It’s been a weeeeek! I mean  WEEK! I’m exhausted. I’m so tired in fact that I had one of those radom kissy dreams with people at work who I am definitely NOT attracted to (…I think…) and it was all very PG but then I felt weird and awkward the next day (being today). I’m just sayin…it was a week.

This is a particularly strange way to start this post. Some of you might be new readers at that. Well at least you now know what you’re in for. …bracing for follower count to drop….

Forget about this confusing and out of place intro, insted, let’s concentrate on a weeks worth of wonderful episode reviews!


The Rising of the Shield Hero 

Episode 7

Episode 8

Mob Psycho 100 II 

Episode 8


The Promised Neverland

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


Episode 7

Episode 8


Episode 7


BoogiePop and Others 

Episode 9

Episode 10 & al.

Domestic Girlfriend

Episode 7

Episode 8


Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Episode 7

Episode 8

The Price of Smiles 

Episode 8


Morose Mononokean II – Episode 8

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan (I’m really getting into this split personality reviewing, should I just do all my reviews this way?)

Episode 7


Episode 7

I kind of envy seasonal reviewers that can drop shows. My OCD would never allow me to do that. This said, I really wonder if I’m missing a lot of reviews or if there really was such a steep drop off this week.

Except Neverland…. that’s still going crazy strong. I’m calling it, I’m going to crown it most reviewed show of the season!

This said, I’m really appreciating how much less work these posts are now! Do you think that by week 10 this is going to be all Promised Neverland with one Dororo and maybe an Asuka?


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  1. This week, I noticed you’re including Moe Sucks for Mob Psycho 100, Dororo, and Kaguya sama, but not for Shield Hero. Now this is probably a coincidence, but Shield Hero is the only one of those shows you’d be missing if you were to search for the English name only (Moe Sucks [mostly?] goes with the Japanese names). What this made me realise: I have no idea how you’re compiling this list, other than that it’s a lot of work.

    Also, Boogiepop 10 – 13 are rather backstory heavy and really gave me a better idea of what’s going on. And watching those episodes also made me speculate that the show’s probably better if you binge it.

      1. Actually, I don’t even have my own custom icon. WordPress (or whatever provider) assigns default icons, and for some reason I don’t know it assigned me a different one for this post. It gave me back my usual one for newer posts. This has happened before, and I’ve always been curious why.

        1. Huh. Interesting. Mine just didn’t change into the new icon I picked, it was a cute little fox image I pulled up. Foxes, cats, ringtail-cats, and deer are my favorite animals.

  2. It was actually a slow week. I know I dropped off my reviews last week and will continue that this week as I try and pull my real life together a bit, but there were days where I struggled filling my usual time that I designate for reading blog posts because there just wasn’t very much in my reader and I found myself actively using search engines to track down posts to read. The community has gotten a bit quiet during the end of February.

  3. Looks like the reviews for Boogiepop dropped because of the 4-episode release. Even with an official announcement people didn’t expect that. Are you updated with the show? I still wonder how you’re keeping up with this roundup.

    1. I’m not. I decided to keep the weekly viewings as if nothing happened. I’m ostriching BoogiePop

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