I started a feature with Zodiac expert Gaijin but because I’m a bum, he got the first post out before I managed to do my part. So please go over to Trust the Gaijin to read all about Ayame’s sign (who doesn’t want to learn more about Ayame!!! – no one) then you can see how it compares to his snakiness below! 

We then resume our regularly scheduled program with Hatsuharu!


Gaijin’s Zodiac analysis of Ayame

IRINA Ahhh my dear Aya. My second favourite character in Fruits Basket. Those of you who know me, probably aren’t that surprised.

Ayame is the Snake. If you aren’t all that familiar with Chinese zodiac the name already has certain connotations. After all, snakes play a pretty big role in a lot of mythologies. And Ayame does somewhat fit the bill. Deceptively carefree with an edge to him. Seductive…or is that just me?

And snakes don’t exactly have the best reputation in their zodiac either. They are known to be mischievous, occasionally even malevolent and one should always be on their guard when a snake is around. It seems that the members of the Sohma family are already aware of that as their relations seem to be mostly wary. The charisma associated with sagittarius is reflected as something potentially dangerous in snakes. It is there however as these cunning beasts know how to get their way.

But it’s not all bad. Snakes are magicians known for sharp brains and silver tongues. If you can get one on your side, they can be a great strength. And when they truly care about something or someone, their passion is difficult to match.

We never get to know Ayame too well in the series but he does seem to fit the profile pretty well. He remains on the more harmells side of the personality, more flighty and nonchalant rather than downright evil but you know you shouldn’t cross him. This said, maybe he just managed to keep his true intentions well hidden!



Kings and queens, our strong, grounded Ox is really a sensitive, nurturing Cancer in Western Astrology (according to the creators of Fruits Basket).

Probably my favorite character, Hatsuharu, aka Haru, is the definition of what every Otaku feels like in high school. He is edgy, has shaggy white and black hair, doesn’t care about what people think of his appearance…As a matter of fact, when other students in his middle school teased him because of his nonchalant personality and hair, he got piercings to contradict them.

Did he let people stray him away from his awesome punk/gothic style? Nope! That doesn’t mean he didn’t chase them down and beat them up though. His personality is very much like his hair: white and black.  White, under normal circumstances, is when he is calm and cool. Pretty calm and straight-faced. Black, when he is provoked, is when he becomes violent, short-tempered, rude, and pretty harsh. This I can definitely be a Cancer with Gemini Rising trait. Rising, being what people see when they first lay their eyes on you, having that in Gemini can mean impatience with others and naturally quick to react.  Cancers are very, very emotional and very nurturing, and with that Gemini Rising placement it makes it hard to determine how Haru will handle the situation but easy to provoke him.

Often times you find Haru botting his emotions in order to aid others without thinking of himself. Again, there’s that nurturing Cancer quality taking surface. Cancers aren’t always healthy nurturers though.  They typically carry baggage and keep their emotions hidden in order to help the other person, and that can be hard on a Cancer because they are so emotional.

by KANapy

IRINA: Oxen(Cows) are though and reliable. In a rural culture, such as China was for a long time, the animal is seen as vital for the survival of the villagers. There something pure and wholesome about them.

If Gajin sees the hot tempered emotionality of Gemini in Hatsuharu, I see the obstinate conservative nature of Oxen in him. He is clumsy with social situation, has difficulty expressing himself with words and can seem a little distant because of it, just like all the other Oxen out there.

But where the two Zodiacs meet is in what Gajin called nurturing nature. Oxen are known to be reliable and patient. Their somewhat humble nature leads them to be a stabilizing element. They are also honest to a fault and once they settle their minds on something, good luck talking them out of it.

Hatsutaru’s lack of prowess with communication may have led him to lash out in order to find different ways to communicate but in the end, he’s an earnest almost naive boy who wants those around him to be happy and comfortable.

Are you enjoying this new iteration of Fruits Basket? I hope so. It’s such a sweet story! Up next keep an eye out for our post on adorable little Momiji over on Gaijin’s blog!


7 thoughts

  1. I think Hatsuharu should’ve been a Taurus and Tohru a Cancer. Because Tohru is very, very, very emotional and caring and she’s a mother figure to all of her friends, not to mention, she’s also very attached to her mom. She also likes to do house chores – take care of her Cancer den.

    And Taurus’ kind of slow to react, very simplistic way of comunicating is sooo Haru. When he’s white he seems like that innocent little cow on the meadow in his own little world. And when he snaps, he’s the typical crazy Taurus, he’ll break anything and go all out. He’s also very obstinate.

  2. Aside from the omnipresent dog-rat-cat trio, those two are practically the only ones I remember well. (For example, it took me a while to remember Kagura, when she appeared recently.)

    In the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a Kagura, and in the western one, I’m Ayame. Imagine a piggy marksman. Heh.

  3. I can’t wait to see the characters you mentioned to show up because I don’t know a lot about this story. Would like to see a comparison to what you say compared to how they are presented. Assuming there won’t be a huge change though.

    1. From what I hear – they are so far staying pretty true to the manga (like the original anime was)

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