So Christmas just passed, I hoped you got great presents. I know, I know, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about but…I mean…PRESENTS!

I got some awesome booty and one of the things I received in late December, **cough UPS cough**, is my October Loot Anime Box. YAY! Man, I am so happy I followed up and got this resent to me. The customer service at LootCrate anime was fantastic by the way. This might be my favorite box so far.

The theme for the box was Gods and Spirits which was fitting for Halloween but I guess Santa is kind of a spirit. Ok se let’s get to stuff. It’s great stuff!

well at least it’s in focus…

OK so admittedly the first impression of the box isn’t all that exciting. It’s very boxy! Also I’m just not all that crazy about the yellow and teal color scheme they’ve got going on. You may be thinking to yourself, why does that matter? Let me tell you: I doesn’t! Not one bit.

The phone charm this month was a floating Yume spirit and I really like it. I liked November’s kitty as well to be honest but this one is sparkly, see? If Magic-kyun renaissance has taught me anything, and believe me, it has taught me so very much, it’s that everything’s better with sparkles.  

I’ve been looping all the phone charms on my purse strap and now I make a jingling sound whenever I go anywhere. My friends like that they have a warning that I’m coming. It’s like a cowbell.

The poster is by JUN from Collateral Damage Studios and is possibly my favorite so far. It’s certainly the most on theme one I’ve gotten. This said, I will not be putting this one up either. I wish they wouldn’t fold then quite so roughly, I can’t imagine getting those lines out no matter what you do.

ED. The art studio left me a quick note on Twitter which I thought was super coll f them. As a result I went to check out their site and you should too. A lot of great artists to be found there!

Can you iron posters? Why do I get a feeling I’m going to burn the house down.

Full disclosure, I basically just got those two things out of the way in order to get to the good items. I don’t want to be mean or anything but I just really liked everything else in the box.

Noragami is a beloved show for me and I have no merch at al from the series. You should know that in Quebec where I am, anime themed merchandise is rather hard to find and even when you order from the internet, shipping is ridiculous if distributors even agree to ship here at all. My life is very difficult guys! Needless to say, I was thrilled to get anything Noragami themed and this pin is actually lovely. It’s pretty high quality metal pin with two pins in the back to keep it secure and in place so it doesn’t move around too much. It is a little on the heavier side and might pull a bit at a lighter fabric but as a lapel pin, it’s perfect. I really enjoy the image and it features a varied colour palette which will make it easily wearable with a variety of outfits (or all of mine which go from light grey to very dark grey that some people call black).

A great little item that will get a ton of use and that I would have bought independently. Win!

Another thing I adore is Japanese tableware. Please don’t ask me to explain it, just go with it. I haven’t seen Mushi-Shi yet but believe you me, I will very soon. From everything I’ve heard, this one is likely to be my sort of show. I hope I’m not driving my inner expectations too high. Guys, tell me it’s really boring so I can be pleasantly surprised.

In any case, when I originally read the description for this box months ago, I was under the impression that this was a coffee mug which would have been fine but these traditional shaped tea cups are so much better. I just adore them. I have also been using them every single day since I got them. I’m drinking tea from one right now! Why does using Food Wars chopsticks or wearing your favorite series T-Shirt (I’m wearing a Komaeda shirt too) make you feel just a little bit special? Is it just me. Is it because I’m a sucker? Probably. Fact is, I always enjoyed tea but from these cups, I enjoy it a little more. Great item, might have not bought it independently (mostly because it would not have occurred to me) and it would have been my loss.

Aahh the figure. LootCrate has sprung for some pretty good quality figures in these boxes. I’m consistently impressed. This month we get Josuke form JoJo’s Bizarre adventure and he is lookin mighty fine. This one was one solid piece, no assembly required except for the base, which allowed for that fantastically asymmetrical pose.

It’s really a great figure, very fun to look at and quite detailed. You can’t see it in the pictures because I am the world’s fourth worse photographer, but there’s a subtle shift in the colors of the clothing to add contour and depth. The paint job is really very impressive here and it’s just plain fun.

It currently stands on one of my office bookshelves surrounded by reference books and heavy academic volumes and it just makes me smile every time I spot it. Once again, it did not disappoint.

In the past two boxes, the figure was what I considered the big-ticket item. Josuke is certainly a great figure and one I would consider worth the price of the box but this time, I think the artbook beats it.

This small book featuring the art of Yoshitaka Amano is just gorgeous. I have had three people try to steal it already and I’ve only had it for a week. This is why I don’t invite people over. If you’re unfamiliar with the artist go google him right now. You know what, here you go!

Pretty right? Not only are the drawings themselves just beautiful but the choice of paintings, the composition, the size…Every single aspect of this art book is just perfect. It is my favorite item from LootCrate so far.

All in all, October’s box was a big win. I really enjoyed every single item in here and if you get the chance to pick it up in the vault (specially at a discount) I highly recommend it. Now I can’t wai to open the next one!

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it’s kinda small….

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  1. Everything is better with sparkles 👌🏻 👌🏻 👌🏻
    I am also a fan of Japanese table wear! I don’t normally subscribe to LootAnime, so I’m glad you let us all check out your box!!

  2. That looks fantastic. On the ironing posters issue though, just cover the poster with a tea towel or similar and keep your iron on a low heat. Though, it is actually easier to get creases out just by pressing the poster between dictionaries or other heavy flat surfaces.

  3. You really do have to watch Mushi-shi. I would go out on a limb and say it’s beauty, it’s pace, it’s compassion and story rival that of our favorite Natsume. And then there’s the OP for the first season. Priceless.

  4. You really do have to watch Mushi-shi. I would go out on a limb and say it’s beauty, it’s pace, it’s compassion and story rival that of our favorite Natsume. And then there’s the OP for the first season. Priceless.

      1. I bet. Speaking of collectible stuff, I bought one of the Key the Metal Idol soundtracks from a Canadian seller on eBay recently. It was in great condition and the tunes were very nice of course. Thought you would appreciate that.

          1. You’d be surprised with the things you can find there. Granted, I don’t make much of a habit collecting things given the aforementioned slippery slope of collecting and with trying to sustain myself with my workload, but I do get a few things whenever I have a little extra money. I got my Haibane Renmei shirt there, a Shamanic Princess card, and a Kimba the White Lion Funko Pop figure for example.

  5. Seriously cool stuff indeed. I have been tempted quite a lot to also start a lootcrate subscription, but since my loot is already all over the place, and I’m just about sleeping in between boxes (lol 😂), I have so far resisted it. That said, posts like these make it ever more tempting !. Really cool items, and I guess some things are worth the wait 😀

    1. Box subscriptions are very hit or miss – I’m thinking in the future I might keep some items sealed and start doing giveaways to readers – I just need to figure out things like shipping…

    1. I’ve seen it compared to Natsume a lot – that’s why I’m scared I might be going overboard with my expectations. I’ve been real subtle about it but I’m actually a pretty bug Natsume fan.

      1. The reason it’s compared to Natsume so much is probably because it has the same kind of calming episodic structure. I know you really love Natsume as a character but don’t expect that from it. Instead expect a relaxing journey during which you can sip your tea and contemplate about the episode’s themes just like you do for Natsume.

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