Well this week PET went from wannabe Scorsese to wannabe David Lynch. And yeah, I know the Naked Lunch is Cronenberg, I’m just all over the place today… And wannabe might be a bit too mean. 28 more words

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I just realized that my last gallery post may have been missing the proper link…oooops

So please go visit 100 Word Anime if you want to read what I had to say about this week’s Pet. It’s a weird show and I don’t know if I quite pulled off that review but I had fun writing it. Not sure I can explain it!

And it looks…well.. ok just see for yourself:

I was sure we’d never see dreadlocks guy again and yet here he is, front and centre! Although not that visually interesting, I do like how these scenes reproduce we saw in episode 1 from different angles.

Now that we know that blondie is actually the small boy from the beginning of episode 1, I must say they did a great job aging up his character model. We don’t often see anime characters change quite this much and yet he’s still very recognizable once you know it.

The mindscapes are appropriately surreal and I like the neon tinged colour palettes. I’m also a big fan of goldfish as design.In a way this is exactly what I would expect of this show, it reminds me of the drug fuelled fever dreams in Fear and Loathing of Las Vegas.

I think we’ll be leaving the bar next week so I hope we’ll see some more interesting backgrounds.

Pet ep2-6 (3)

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