• Genre : Josei, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Thriller
  • Studio: J.C.Staff

I don’t know if my standards are dropping or I just feel protective of this show now that everybody has dropped it, but I liked this episode as well. Angels of Death is on an upswing if you ask me. Am I just trolling all you guys now that you’ve decided to drop it?

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review
seems like a perfectly great childhood to me…

Angels of Death is continuing to develop Isaac’s character which is a great move in my opinion. They are just dropping more convoluted backstory without revealing much at all but it makes us feel closer to the character. It also downplays the occasionally awkward interactions between Ray and Zack.

This said, the chemistry between the two has gotten noticeably better. I want to pretend it’s on purpose, you know mirroring their growing relationship but guys it was so bad I can’t even delude myself. The voice actors are probably recording the episodes in order and they are simply getting into the rhythm. Good thing too. An entire season of the utter lack of chemistry would have been unbearable.

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review
see how well they’re getting along

So we start off with an extended flashback of Zack’s childhood. The same scenes as last week are replayed with added detail and then continued to show us what I assume is his first murder. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I thought that was a quite good murder scene. It was so quiet and oddly still. Such high contrast with Zack’s usual energy. That made it particularly chilling and effective.

Once we rejoin our…heroes…in the present, we learn that Zack took cuckoo poison and now is going on a crazy rampage and is begging Rachel to run. Which she does! But not for her own sake, she is a death seeker after all, but for his. Rachel’s find the will to survive for someone else, awwww! He’s a mass murdering psycho who may or may not be imaginary,…oh….

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review
the heart wants what it wants

A brief chase scene ends up landing Ray and Zack face to face with Cathy for the final confrontation of the floor. Cathy is simply not a strong character. She’s not developed enough to be interesting and not quirky enough to be fun. As you would expect, this scene is therefore not as great as it could be. However, it did manage to considerably exceed my expectations.

Rachel’s character growth during those moments was really nice to see. It wasn’t overdone. The narrative was careful to not suddenly transform the character into something unrecognizable, but it did show us just a peek of a different Rachel and it was great to see. Great enough that I titled my post for it.

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review

I should say that this scene was also surprisingly violent. I mean the show is rather bloody in general but I feel that the gore went up a notch this episode. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing mind you. It felt like the show was going back to that horror tag.

In the final moments, we saw Rachel and Isaac getting a clue about needing to give their true name (names man..) to God, and that God has no use for sinners. Again the repeated themes of God and Sin.

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review
why not…

I enjoyed the wrap up – even if it was a bit heavy handed. The last puzzle lead them around the floor and back to the first room where they took their mug shots. They were both holding up name plates in those pictures and now the wall has opened to reveal a frame large enough for one of those name plates. Without explaining it to Zack, Rachel chooses his name plate which opens the elevator and throws out her own, mentioning it was not needed.

Clearly Rachel is judging herself. I mean with Cathy gone she has to… I’m sticking to my purgatory theory. Rachel obviously remembers something that racking her with guilt. Not just guilt though. You can have done wrong without considering yourself a sinner. Whatever she did, she considers it irredeemable. But where death was all she was seeking before, now it’s specifically death at Zack’s hands and I’m curious as to why.

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review
what did they write that with?

And then there was that last second cliffhanger. A great one as far as they go. Between Steins;Gate 0 and Angels of Death this week, I certainly have had my share of bloody cliffhangers…

One little random thing I’ve been noticing for weeks, is that in the OP there’s a flash of the two characters in silhouette with the “no” between them. It looks like this: の. Wait I can just take a screen cap… Genius blogger me!

Angels of Death ep 6 anime review

Anywho, this could simply be a fun little design trick, mirroring the tittle of the show: 殺戮の天使. But it would also mean Isaac no Rachel or Zack’s Ray. Of course this doesn’t mean that Zack and Rachel are the same person, it could be a cutesy (gasp) romance foreshadowing, but it still works with my existential theory.

You know what, I’m going to watch next week’s episode not just for you guys or because I have to review it, but I actually want to know what happens. Good job show, you did not completely lose me. I might still play you as a game.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.32.05 PM
then again…

I ended up with a lot of screencaps. I’m surprised by how much I liked the visuals this week.

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  1. I may just load up on early details of the plot and then join in around ep. 4. Or not, depending on how it goes. Only 24 hours in a day, you know. After eating, household chores, wife time, blogging, 12 hours of sleeping, and an unspecified amount of time running naked thru the woods, I have a high threshold to be met before i dedicate the time to watch an anime.

  2. I’m also still on board with the show. It’s sort of the tail end of the shows I consider still good. One thing I really liked this episode, for example, is the way Zack killed his foster parents in their sleep. They were total creeps, but the show didn’t even pretend to go for poetic justice. They died in their sleep and probably didn’t even realise what happened. Instead they just focussed on Zack losing it. Great decision, there.

    Also, I do think the voice acting chemistry got better because of voice direction. I do think that’s deliberate. You’ll notice that the character writing also gives them more nuance, and so the voice actors have to go from voice-mask to voice-expression. It would actually fit.

    Also, I heard that last weeks doll-house scene was anime original, replacing a more mundane one. If that’s true, the guys responsible for the adaption really know what they’re doing..

    And finally I’ve noticed from the promo picture that we’ve run out of floor guardians, and now we’re left with a huge towering figure that looks away. Final boss time – extended version? God in the house?

    I don’t quite like the show as much as I liked the first episode, but it’s still quite good. Let me try to rank the shows I’m watching and see where it ends up:

    Hi Score Girl
    Planet With
    Steins;Gate 0
    Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
    Jashin-chan Dropkick
    Tsukumogami Kashimasu
    Asobi Asobase
    Kakuriyo Yadomeshi
    Gegege no Kitarou
    Sirius the Jaeger
    Satsuriku no Tenshi
    Harukana Receive
    Hataraku Saibou
    Yuragi sou no Yuna san
    Shichisei no Subaru
    Overlord III
    Boku no Hero Academia
    Attack on Titan 3
    Muhyo to Ryoji
    Isekai Maou

    Ooh, it’s number 13. (If I include S;G season 1, S;G 0 shoots to the top, but as a sequel it isn’t really necessary and it feels more like service than necessity, but then it’s got Maho… I don’t really now how to place S;G 0.)

  3. If it continues improving I may end up binging this once it is done, but I don’t really want to watch it week to week given how frustrating and dull I found the first four episodes. Still, hearing that you and Raistlin are enjoying this more is great news.

  4. Hey….I’m STILL watching this lol 😂😂 And I agree…the series is getting better (although I did enjoy last week’s episode a little bit more 😊😊 You were so right about that cliffhanger though…and I also like your theory. Which….might even be right. Anyways…I’m going to stick with this one until the very end 😊😊

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