You guys keep telling me (ok, mostly Fred) that putting more nudity in my posts will draw the readers in. I’m finally listening! It takes me a while to pick up on stuff… This is actually a list that’s been in my post idea folder for a minute. Not because I thought it would be particularly popular, although that would definitely be nice, but because I thought it would be super fun to write.

Nudist characters in anime are often the harmless whacky types that are used for comedic relief and tension breaks, rather than the creepy flasher types. I’m not sure what this says about me, but they’re often some of my favorite characters in shows. Awww man, who am I kidding… We all know exactly what this says about me.

But you’re not here to read about me. You’re here for.. pictures? On to the nudists!Rias Gremory

5) Rias Gremory (Highschool DxD)

Is this a cheat? Picking a female character from an Ecchi anime and calling them a nudist feels like a cop out somehow. Still Rias is a mighty popular very often minimally dressed female character in an Ecchi anime…yeah that really doesn’t change much.

Ok, so as far as they go High School DxD is a generally well appreciated smexshy harem anime and Rias has an uncharacteristically dominant role. Although some viewers may consider Rias a little boring when it comes right down to it, most admire her indifference towards wearing clothing. She openly embraces her body and doesn’t feel the need to cover it up. Points for all of us!

Mio waiting in the summer
4) Mio (Waiting in the Summer)

Mio is a shy but loyal and very kind girl who just happens to prefer not wearing clothes. Whenever she’s at home she feels most comfortable going au naturel and if possible she’ll also shed it all before going to bed.

The series even openly addresses this fact by giving her a backstory in which she actually comes from a family of nudists and therefore finds it natural but is uneasy about other people finding out so she tries to hide it from the people around her.

This very down to earth approach to nudism within the greater context of society is refreshing, even if it is also an excuse for fanservice, choosing a beautiful and well endowed young lady as the subject.

Gray and Juvia
3) Gray Fulbuster  (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail may have become infamous for its generous use of gratuitous fanservice but you have to give it to the series, at least it’s equal opportunity. You’ll get a six pack for every two to three cleavage shots! Early on in the series, your most reliable source of man candy was Gray Fullbuster who would take every opportunity to relieve himself of whatever he was wearing until someone stopped him in the act.

Before we got his backstory to finally explain his spontaneous bouts of nudity, it was a fun quirk that served both as a running gag and a foil to the character’s stern personality. One of the better applications of fanservice the series had to offer in my opinion. Not to mention that Gray is probably the best known nudist on this list.

Ekoda-chan Episode 6 (4)
2) Ekoda chan (Rinshi!! Ekoda-Chan)

This was a widely ignored highly inconsistent quirky little show and nudity played a big part in it. In fact, ekoda chan’s nudism was one of her best defined traits and might even have played a small part in convincing Matt to pick this series for a collab.

Ekoda chan is how I picture most modern nudist. Basically just average people who prefer not to wear clothes when they don’t have to. No compulsions to strip in public, no shame or deep rooted emotional motivation. Just habit and comfort.

I particularly liked how the show tackled some of the practical drawbacks of nudism and Ekoda’s creative solutions. In the end, Ekoda chan’s nudism was the least interesting thing about her and that rocks.

Honorable mention

Zvezda strip

Natasha from World Conquest Zvezda Plot

This was an odd little series, full of buzzard characters and barely there costumes. However, even with the little she did wear, Natasha still found a way to find it confining. Whenever you take your eyes off her, she finds a way to throw off all her clothes and slink off for a nap somewhere. I’m not sure how much of a nudist she is, and how much is simply sloth tendencies. Either way, she’s all adorable.
Kill-la-Kill Mikisugi

1) Mikisugi (Kill la Kill)

Mikisugi’s nudism isn’t simply a preference or a hobby. It’s his *calling*. You could even call him a professional nudist. Where others may have a slight dislike for wearing clothes, he is in all out war with them, complete with weapons of mass destruction.

As the leader of nudist beach, an organization sworn to destroy evil clothing and do it while wearing none at all, no one was better suited to top this list. In a series populated with characters that prefer being out of uniform, Mikisugi is the most dedicated and most frequently bare character. Sure it’s a little awkward when it clashes with his teaching day job, but you gotta do, what you gotta do!

There you have it, a decent sampling of both avowed and incidental nudists. I was quite happy to find that nudity in anime is spread out pretty evenly between genders and often treated as a lovable quirk rather than a shameful fault. Awww, look at me trying to sound all smurt and analysee… Like I wasn’t looking for an excuse to post a bunch of tastefully covered up naked anime character pics.

So how about you? Do you have a favorite anime nudist? Are they a self identified nudist or do they just happen to end up naked a lot because of *reasons*? For those of you who enjoy a good challenge, do you have a favorite anime never-nude?

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  1. I liked how the nudity in Kill la Kill was actually part of the plot. Nice to see Waiting in the Summer get a mention. That series is underrated. Mio is a sweet character and very different to the usual nudist one would expect to find in anime, personality wise.

  2. Hmmm…

    You’ve missed Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach. She’s actually my favorite. She’s that way just to show how uptight and inhibited Ichigo is. None of the other Soul Reapers seem to have a problem with it.

    As for Fairy Tail, Grey is the only fill fledged nudist there. I think a lot of his nudity is edited out of what I watched because people are always reacting like he’s nude when all he did was take his shirt off, yet nobody reacts that way when the other males are shirtless. Erza and Natsu don’t seem to have any problem with nudity, they just don’t make it a lifestyle. Mavis was comfortable in the hot tub scene but inconsistant in others so she must be comfortable only around close friends. She was shy around Zeref when he showed up nude (in a backstory episode) but he was so unselfconscious about it he had to be at least nudist in attitude.

