Gaijin  and I are coming to the end of this series and our penultimate post features that feisty wildcat Kyo. This post was particularly challenging for me and I hope I don’t disappoint too much!



Oh Kyo, a close second favorite of mine… if not running neck and neck with Haru. Our spicy and determined cat is, not surprisingly, a serious and hard working Capricorn. Capricorn is a very serious sign. Their ruling planet is Saturn which is the planet that represents obstacles, hard work, discipline, and ambition. Capricorns often come off as sharp-tongued,  cold, austere, kind of awkward, and can be very critical…that sounds like Kyo. They are very competitive in certain aspects of life, such as work and career. Much like a Capricorn, he is very protective of those he cares about and will not back down so easily.

He is a very hard worker! I mean for Buddha’s sake, the boy went to live in the mountains by himself for months to train so he can eventually beat Yuki in a duel. That takes determination only a Capricorn would have. Capricorns are, much like every Earth sign, very particular…but about weird things. Kyo here, hates green onions and miso, unless it’s in a soup form, hates dish liver and chives unless cooked properly, and there’s a whole list but you’ll be reading that until the next Sozin’s Comet.

Fruits.Basket Yuki and Kyo

IRINA: Well this one isn’t really fair. Kyo is a cat and as we all know the cat is NOT part of the Chinese Zodiac! It is however part of the Vietnamese zodiac and Gurung zodiac and in fact it takes the place of the Rabbit.

Yup, you heard that right, as far as zodiacs are concerned, Kyo and Momiji are suppose to be very similar indeed. The only marked difference is that Cats are in conflict with Rats. I think that’s shown pretty well in the series!

So technically, Kyo’s suppose to be a gentle, sensitive, compassionate, amiable, modest, and merciful young man who may also be a little amorous, hesitant, stubborn, timid and conservative….

Yeah, Western Zodiac may have won out on this one. OR Kyo is a Chinese Cat and they are just very different. Let’s see, is tsundere a strength or a weakness?

How did I do? There’s one more Zodiac analysis left. Make sure you keep an eye on Gaijin’s blog for the final entry in this post series as we take a look at our plucky main character Tohru!


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  1. Love that you did the Western side of the Zodiac too! In my mind’s eye have been wanting to go through the Fruits Basket character comparing them to their sign but gaaaahhh it’s alot of work! So I think it’s really cool that you’re actually DOING IT 😀 Constantly raising the bar <3 Love it!

  2. Kyou can’t really be rabbit. He’s in the same class as Yuki, so since he’s a capricorn, he’s probably a pig (but might be a very early rat), or if he ever was held back or started school late he might be a dog. Also, if he were a rabbit, he’d be twelve years older than Momiji. I don’t think Momiji is that young.

    I’m going to guess he’s a pig. That’s the most likely one, IMO.

  3. Irina disappoint? Awww, stop it! You’ve entertained, educated, confused, exasperated, and occasionally even chosen to delicately overlook me (thanks for that, btw), but not once have you disappointed me! (Now, if want to smuggle me some Dunkaroos or turtles. . .)

    1. I like how you added confused and exasperated there – that’s how I know you actually read my stuff!
      Thank you David- you made my day, not for the first time

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