It’s almost Christmas kids! I hope you are all having the best time! I redid my hair recently and I am so happy with how it turned out. All sof and snowy white. I’ve piled it up in a top bun to keep it out of m face and I am rocking a serious Mrs. Claus look right now. Very festive! I know this time of year is rough on a lot of people so if you need to chat, I am absolutely all ears! In the meantime though Mat and I are bringing you the best gift of all, the gift of Yaoi! Matt is in bold, naturally!

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
and now for something new!

You know, last episode I was thinking how are they going to wrap everything up in a single episode and now I’m wondering what they have left to talk about, but we’ll get back to that later first let’s talk about what just happened. My thoughts exactly, but yes best we not jump ahead of ourselves!

I always really liked Takato’s manager I was happy to see that he had such a nice life. I was also thrilled that Takato actually seems to have a real friend out there. And boy was he adorable with nana-chan! Wasn’t he just?! Plus Nana-chan seems pretty perceptive for a however old she was… picking up on the fact that Takato wasn’t happy.

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
why have we not seen kitty Takato until now?

I did think that Rina, the wife, was drawn sort of weird. Like she belonged in that horrible beach filler episode. Am I nuts? There were a couple of faces like that this episode, the manager had it in an earlier scene too and some others scattered around, felt like they were rushing a few pieces of art throughout, though I guess that happens when you get further down the season.

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
you see it too, right?

Those middle scenes where they were keeping up the tense breakup were pretty well done. It’s really not my thing but for those people that enjoy low stakes romantic drama, I think it would have been appreciated. And there are a lot of those people. Are you one of those people Matt? Probably? I mean I don’t watch that much romantic drama (unless you count harems as romance, I don’t unless the main character makes a choice by the end) but it was “enjoyable” in the sense that I was entertained by them?

Like I said, there was only one way to salvage Junta’s character and he show did *exactly* as I said. Good job show, everytime you listen to me, you are better! Junta and Yukie were  pulling a stunt on the paparazzi that served to get Junta and Takato in a comfortable public position and gave Yukie some great publicity. It really could not have worked out any better. It almost worked out too well, like there almost wasn’t an ounce of bad fallout from this whole endeavour. I mean kudos to Junta and Yukie for pulling it off I suppose, but it felt a bit too neat. That is what I was driving at, then again I kinda like the Disney ending for this story. It fits.

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
we had figured it out….

Witch’s Drip is still an amazingly dorky title. I wish we saw more scenes from it as it was being shot! Is it a reference to something? Or is it just one of those silly titles that don’t make sense, why is a ‘witch’ dripping? Is she wet? Is it sexual innuendo??? Vampire’s drip is a cocktail…

You know, I enjoy likable antagonists and that tabloid editor seemed like the nicest bad guy ever. I kinda wish we had gotten to know him a bit better. Speaking of which, I did kind of like that the photographer found his way out of his ‘sleazy’ paparazzi lifestyle by the end of the story. Even if it falls into the whole ‘too neat’ category as far as wrapping up loose ends–at least for me.

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
thank you!

So Junta’s brilliantly maneuvered everything so Takato and him can openly move in together. And super hot studio exec guy is going to give them a project so they can work together too… What more could anyone ask for?  Matt, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s say it together: threesome! I… I don’t know if I’m ready for that just yet Irina… Oh you mean the characters in the show! Haha of course you did… sure why not, let’s get all the men naked while we’re at it!

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
not funny Matt

We got a last minute wrench in the works type of scene which I assume was only thrown in to either sell the manga or give them something to do next episode. But there’s a seemingly other hot evil guy named Arisu who even makes the super cool prez nervous. We know he’s evil because he was sucking on a lollipop. Only bad guys do that. Do you think he’ll mater? Yeah the introduction of a new character (especially an antagonist) this late in the game is usually a show adapting a manga too closely to make a neat complete story-arc, so many of the harem and ecchi shows I watch do this because at that point in the series they are usually adapting the end of volume 3 of a manga around the episode 9/10 mark and the end of volume 3 in mangas are often when new characters are introduced.

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
he’s gonna show up in a sec…

We didn’t get  preview of next week but the title and end of this episode makes me think it’s going to be another filler ep. I hope not. Dakaichi does not have a great track record with those. I mean if it is, hopefully it’s amusingly bad and not painfully bad so we can just make fun of it and consider episode 12 the ~real~ end of the season. Or we could be surprised and it’s the best episode ever!

There you have it folks, just one more to go and you’ll be able to read all about it over on Matt’s blog. In the meantime, everyone stay safe this Christmas, hug your pets for me and enjoy the Yaoi.

P.S. Lina mentioned I Hear the Sunspot being her favorite Manga so I binged all 3 available volumes in English in ne night. It shares a lot of narrative beats with Dakaichi, so if you liked one, you might really enjoy the other!

DAKAICHI ep 12 review
and a very happy holiday to YOU!

Getting fanservicy screencaps of this show has become a hobby of mine. Turns out it’s super easy. Here are a whole bunch!

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  1. It is way too much fun screen capping this show in general.
    I was with you in that it all felt very neat the way it wrapped up, but I enjoyed it. I was however left wondering what was left to do and then they throw in a random new character. Like, what?

      1. I read the manga online a fair while a go but after we got about halfway with the anime series I couldn’t remember what had happened or whether I’d even finished reading it. I don’t think I’m going to track the manga down again, but I know I’d love more of this anime. Just more of Takato would be fantastic.

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