    MHA has the invisible girl who has be nude for her power to be useful and there is the guy who phases thru his clothes when he uses his power. Not technically nudists but they’ve got to be comfortable with the concept to some degree.

    In the Monogatari franchise we have Suruga Kanbaru and living naked at home is her lifestyle. She is my 2nd favorite character after Hitagi – who uses her nudity with Araragi as a test to see if he can control himself. Araragi-kun has some nonsexual nudity during and after his battle with Kiss-Shot that he is not particularly worried about and neither is Hanekawa but it is just a few short scenes. OTOH, he and Shinobu aren’t concerned about each other’s nudity in that bath scene and that was fairly intimate in a nonsexual way. So we have an actual nudist and some nudist-like situations.

    Ryoko Hakubi in Tenchi Muyo is also a bit of a nudist. She is always nude in the onsen regardless of who else she shares it with. I find the lack of nipples on the version I saw to be hilarious. I have seen the same scenes edited to where her nudity is implied but never shown.

    You would have to consider Lucy in Elfen Lied a nudist by nature. I’m sure there are other

    Personally I prefer the term “nudie”. There are web sites with long bulleted
    lists of criteria for nudists and naturists and if you don’t fit those criteria, someone freaks out at you for not conforming.

  3. To be honest, beside Fred I never expected to read a post about nudity in anime. I am not complaining. It’s funny because as soon as I saw the words nudity, I was thinking about Nudist Beach from Kill la Kill. In nudity, I was also thinking about the first couple episodes Sekirei. Musubi doesn’t understand modesty in the beginning of the series and it’s funny to see Minato react to her always appearing nude. For guys, an anime I was thinking about was Black Clover. There was an episode where the main character named Asta gets training on how to fight with a sword from a guy named Fanzell but the gag about him is that he always appears pantless. Anyway, this post was funny and entertaining.

  4. I can’t quite say I’ve ever really thought about this question actually XD. The only nudist that comes to my head who is so unbelievably unabashed in their nudism is Mikisugi (also because I slightly neglect the existence of Fairy Tail in my anime/manga head cannon). Maybe its the way his nipples are always censored with blazing beacons of nudism! its like the bat signal for nudists everywhere. That might be it, but this is certainly something that calls for further study. N-n-not that I’m going to search them out of course….

  5. I think it’s unfair that only Rias got featured from HSDXD. I mean, the characters in that series just strip out naked ever 5 minutes; allergies I bet!

    Still a good list, and thanks to that I discovered “Rinshi!! Ekoda chan”
    Is that anime any good? I’ve never heard of it, underrated or just bad?

    1. Well it’s odd. It’s a short series -eps are 3 mins each- and very experimental. Each episode is in a completely different style from a different director. Some are great, sime aweful. It’s very unique

  6. Number 1 is what I expected the moment I read the title; it’s inevitable. I didn’t last long with Highschool DxD (1/2 episode the first time round; 5 episodes the second time round, but I was forcing it). I’ve forgotten about Mio, and wouldn’t have guessed the show in a screenshot guessing game, and even though I liked the show and remember Mio’s plot function now, I can’t remember the nudist aspect about her. I’ve never seen any Fairy Tail, and Ekoda chan was a fairly recent show so it’s pretty fresh in my mind (and a great addition to the list).

    I doubt I could have made this list. Anime tends to play nudism for laughs or service or both, and so I tend not to have that connection in my mind. Wingking has a few good ones, though, especially Isshiki. (Umishou is a rather odd show I barely remember. Actually, I don’t know why I’m saying it’s an odd show. What I remember is a fairly straightforward harem fanservice show, or something like that?)

    1. I tried to pick actual nudists rather than just fanservice oopsie my clothes fell off characters… The difference is rather academic

    2. I liked Isshiki; his nudism felt very natural for the sort of personality that he has, and he never made a big deal out of it either. It’s just part of who he is.

      I don’t remember Umisho being odd – not by anime standards, anyway – as much as it just wasn’t very good. That said, besides her enjoyment of swimming in the buff, Amuro is also among the rare examples of a genki girl who won her harem battle, which makes her a doubly cool character.

      1. Totally agree about Isshiki.

        I have no idea why I remember Umishou as odd. Everything I actually consciouly remember about it (which isn’t much) is fairly straightforward and unexceptional. I do think I remember liking Amuro (the green-haird main?), but I’m not sure I remember even that much.

  7. Mio – good choice! Two others I thought of were Isshiki from Food Wars, and Amuro from Umisho High School Naked Swimming Club.

  8. There’s always Tamaki Ako from “And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?”. She games in the nude.

    1. I haven’t seen that one either but I’m going to assume she has a twitch channel

      1. Pet Girl of Sakurasou is an abbreviated and simplified version of Honey and Clover. If you’ve seen that one you’ll agree with me. It is a different style of animation, and very pretty, but the core issues remain: discovering your own mediocrity in the face of incredible talent is quite difficult to deal with. Accepting your limitations to take up artist management is the hero’s path in both stories.

      2. And yes, it is cute, but also smart. There’s some important stuff getting discussed in it.

      3. You would also like Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless. I can’t remember if you’ve seen it already or not. The nerd-girl Pinkette is someone you’d probably identify with. She’s very earnest, and falls in love because the boy sees through her. Its a sweet love.

  9. I admire the restraint to not jokingly put in Kill la Kill characters from the last few episodes as the top 5,lol.

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