I’m still having a grand time watching Shadows Hose. It has been a lovely series and is fairing quite well in what has been a really good season of anime for me. Next season is looking pretty great too. I’ve already picked out my weekend review shows. Well I’m hesitating between a couple to be honest. Maybe ‘ill do another poll lie I did for Shadows House. I’m certainly not regretting watching this series.

I got sidetracked and made a Twitter poll. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m not sure what to say about this episode. I really liked it. I’ve liked most of Shadows House’s episodes, especially since they entered the labyrinth. It does in fact remind me a bit of Labyrinth and that’s a great thing.

One thing I have to say, all the characters have grown on me a lot. It’s little things. I liked Ricky well enough, like I mentioned last week he’s a good foil, but I had no feelings at all about Patrick. Seeing him sitting in his little box clutching a slightly wilted daffodil made me like him for some reason. I had to look up how to say daffodil in English and I really thought daffodils were completely different flowers. I thought they were daisies (which I also had to look up. My flower name vocabulary leaves something to be desired)

Similarly, I wasn’t crazy about Rum and had no interest in Shirley. I started liking Rum a bit more simply by virtue of her putting in a lot of effort. I’m pretty easy to win over that way. And the fact that Shirley doesn’t produce soot makes her fascinating to me.

And well, I already liked everyone else so there you go. I like everyone now!

They did let a very nice bit of information out though. Towards the end of the first act, we saw the third floor shadows all enjoying the show and one of them, Sophie, had her face out. Or rather, she let it slip. The fact that they can accidentally have their faces out like that implies that it’s really a completely ingrained part of them. More importantly though, they mentioned that the “Union of Bodies” was a closely garded secret.

It could just be a name of course but doesn’t union of bodies strongly imply that the dolls and shadows meld together. I had dismissed that last week but I’m not so sure anymore. In which case, what DOES happen if you fail. And who prevails. The Shadows and Dolls all have different personalities. Some of them have wildly different personalities, which one remains? Is it a mix of both? Does the dominant one prevail regardless if it was originally a shadow or a doll.

I like this. I like these questions. They’re the type of questions that keep me watching a series. And there are 4 episodes left. That’s a decent amount of time in which to get all the immediate answers, although I suspect the House will keep some of its secrets for future seasons.

This has nothing to do with the episode but since I changed my blog layout, I started making my own gifs again, I think it suits this template best. And I ended up with an extra one for the episode. I wanted to at least share it. Here’s John SMASH:

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    1. I think it’s a wonderful series that deserves way more buzz. I do hope you like it as well

      1. It will not be the first series I went back to retry because of your review. Natsume and March comes in like a Lion were both anime I dropped quickly but tried again because of your reviews. Ended up really enjoying them both.

  1. If I remember correctly, one of the watching shadows said that usually the faces lose their sense of self, and Edward’s way of doing the debut endangers this process, because the shadows start worrying about unneccessary things. I assume this implies that usually the shadows just absorb their faces? I don’t know how that would work, though.

    I liked the episode, too.

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