It seems that My Dress-Up Darling is leaning into its ecchi source material every 3 episodes or so. I don’t remember if that’s just accurate to the manga or an adaptation quirk. I seem to recall a more even distribution. Then again, when you’re reading, it’s not always obvious where an episode would end. 

I do however remember that train scene. The one that ended this episode. It was kind of an important moment after all. And I have to say, the adaptation was spot on!

My Dress-Up Darling seems to be the surprise hit of the season. Like no one is shocked that the last season of AoT is doing o.k. but this little comedy really climbed up there in popularity. Lately, it seems most seasons have a surprise series that is just making everyone happy. I hope the trend keeps up.

I do wonder how many of the My Dress-Up Darling viewers are familiar with cosplay. Not as a concept, we all know about that of course. But how many have éknown the joys of a heavy, stuffy costume that slowly falls apart as you walk around for hours in overfilled convention halls. Or just how surprisingly difficult it is to pose in character. Or pose at all for that matter of fact. I know I haven’t ever been able to pull it off. 

Maybe Marin’s character is more popular than I thought, but I could have added the joys of trying to explain who you’re cosplaying as every 5 minutes. I do appreciate how respectful everyone seemed to be at this cosplay event. No one got touchy-feely which is good. Maybe it’s a Japan thing? If so, I will definitely go cosplay there!

Not that I’m a huge fan of large public events, to begin with. This is probably why I enjoy seeing them in anime so much. Living vicariously or something like that. I understand that it must be a pain to animate all those background characters so I always appreciate a production that goes through that effort. Conventions and festivals are always a good time in anime. 

I don’t really have all that much to say about this episode. It was more of a showcase than anything else. I think it captured the excitement of going to such an event. That was nice. But it was mostly a chance for us to look at the characters. Admire Gojo’s dressmaking skills! And real talk, as someone who has occasionally worn things that are too tight around the chest, it really does get super uncomfortable. You feel like you can’t breathe. I’ve had friends faint. I sympathized with Marin. I did think her moaning was ridiculous but you got to be a bit lenient.

Actually, the one thing that took me out of the episode was the thought that a nice air-conditioned hallway like that could be deserted. How was it not crawling with other people taking a break? At least one or two stragglers. That’s the part I just couldn’t accept.

The episode was, in my opinion, a charming little lead-up to the last scene. That’s what really matters here. I mean, there’s the entire plotline of Gojo thinking that now that Marin has her costume, they would no longer be friends. Which is sad. I bet Marin would have gotten super mad if he actually said that to her. And his relief at finding out that Marin wanted to keep on going. Of course, it leaves the misunderstanding there. He still thinks that she’s basically just hanging out with him because he’s useful to her. Despite her efforts at convincing him he’s a great guy and all. Look how she panicked when she lost him for a second.

But you all know that’s not what I’m leading to. You could tell from the title of this post. Sure, it is telling that Gojo would use the word beautiful. Even if he was half asleep, it’s still an important insight. And a very sweet moment. But it’s just as telling that Marin remembered Gojo’s whole speech about the word beautiful. 

It was just a random moment that Gojo mumbled through. It was a little odd so it could have stood out to Marin but it was a while ago and she just moved on. No one insisted on it. Yet she not only remembered it, but it was clear enough in her mind that she would pick up on Gojo just calmly saying it on their way home. I’m not sure I would have. That is unless I really cared about the guy…


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  1. That was such a sweet episode, with everyone having fun and being respectful. Marin asking that first otaku for a joint picture was so in character, and totally took him by surprise, too, so that doesn’t seem to happen at such events a lot either. It’s easy to forget that it’s Marin’t first time at such an event, too.

    Honestly, I’d probably have been as frightened of the event as Gojo initially was. It’s so relatable to me that Gojo only really is capable of expressing his feelings in a straightforward way when he’s very, very tired. I look at that and chuckle and think, yeah, me too.

    Also, I don’t remember if I said this before, but I adore the cute art in the ED. I’d watch a chibi-short spin-off, I would.

    1. I’m not sure I could handle the extreme cuteness of this show in chibi… I’m sort of a mess when I’M tired as well. I start forgetting languages.

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