Once again Scott and I discuss confusing character developments and giant robots in our weekly AMAIM post. I think that neither of us can deny that this show is not living up to its full potential but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting things to discuss. I hope you will all join us.

So yeah, I based the title of this post on a famous quote based on the movie is pretty much the title of this episode. I am very original like that, but I can’t let this one chance get away from me. Anyway, how are you doing Irina? I’m going to be a bit transparent […]

AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline Episode 22: You Can’t Handle the Truth — Mechanical Anime Reviews

And of course, I have some screencaps for you. I quite enjoy the heavy mecha designs in this show. I would say they are much more interesting than the character designs. I also love the sunsets. I remember really loving the sunsets in Granbelm as well. Maybe there’s something with mecha shows having frequent and impactful sunsets.

One thought

  1. Objection! That reference works if there’s a court trial in Not Cuba, Not Tom Cruise (who plays baseball in the movie because Fidel Castro wanted to coach a major League baseball team if he wasn’t a stupid dictator) needs to be a main character, and prosecute The Joker slash Adam Sandler’s Anger Management rival (Jack Nicholson). Also somebody should probably be hazed to death in this episode. Because you can’t handle the tooth… No wait. That’s Tooth Fairy with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Never mind. Bye.

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