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Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Kyo

Gaijin  and I are coming to the end of this series and our penultimate post features that feisty wildcat Kyo. This post was particularly challenging for me and I hope I don’t disappoint too much!


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Irina: Yuki Sohma — Trust The Gaijin

Hello, hope today is fabulous for you! Irina and I are back today to give you our next contender for GUESS THE ZODIAC FRUITS BASKET EDITION: PRINCE YUKI!!! I’m pretty stoked for this one. So without too much to say, let’s get rolling! Our beloved Yuki is actually a sign I didn’t see in him […]...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Shigure

Guess who Gaijin and I are scrutinizing this week! Go on…guess! Wait how did you…It’s in the title of the post??? well fiddlesticks! We have arrived at Shigure and if someone needs a bit of analyzing it’s certainly him. I have been looking forward to this one and I hope you guys have as well!