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When Anime Fans Are Right in the Worst Way…

There’s a couple of dumb debates rating on Twitter right now, because…well *Twitter*. It’s the same old story. Insert popular anime name here is sexist, racist, promotes violence and/or bad behaviour. It doesn’t even matter when I chose to publish this post it will be completely true no matter the season.


I Love Anime’s Flawed Protagonists (and talk a bit about NGE)

Anime has taught me a lot about myself. Arguably some things I may not have wanted to know. My appreciation of certain genres above others shows me what I tend to resonate with and when asking myself why – it has revealed my own biases and pet peeves. Maybe it’s just me but this seems...


Ageing Otakus

****Ed. I originally had envisioned this as a sort of comic “How to be an ageing Otaku guide” but it all came down to, do whatever you want, you’re an adult! Then I started singing “I threw it on the ground” on the bus and people looked at me weird. Point is, there’s no age...


The Boy Who Stood at the Crossroads of the Fantastic and the Mundane

Well isn’t this an interesting topic for Spooktober. “Fantasy” sure opens up a lot of worlds to explore. Apparently we have Aria to thank for this and of course we do cause Aria is a wellspring of good ideas: 10th Monthly Deadline: October 1, 2019 10th Monthly Topic: “Fantasy” MagicConan’s Request In the month of...


Receiving and Sending Blog Writing Services

Do you have people offering to write your posts for you? I get a small but consistent trickle of unsolicited offers from freelance writer proposing me their services with examples of health and wellness articles. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hustle. Professional blogger looks like an extremely difficult way to make a living....


Post Templates are Awesome!

Even though I could come up with a fair amount of theoretical evidence that I am not especially stupid, my actions don’t always follow suite. Case and point: my Fridays!


FOMO in Anime

Do you suffer from fear of missing out? Silly question, we all do at some point. But what about specifically in anime? Do you get little pangs in your heart when everyone is talking about an anime you can’t seem to find in your country or avidly debating a series you never got into? Just...


In Anime, Is Genre the Message?

There’s a moderately famous dictum that goes “the medium is the message”. Maybe it’s only moderately famous here? It’s credited to Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan. We Canadians love to talk about other Canadians. It’s a thing, hey. In very distilled (possibly misunderstood) form, that expression means that the medium itself rather than its content is...