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Top 5 Anime Characters with Huge Appetites

Cute Girl Edition! I should probably have put that cute girl part in the title of the post. It seems that once again, I fail at internet. I love seeing food in anime. It’s always so mouthwatering and beautiful. And the next best thing is seeing people enjoy their food! I only recently found out...


Top 5 Animes I Preferred to the Manga

Guys, remember when Jordanne let me publish the Top 5 + 3 Reasons You Should Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender she wrote? It’s so good. In fact I got a bit worried that my readers would expect that level of excellence from now on… Still am to be honest. Crippling insecurities aside, I’m mentioning this because talking with...


Top 5 Comedy Animes for Lina*

*****I was editing this when Lina posted that she will be taking a blogging break, of course! I’m still going to post it because I had fun writing it. Maybe if Lina comes back – she’ll be happy to have comedies waiting for her******* As I’m writing this (in June) work has been really crazy...