Those of you who have been around longer might know about my very weird obsession with anime mullets. I had alway had a mild interest in this peculiar choice of styling but it really started to take the forefront when I watched Kamigami no Asobi.

You know how u can g your whole life without really paying much attention to something but then once you notice it, you see it everywhere? That’s how it was for me and anime mullets from that point on. That’s how it was for me and anime mullets. From that point on, I started to notice them in every other series. Most troubling of all! They didn’t look half bad….

Here are my current top 5 anime mullets.

Bungo Stray Dogs s3 ep12 (1)


5) Doppo and Fukuzawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Starting out with a double entry and one of the best gifs I have ever mad, we have Kunikida Doppo and Yukichi Fukuzawa from Bungo Stray Dogs.

What I particularly enjoy if that these two are probably the most buttoned down and diligent characters in the Agency, if not in the entire series, yet they both sport very lucious mullets. It might be a bit harder to spot on Doppo since he usually has it in a pony tail but that hair is clearly way shorter on top and in the front.  Full fledged , bonafide Mullet! I guess it’s business in the front and longer business in the back for these two!

Yona Kija

4) Kija – (Yona of the Dawn)

Let me start by saying that Yona of the Dawn is great and Kija is also great. Not to mention pretty easy on the eyes. I like my white haired boys. However, I can’t deny that that has to be one of the ugliest hairstyles ever!

It was so though for me to reconcile such a pretty boy with such an awful cut. In the end, pretty won out. It helps that it looks like a bob from the front! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a stylized mullet in real life. I have a feeling it may be really impressive and possibly not that bad looking either.

Kamigami Yui

3) Yui -(Kamigami no Asobi)

As stated in my review, Yui is one of the rare examples of a femullet in anime and as such she needed a spot on this list beating ut all the other impressive mulets in this show. Apparently, mullet is the hairstyle of the gods, who knew?

Kamigami no Asobi is a sweet if somewhat messy little otome based reversed harem and for some reason, the creators thought it was an excellent move to design their main character and mary sure audience surrogate with a long flowing mullet. Worse still, she pulls it off quite well.


2) Natsuno (Shiki)

Shiki is a series that still haunts me. There’s alt to unpack there and it’s maybe one of my favourite explorations of the vampire myth out there, all mediums combined. It’s also a show with wild hair!

It’s telling when Natsuno’s rocker purple classical mullet is potentially n of the most wearable and conservative hairstyles in the series. I also wanted to make Natsuno my number two pick because there’s just something in the idea of adding such a disturbing and heavy show as Shiki in such a silly list as this. That might also explain this post…

Honorable Mention: Touken Ranbu

Touken Ranbu is a veritable cornucopia of mullets.

Every other character has one. I don’t know why mullets and traditional japanese inspired clothing seems to make such a good match but there you go….


1) Aoba (Dramatical Murder)

Still my reigning king of mullets, the one and only: Aoba the great! Not only does this kid sport one of the most luxurious mullets out here, reaching well down his back and being all full and lush and blue! But this particular hair is alive! As in it’s equipped with fully functional nerve ending plugged directly into Aoba’s nervous system. Does it do anything? No! It’s just amazing and all.

They try to feed us some tale that Aoba hasn’t cut his hair in years because it hurts to do so… A likely story! As if I’m going to believe that his guy isn’t at the barber’s every other week to maintain this glory! Yu want perfection, you gots to invest!

So out of 5 picks and an honourable mention 2 are reverse harms, one is a BL harem, one is a CBDCT show and the two other are well known for their very attractive mostly male casts… See!!??!!! I told you guys!!! I’m not crazy!!! Anime is trying to convince me, me personally, that mullets are the most enticing hairstyle ever, and I don’t know why…

I’m scared….

rini 2 scared

11 thoughts

  1. I never thought I’d see Dramatical Murder top a list (though the image looks like it’s not from the anime, so maybe…).

    In any case, I’m out of my depth with even figuring out what counts as a mullet and what not. I looked at google images; I read through the wikipedia entry, and I still don’t quite get it. A lot of the examples look nothing alike and now I’m not sure.

    I mean, for example, does Chris from Symphogear count? I can’t tell.

    1. That image is from the game and not the anime. We get a lot more glamour shots of the hair in the game. It’s like an important part of the story….

      I guess he would qualify. It’s like four rat tails…

  2. Ha ha. Now this is a topic I don’t think I’ve ever seen blogged before. Don’t know most of these series, but Kunikida was one of my favorites from Bungo.

    Also: Folken Fanel, Ryoji Kaji, Inuyasha, and Dark Schneider. 90s anime truly had the best mullets.

  3. Uuuuugh. It’s definitely much less cool when I think of them as mullets. Instantly reminds me of the gross redneck variant. You’re not wrong, though– I guess they are technically mullets. Technically. I think I’m just jealous that I (or any other 3D male) could never replicate one of these hairstyles and look as dashing as a white/silver-haired bishounen character (those really are the best hair colours in anime).

  4. I’d definitely put Kaiji on that list, he has a classic style mullet. Though the art style in that show might make you rethink the “enticing” bit.

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