So do you guys think Matt just moved to Japan? I wouldn’t blame him or anything. I’m just curious. Either way, I do hope he and IRL waifu are having the best time and way too busy enjoying themselves to think about us. In the meantime though it’s time for sock puppet Matt to make his glorious return. And isn’t this the best episode for that. Because of all the threads and stuff…. You get it!

I have to admit, I kinda wish Matt was here for this one because I have no idea what he would think about this week’s Ekoda-chan. Here goes nothing, I’m my usual plain self and sock Matt is bold and strong!

anime sock puppet
ready Matt? we can do this!

This week’s Ekoda-chan was centered around the Red String of Fate myth. This is a pretty popular legend and for some reason I’ve been seeing pop up non stop in the past few months. Manga, anime even some western entertainment I’ve come across have referenced this specific legend. Weird, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s fate? (I made Matt make the corny obvious joke, I’m a bad friend) I had heard of it before but never gave it much thought. Makes sense that someone like Ekoda-chan would be worried about finding her one true person. It was funny that they were tied to all sort of stuff though and Ekoda’s strings kept breaking.

Rinshi Ekoda-Chan Episode 7 (9)
funny… terrifying… potAto – potato

We usually talk about the art style a litte. Well I usually do but I don’t’ have much to say this time around.

I guess it wasn’t that memorable. I thought the mix of photographs was interesting. Too bad it was a bit difficult to tell.

Oh wait, that makes me think, the color palette was pretty awesome this week. Ekoda-chan’s dreams where colourful but dominated by pinks and cool reds which gave this urgency to the images while her waking world was just cool blues all sad and frozen.

Rinshi Ekoda-Chan Episode 7 (8)
you can see both the colours and the photos – I’m a pic choosing genius!

The story was, sort of light. Basically Ekoda is having some anxiety issues about not finding the man she’s “meant” to marry and she’s having some nightmares about it. Also her familial relationships are weighing a bit on her. It’s a bit redundant. It’s like Ekoda swings back and forth each week from being a self realized confident woman to being a needy girl looking for validation in someone else.

Well there are a lot of people like that. It’s normal to have moments of doubt and just because she’s having a bit of anxiety doesn’t make her needy. A lot of people have nightmares, it’s a way for your brain to work on what it considers to be problems.

Rinshi Ekoda-Chan Episode 7 (5)
the evil switchboard problem

Hey, I’m not shaming Ekoda or anything. I agree, people have more than one side to them, there’s nothing wrong with switching back and forth. It’s kind of the point of the show. I just wish they would explore more than those two archetypes.

There’s plenty of episodes left and I can’t wait to see what they tackle next week!

Rinshi Ekoda-Chan Episode 7 (4)
more of this I hope!

turns out, despite my own review, I id like the visuals this week. At least enough to et some spare sreencaps for you all!

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  1. I actually loved how the episode basically said that the red string of fate isn’t simply connecting two people; there are all kinds of connections. And you get verious other string-visual-metaphors mixed in, from simple tangles, to the giant ball of wool. I think you saw that amusement park game, where you tug at a string to win a random prize, too, and the buddha-escapes-hell-on-a-spider’s-string myth, though my memory’s spotty and I might be imagining that.

    I’ll just call this episode “string theory”. (I can also make corny, obvious jokes.)

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