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Fruits Basket Zodiac Analysis with Gaijin!

With the new season of Fruits Basket upon us, it’s gotten me thinking of stars and Zodiac and new friends. So when Gaijin you know, the one you should trust, at least about anime, mentioned being both interested in a collaboration and being somewhat versed in astrology, well it’s like it was written in the...


The Social Consciousness of WordPress Anime

No don’t worry, I’m not here to rant and rave on the latest social justice talking points. I think I’ve done more than enough of that lately! Besides, I’m not annoyed at anything at the moment. Quite to the contrary in fact. I’m in an inexplicably good mood. As I write this, the spring season...


The Modern Loli and The Importance of Being Earnest

***This was going to be a collab but everyone else dropped out so now it’s just me. Unfortunately, the post was written with the idea that there would be a counterpoint so I was more insistent than I would normally be and it comes off a bit lopsided. Feel free to counter in the comments if you...


The Wonders of Classic Anime OPs

Just this morning I was listening to Hey Kids by Oral Cigarettes. It’s a great song. It also made me think about music in anime OPs. Hey Kids has a poppy bouncy rhythm, fairly fast pace and a great heavy bass line that energizes and makes the listeners want to dance and move. A good...

Natsume's Book of Friends season 4 anime review 19

Turning the Tables – Masculinity for Women, by Women and Natsume…

That’s quite the title. I’ve been working hard on my titles and no I still haven’t come up with anything better that Nowlsume. It’s March 12 right now. In a recent Owls chat it was hinted that April’s topic would be masculinity and I hope that wasn’t a joke. I’m not often there so there...


What is the Difference Between Character Driven and Plot Driven Anime?

On more than one occasion I have expressed my general preference for character driven narratives in anime in order to give some context to my opinions for you guys. But as language is an imperfect tool and I am a far from perfect craftsman, I realized that the expression “character driven” may not have a...


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Collab

You all know I absolutely love a good collab. I mention it all the time. It can be challenging but I find it has a number of rewards you won’t get any other way. It forces you to adapt your writing style to someone else’s and to consider your explanation and description as if you’re...


Anime Genre Persecution Complex

This is a reactionary post. I don’t have any deep thoughts or insights to share here but I’ve noticed a situation crop up around me and decided to explore it a bit. And because exploring unknown things is scary and dangerous, I am taking you along with me in case I need a human shield...


When is Anime More Than Just Anime?

That question really should be “when is fiction more than merely fiction” but I like to stick to my lane. It’s a colourful lane full of attractive people.


The Promised Neverland Nitpicking – Does Episode 12 Work?

Oh noes! It’s season’s end and I suddenly find myself without a Sunday episode post for you guys. Luckily, The Promise Neverland is the gift that keeps on giving. So I get to milk this amazing anime for content at least one more time! Probably a dozen more times n the future, at least!