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I Continued to Drink and Watch Anime in 2019

Well who thought I would ever be writing a third one of these? Don’t be shy, raise your hands. No one huh? Yeah… Me neither. But here I am, and I couldn’t be happier! I won’t lie, this year has been rough. Blog wise it’s probably been the most difficult year yet, by far. Not...


New Year, New Hair, New Avatar!

It’s almost 2020! Are you excited? I am, but I get excited about everything so it’s not something to go by. Anyways, this post really is going to be about my hair. Cause I’m sure everyone cares about that. Well about the blog a bit too but it’s just an excuse. As some of you...


Wishing You All a Reverse Flu

I’m going to explain that title, don’t worry. Have any of you ever watched “Red Dwarf”? It’s an old British Sci Fi comedy series I used to be absolutely crazy about. Not sure why I put that in the past tense. Still love it and still quote it regularly. It seems I tend to stick...


Anime Winter 2020 Here I Come!

I’ve been saying this a lot lately but boy did the end of the fall season hit me by surprise. Maybe it’s because I only watch a few shows seasonally so I don’t get a proper sense of time. Or maybe I was just into the series I was watching and wasn’t prepared for them...


2019 – A Year in Search Terms

Discovering what weird and twisted search terms have led to my blog never fails to thrill me. As such, it has become something of a tradition each year, for me to look back on what twisted path people took to discover this blog. If you’re interested in past results here are 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately,...


December OWLS tour – Holidays and Natsumes

Here we are, last OWLS post of 2019. We made it guys! Time to celebrate! This month’s prompt is brought to us by the everlovely Litawho is just a constant source of good cheer. If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know her, you are in for a treat!


Connection and Blogging

I’m not a particularly social animal. By nature not by circumstance. As such, the social component of blogging, although very important to me, has never been the *most* important or only aspect. But as time goes by and hopefully I mature a little as a blogger, I’ve come to appreciate it in different ways. Ways...