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Top 5 Anime Boys Who Rock Pigtails

Here I am again, bringing you important pressing news that’s…important! Yeah! If any of you recognize this title, congratulations eagle eyes! I’m impressed and a little touched. For those of you that don’t, it was one of my joke lists from this post. I want to eventually make version of all the lists mentioned in there. Admittedly,...


Top 5 Spooky Boys in Anime

Hi everyone, This is a collab post! I’m gonna start it off but if you want to see the top spots (and obviously you do!) don’t forget to head on over to Otaku Essays and Analyses Luminous Mongoose: You know, monster girls get a lot of traction, but what about monster guys? While I think the...


Yuuki – Dead Man Walking

Have you guys seen Shiki? It’s the kind of show that sticks with you. It gets under your skin and seeps into your brain. I’m not saying it’s perfect (it’s not) and it most certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely memorable. If you happen to be interested, I reviewed it last year. I...