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Top 5 Animes to Watch This Halloween if You Are A Scaredy Cat

I love Halloween. It’s so fun and silly. I will also take any excuse to dress up! I like the themes and the idea and just how joyful people are when they get into the spirit of things. If there’s one holiday I really want to celebrate, it’s Halloween. Except, I’m a total and complete...


Top 5 Anime to Watch When You Have a Cold

You may think that Canada is the land of maple syrup and apologies but it’s not. Well it is, sorry. However, it’s also the land of colds! At the very least Quebec is. The constant humidity mixed with some of the fastest and most radical temperature variations year round means that if you go anywhere...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Kyo

Gaijin  and I are coming to the end of this series and our penultimate post features that feisty wildcat Kyo. This post was particularly challenging for me and I hope I don’t disappoint too much!


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Irina: Yuki Sohma — Trust The Gaijin

Hello, hope today is fabulous for you! Irina and I are back today to give you our next contender for GUESS THE ZODIAC FRUITS BASKET EDITION: PRINCE YUKI!!! I’m pretty stoked for this one. So without too much to say, let’s get rolling! Our beloved Yuki is actually a sign I didn’t see in him […]...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Shigure

Guess who Gaijin and I are scrutinizing this week! Go on…guess! Wait how did you…It’s in the title of the post??? well fiddlesticks! We have arrived at Shigure and if someone needs a bit of analyzing it’s certainly him. I have been looking forward to this one and I hope you guys have as well!


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Hatsuharu

I started a feature with Zodiac expert Gaijin but because I’m a bum, he got the first post out before I managed to do my part. So please go over to Trust the Gaijin to read all about Ayame’s sign (who doesn’t want to learn more about Ayame!!! – no one) then you can see how it...


Fruits Basket Zodiac Analysis with Gaijin!

With the new season of Fruits Basket upon us, it’s gotten me thinking of stars and Zodiac and new friends. So when Gaijin you know, the one you should trust, at least about anime, mentioned being both interested in a collaboration and being somewhat versed in astrology, well it’s like it was written in the...