Cute Girl Edition!

I should probably have put that cute girl part in the title of the post. It seems that once again, I fail at internet.

I love seeing food in anime. It’s always so mouthwatering and beautiful. And the next best thing is seeing people enjoy their food! I only recently found out that having small cute girls eat huge amounts of food is actually a trope in certain anime genres. Although it makes me a little jealous of their metabolisms, I can’t deny that there’s something fun and soothing about seeing someone happily scarf down their own w3eight in snacks.

And so here are my personal Top 5 Ladies with an Appetite!

Sasha – Attack on Titan

I really can’t blame anyone in Attack on Titan for wanting to eat as much as they can whenever they can. In such an uncertain world, sustenance is both a necessity and comfort. Still, it seems to be the only thing on Sasha’s mind most of the time. Which is impressive in its own way with everything going on!

I figure that she needs to keep her energy levels high with all the training and fighting she has to do. And boy does she make sure she doesn’t run out of calories. I guess her metabolism is actually pretty normal and I just need to exercise more. Phooey…

Karuta – Inu x Boku SS

Every time Karuta eats is actually one of my drinking prompts in my Inu x Boku SS drinking game. And the girl can really put it away while still remaining the smallest and most delicate of them all.

Granted, there are extenuating circumstances. She’s a giant skeleton made up of the bones of those who have starved to death and is therefore insatiably hungry at all times. But hey, who isn’t? I’m sure we’ve all had those days where it seems we could just eat forever. Maybe deep down we’re all a little bit made up of starving skeletons. This post got weird.

Kagura – Gintama

I really need to finish Gintama one day. I did enjoy it a lot, it’s just the episode count that got me down. In any case the cutest little lady in Gintama’s rag tag team is definitely Kagura. O.k. she’s the only one. But she is pretty cute!

You know what else she is? Super strong and super hungry! Some of it may be due to a past were filling her belly was a bit of a struggle or maybe she’s just made that way. In any case, if Kagura ever has the luck to come across large quantities of food, you bet she’ll take full advantage of the situation.

Mako – Kill la Kill

I like Mako! Do you? It’s gotta be tough to stand out with a best friend like Ryuko and surrounded by elites at school. But Mako never lets it get her down. She’s a girl who knows who she is and knows what she wants.

And what she wants is delicious food! Like delicious freshly fried croquettes. Have you guys ever made fresh croquettes? It’s delicious and I encourage you to try. It’s very filling though, you might need to take a nap after just like Mako.

Nadeshiko – Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp is the anime that made me notice the trope in the first place. Those girls sure can pack it away! Every other episode was just a parade of different foods for the girls to devour and none of them would do so with more enthusiasm then sweet little Nadeshiko.

Have I mentioned that Nadeshiko is a beautiful name?

Anywho, this tiny pink-haired girl was constantly happily shoving food in her mouth and may have developed her love for camping more due to her love for camping food than anything else. Her entire relationship with Rin is framed by the quiet moments the two spent sharing a meal together and Nadeshiko would always find it absolutely delicious! That sort of love for food just makes you want to cook for someone.

There you have it, 5 ladies I would have dinner with provided we had access to insane amounts of food! I think it could be hilarious to watch them battle it out for the last wing or something.

Is there any cute girl with a huge appetite that has a special place in your heart? Do you know what her favourite meal is?

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  1. This is one of the hardest lists ever, given there are so many candidated. You did a pretty good job, I’d say.

  2. You really nailed this one! (One of my favorite food moments of Yuru Camp was when Chiaki was reeled in like a fish by the old guy–later revealed as Rin’s grandpa–grilling meat in a skillet. . .)

  3. You can’t forget to add Tohka from Date A Live since she lovessssssss to eat like alot.

  4. Well you already mentioned my favorite girl with an appetite in this post: Sasha! You just can’t beat her! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend Irina! 😀

  5. Ha ha, Nadeshiko. Perfect choice! This is one of the tropes I never get tired of. There’s just something inherently funny about a tiny little girl packing away thousands of calories and still being skinny as a rail.

    My own list would have to include Kataoka Yuki from Saki (“Tacos rock!”) and Itsuki Nakano from Quintessential Quintuplets (the anime actually slightly downplays it, but it’s a running gag in the manga that almost every chapter has at least one panel where she’s eating something, even if it’s just in the background).

  6. “Girls don’t want diamond rings, they want to eat everything and not get fat.” is the truest meme of all haha xD Adding to your list, I love how Murasaki Wakako from Wakakozake enjoys her food! It’s indeed fun watching a character enjoy food, with juicy-looking food animation as a bonus 🌸

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