This year I chose to spice up my Halloween top lists with a Top 5 anime vampires and you know what I found out? There are TONS of top anime vampire lists out there. It’s a super popular subject. I have no clue why it took me so long to think of it.

There are also a lot of cool anime vampires. As such, I tried to stick to characters I didn’t see mentioned too much on other lists. I guess this isn’t so much a Top 5 anime vampires list as a random 5 anime vampires that I think are cool… YAY!

D – Vampire Hunter D

I watched Vampire Hunter D a really long time ago but I always thought it was the bomb. I’m a little afraid of watching it again and not liking it for some reason. Although I did see D mentioned from time to time, it’s much less than before so I figured I would remind folks.

That’s not the only reason though, D is a half-vampire which makes him exotic as far as this list goes. In traditional lore, where you have to be bitten to become a vampire, half-vampires aren’t really something you can have. But this tale adds a few twists to the story. Also D’s left-hand sort of traumatized me as a kid. I always wondered if it was a source of inspiration for Migi.

Raizel – Noblesse

I had fun with Noblesse. Although for my money it could have gone MORE ridiculous. One constant source of amusement was the main character and extremely powerful vampire…excuse me, Noble: Rai!

Rai is a centuries-old Vamp, Uhm, Noble, with a regal bearing and a stoic quiet countenance. He’s also a bit of an airhead. And that clash was one of the best elements in Nobless. You never know if Rai is giving you that profound look because he is pondering the mysteries of the universe and distilling a hundred years’ worth of wisdom and knowledge into a simple glance, or whether he,s just tinking about ramen for diner. Odds are it’s the latter. And that earns him a spot on my list!

Kuro – Servamp

Now there are a lot of great vampires in Servamp. In fact, Lily was my favourite. But with time, I have started to gravitate more towards Kuro. He’s a vampire that turns into a cat instead of a bat. And cats are adorable! Also, he might be a cat that occasionally turns into a vampire, he sure acts way more like a kitty than a vamp!

Lazy, grumpy and self-interested, it’s very difficult to get Kuro to be serious about anything But when he does get serious, Oh boy!

Not many people put Servamps on their vampire lists. That may be because I,m one of the few people who watched it. Along with a few of you, of course, I had a lot of fun with the show and I figured if anyone is looking for a vampire anime, this is a good one you might not have seen.

Chizuru Kirishiki – Shiki

I knew I couldn’t leave Shiki off the list. That show haunts me. However, this isn’t a list of best vampire anime, it’s a list of best anime vampires. And the best one in Shiki is Chizuru. I’m not sure what it says about the universe in which the story of Shiki takes place, but the lady vampires sure seem to be enjoying their lot and using every drop of their power to the fullest. From Megumi to Ozaki’s wife all the way to head vampire Sunako, the ladies of Shiki are some fabulous blood-drinkers.

And for me, the most fabulous was Chizuru. Her family might not be what you consider traditional, but she relishes in it as she does in her power and glamour. Talk about living it up! In a show full of gloomy, tortured characters, Chizuru was a breath of fresh air. It’s not that she didn’t have her own tragedies and regrets to look back on, but she knew the value of enjoying every moment, even if you have eternity in front of you.

Noé – The Case Study of Vanitas

Probably the latest vampire to add to my list, Noé is awesome. First, he has the power to share his victims’ memories when drinking their blood. Power or curse is debatable as it’s beyond his control. But in any case, it’s a very interesting mechanic that opens up a whole bunch of doors for the storyteller.

Second, and most important, he’s a complete himbo. Not an unexpected airhead like Rai but an actual honest-to-goodness meathead! He’s strong and has a quick temper, with Vanitas at least, and he has the attention span and general wonderment of a toddler. Also, he’s not all that smart. A himbo through and through. And that’s just awesome.

There you have it. A list of random anime vampires I like in no particular order! Just in time for Halloween! Do you have a random anime vampire you like? Who is it?

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  1. I thouragly enjoyed Shiki, it’s bleak without being too gloomy because so many people are ‘trying their best’ as vague as that sounds, it’s not too complex yet it doesn’t explain away everything, it’s short and wastes no time.

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