show. I like how I can really see where all the articulations are and how these machines are moving the way they are. This isn’t something that is always obvious in anime.

I also noticed that there are almost as many boats as there are robots in AMAIM. The sunsets are pretty, I’m guessing it’s from all the extra mech pollution…

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