We’re midway through the season and people are dropping shows left and right, but Matt and I are staying true to Harukana. Just for you guys. Because we love you. Matt may also have different reasons…

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
the love of the sport, that’s Matt’s motivation

Hi everyone! Matt, twitter told me that a lot of bloggers decided to drop this one in the last weeks. Should we recap the story for them? Ummm, there was some butts and some boobs and some bikinis oh and some sport too! I have trouble staying focused when there’s pretty things to look at on screen. ‘Tis my cross to bear!

You know what – Maybe I should stick to pictures…Just be thankful there’s no pictures in the Google doc or else this review would never get finished!

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
thanks for the warning

So my notes for this episode are kind of limited. I did enjoy the Scorching Ping Pong Girls level of sweat in that one scene. It gave me nostalgia. I thought that too! I imagine it’d be nice to dive right into that deep blue ocean after a game–but they never do that. I wonder if there’s a medical reason for that, maybe the change from hot to cold is bad for the muscles? I don’t know anything about sports! Well they do have other matches to play (some of them…) and pictures to take and stuff. But you have a point. Not much swimming is there…

Did I miss Haruka getting hit on the head? She is very inconsistent in her comprehension…What scene are you referring to exactly?

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
whoa my hands are so big mannnn

Half of them. Half the time Haruna doesn’t understand basic encouragement gestures or what is happening around her, the other half she pics up on extremely subtle cues and figures out compex game mechanics in seconds. And it’s not an idiot savant situation, she really goes from genius to idiot in a very random way. But maybe I missed the explanation for it. I think she’s just easily distracted, I get like this too to be honest, asking stupid questions at work even though deep down I know the answer, I don’t think it’s inconsistency rather just a very flawed and floaty human–but maybe I’m just being too kind because I can relate to this kind of person.

Man that was some lucky wind! I know you mentioned last episode that wind probably doesn’t play a factor in volleyball, but I was thinking coastal winds are probably stronger and more squally for beach volleyball so maybe it’s realistic. Maybe we need to consult a beach volleyball expert! I was more referring to the fact that it picked up at exactly the right moment, after the ball had already been hit. Oh yeah, good point. I didn’t consider that… I guess she prayed to the right god that morning! Divine intervention and all that?!

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
do you think their tops are super warm or their legs are freezing?

I have to admit, Harukana is clearly a sports anime. Honestly it reminds me a lot of Cheer Boys. Yup they sure do some sports here!

So I was wrong about them stretching the tourney out for the rest of the season, do you think it means more shopping? I wouldn’t be surprised if it alternates like 1 ep out and about doing “stuff’, 1 ep of character development and 1-2 ep of sports for the rest of the season! Either that or we have an episode of training montages, interspersed with CGDCT and then a time-skip to just before nationals, honestly I’d be happy with either to be honest! I was surprised to see people had dropped this, but I’m not sure what they were expecting–this is exactly the anime I thought it would be, just a bit more wholesome than the posters led me to believe, either way I’m enjoying it still.

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
a turtle for Alxei


I take it your opinion on the show is more or less the same as the last few weeks or has the fact that it’s ~proper~ sports anime made you like it a bit more? I think of it the same thing as I did of Cheer Boys. You really gonna make me search out your ‘Cheer Boys’ review to see what you think of this show? Okay! *several minutes later* Wow… Cheer Boys sounds awful… I feel bad for Harukana Receive now…

Harukana Receive Ep6 anime review
Cheer Boys has its moments

I know I said there was going to be tons of pictures but for some reason all my caps turned out really samey so I have a few less than usual. I hope you still enjoy them.

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23 thoughts

      1. I’ve heard of it: it looks like the real deal for sportsmanship, having much more room to properly build the characters. Compared to Haikyuu, Harukana Receive is a bit lighter, but that’s also why I’m watching the latter 🙂

        1. If you enjoy those aspects you should give it a try. It really does a great job of highlighting them. As for lightness, I would say so far Harukana has more dramatic elements so in that respects its a lot more comedic and lighter.

  1. A couple of weeks back I said I think the character designs aren’t all that distinctive. I made the mistake of looking at their faces. This may be the first anime I remember where it’s easier to tell the characters apart by looking at their bodies…

    Truth be told, this is a season where I’ve been dropping shows left and right (and in some cases picking them back up, because the day got de-populated). Harukana Receive isn’t one of those shows. It’s fairly consistent; what you get is what you see.

    1. I guess fairly consistent is as good a way to describe as I could come up with.
      I would enjoy it more as a binge background show. Being forced to pay close attention to it may not be the best way to go. And yes – despite what it may look like I do pay close attention and take on average a page worth of notes per episode…

      1. That’s part of why, even if I did have a blog, I’d pass up on episodicals. It’d probably make watching anime a bit less enjoyable for most shows (though I assume there are some that would profit from the work and – if possible – the discussion).

        1. I’m loving sharing S;G with readers and Angels of Death as well… And havin Matt to chat about this show with certainly makes it much more pleasant than watching it all by myself…

          1. I figured you wouldn’t do it, if it weren’t fun. As for me, I think I wouldn’t like the self-imposed pressure. I mean you’re talking to the person who deleted his MAL entry by entry (over 800 of them) just to be free to enjoy watching anime more. Obsessive personality trait.

  2. Boobs, butts, bikinis,… Boobs, how could people be dropping this one?? 😉😂 Actually going from hot to cold is supposed to be really good! That’s why people sauna and then go jump in the snow, or a cold lake!… Or maybe just I do that??
    Haruna sounds BRUTAL! That’s really confusing and inconsistent! 🤔😕

        1. Imagine this if you will:
          – Oh her bikini is too tight – I know how she ban fix that! – waith – tragic childhood story…this is NOT where I thought this was going…

  3. Its a sport anime, for the most part. Also, the girls don’t have identical bodies or personalities straight out of the TVTropes list, so they’re actually more like people, so the drama is appropriate to a sports anime with necessary backstory. It isn’t a moe show. Its a sports anime.

      1. You see it as moe? I don’t have an overwhelming need to pat them on the head or hug them for being so adoably cute, not like Yuru Camp for example. These girls are more driven to compete. They’re a bit more serious than Ping Pong Girls, for example, which I would agree would be both.

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