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Would You Make a Good Anime Character?

I’m back asking the important questions! Have you ever asked yourself in fact, if you ever got magically transported to your favourite anime universe, would you be an interesting character. A fan favorite? Would the audience hate you or worse, ignore you?


Hopes and Dreams (12 days)

That’s a pretty vague title isn’t it. Looking at it now, it even seems a little ominous to me. Weird no?  I mean their all nice words and I know I don’t have anything bad to say. Yet it still sends a chill down my spine. Like I’ve just raised a flag or something… Ok...


A Warm Thank You to my Anime Role Models

Some of my more astute may have picked up on this, but I’m sort of a kid at heart. And at mind. So, when I watch anime, I tend to experience it like kids do. As an immersive, interactive experience. I don’t simply observe it, vicariously living out an adventure through the characters on screen....


Zombieland Saga Reminded Me of Something (12 days)

Some of you may know that I’m currently watching Zombieland Saga with my friend Crow. I’ve been doing collaborative episodic posts for a few seasons now with Matt as well and the format is really one of my favourites. If you guys have the chance to do that sort of project, I warmly recommend it....


Anime Box Office 2018 and What it Means for the Future (12 days)

I’m not exactly great at box office prediction or analyses. OK I’m not exactly great at even knowing what the Box Office numbers are for any given release. But even I know that for an industry to thrive, it must make a profit. Therefore, if we want our beloved animes to hit local theaters, they...


What Is the Next Anime Classic?

A little while ago, on a complete whim, I tweeted out the following question: Which current anime do you think people will still be talking about in a decade or two? I was thinking about Eva and Bebop, and trying to figure out why certain titles seem to stand the test of time and stick...


Objectifying vs Sexualizing in Anime

I have a feeling this post isn’t going to do very well. The few times I’ve approached slightly meatier subjects, my readers were generally not that interested. But that’s o.k. This one will be a more for me post. Right off the bat, I might as well warn you, this won’t be a debate. I’m...


December OWLS Tour – Natsume and the Small Miracles All Around Us

I have been thinking about it. I really have. Sadly, I still haven’t found anything better than Nowltsume… I’ll keep working on it. Have you been following the OWLS tours this year? We’ve had a lot of new members. It really is a completely different group from when I started a year ago. I’m starting...