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Do Blogging Breaks Work?

Ironically, I originally published this on 100 word anime. This post about blogging breaks is now painfully ironic.  Ouch. You know guys, when you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while, you start to recognize certain patterns. Signs if you will. When you pay attention, you can sort of tell when a blogger is no...


Revisiting my view on Anime Gatekeeping

This may be a bit of an odd post. I have written before on the subject of Gatekeeping in the anime community. In very broad terms, I’m one of those people that are in support of anime becoming as popular as possible and I just don’t really see any reason to get down on people...


Are Anime High Schools Better Than Real Life?

This one is going to be a purely theoretical post folks. I haven’t been in high school for a minute now and I have never ever been to Japanese high school but I did attend quite a few different ones in several countries so I have a good overview of some of the basics. Really...


Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria (Countdown to Halloween)

Because I read my comments, I do know that a fair bit of you aren’t exactly fans of Demon Slayer as an anime. In fact, the comments would lead me to believe that most of you really disliked the series and dropped it early on. But today I’m not really going to talk about the...


Halloween Candy in Japan

think the first question any normal person asks themselves when faced with the prospect of travelling to a marvellous place they have always wanted to visit is: What yummy food can I expect to ingest??? So naturally, if you are ever going to spend Halloween in Japan, you should really know about the candy!


Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan 2!

Every year I do an Even X is Scarier in Japan post during October: Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan Even Creepypastas Are Scarier in Japan Even Monsters are Scarier in Japan These are fun little posts in which I explore creepy Japanese fiction in all forms and share it with you. Because it’s...


Are Otaku The Worst?

Hello everyone, welcome to my storytime! Some of you might remember this post from when I published it on Karandi’s blog. I’m repurposing my old essays for those that didn’t get a chance to read them then. I hope you enjoy it!


Reinserting Fun in my Anime Watching

For newer fans and some older fans as well, it’s difficult to imagine how someone’s passion for anime could ever fade. How could anyone get fed up with anime – there’s an unlimited amount and it’s entirely made up of cool… I feel you. It has been my entertainment of choice for years now and...