Hi guys and welcome all to another mini review. Irina here which you probably already know…this being my blog and all. As some of you may have heard, lucky lucy Matt is currently enjoying a well deserved vacation in Japan and not really doing the blog thing for the time being. However, incredibly devoted as he is , he has still made sure we keep our review schedule for this tiny series which seems to be overlooked by most seasonal reviewers. He made sure by making me do it for him….For this review Irina will be in bold and Irina/Matt will be in plain text….

I have a bad feeling about this. Me too

Rinshi Eokoda Chan ep 5 (2)
strong start!

Just when I was saying that despite the ever changing art the visuals seemed oddly similar to me, we have a completely different and unmistakable style this week. I liked it. I generally like sketch type art styles. I liked it too! Ekoda-chan’s boobs looked great in that pink suit, I mean, what?

She reminded me a bit of Ann from Persona 5 in her catsuit. mmm catsuit

Rinshi Eokoda Chan ep 5 (5)
It’s all shiny, like latex

This was sort of a retelling of episode 1 minus the guy. I like it when the series focuses on Ekoda as a person rather than her relationship.I thought the comedy this week had a good rhythm (or maybe I’m just quoting the director?) there was never a dull moment and that’s what you’d hope for and expect in a 4 minute anime. Also enjoyed the running theme of Ekoda wishing she had a pet. That does come up a lot. 

I was pretty grossed out by the microwave scene. I wonder if that stinks. This is kind of like a “show about nothing” and in drawing comparisons to ‘Seinfeld’ (the 90’s US sitcom) it too was all about tenuous physical relationships and observations of the minutiae of everyday life with these weird little moments thrown in for fun.

Rinshi Eokoda Chan ep 5 (4)
Ekoda VS the lizard

Basically, fun little episode. Nothing much to add on this one. Reminds me of the first one which is a good thing. It sure was a lot of fun. But still 4 minutes is not enough! I want more Irina!

All right guys, that’s all I have for you this week. I tried very very hard to make Matt sounds exactly like Matt and I believe I succeeded even if I do say so myself. You can tell me how right I am in the comments! cough, cough!

Rinshi Eokoda Chan ep 5 (7)

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      1. I’m not even ALLOWED to have a phone yet and I saw a 1ST GRADER have one!….. Mom, Dad, let me have a phone, plez!!!!!!!…….. I get so jealous of people with phones. Minus the part of how expensive they are…………………….

      1. I’ve made a website about “The Music Cannon,” a nickname that a 6th grader gave me that I decided to use for songs I wrote, also attached to the website. It’s not published so you wouldn’t be able to see it.

  1. It’s odd to me that we people of many ancient cultures have liked nude art so much but now they aren’t allowed except in bikinis or swim suits. I’m not saying we Americans should do that but it’s an odd concept to me.

  2. Interesting. You see, this was my least enjoyable episode so far. So uninteresting I didn’t even review it. The thing I like best in the show is Ekoda interacting with self-absorbed people in a dysfunctional world. I like the dark humor of it.

    Even her experience of pain and tragedy with her a-hole bf felt real. That is a valuable message.

    This ep just looked like over the top slapstick. The nudity is natural. Lots of people hang out at home in a state of undress. If you do it *honestly* in anime or even live action, it isn’t sexual or fanservice. I felt that the catsuit felt artificial and fetishy. The fear of a lizard (or a mosquito) “violating” her (and all the crotch shots) were so bizarre as to be sexual in intent.

    I have nothing against kink in anime but it is far from my favorite rendering of the Ekoda story.

    1. The violating but was a reprise of the first episode. I don’t think her friend is an a-hole but I find their relationship rather boring, I was glad to see something else personally. I also decided that Matt felt the same way!

  3. I have to admit, this was probably my least favourite episode of Ekoda-chan so far. Not because of the art style at all, but because even though the series regularly features nudity in a very casual, homey/natural kind of way, this episode was the first time said nudity felt deliberately over-the-top and overtly fanservicey/pandering to me.

    1. I guess the catsuit and camera angles were a bit superfluous but I didn’t really pic up on it until you mentioned it. To me it looked more comedic than enticing.

  4. Stylistically, this was definitely the most interesting episode. And I agree, well paced humour. One of the best so far.

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