ZOMERGERD, I have 110 followers. I’m pretty sure someone made a mistake somewhere because I can’t even get one person to listen to me prattle on about anime in real life, let alone triple digits! I figure I should get this post out real quick before anyone has the chance to unfollow. I wanted to get this post for the 100 followers mark but, well, I overestimated how quickly I could get it done. 

So today, let me take the time and thank you all one by one!

I went off my WP follower list so, if you just read along or come here from Twitter I’m sorry I didn’t mention you. You count just as much.

OK, true talk for just a second. I started this blog not that long ago and already it has given me a sense of structure and community that has been a great positive in my day to day, and you guys are the most important part of that. So if you’re reading this, pat yourself on the back. You have done a good thing for someone you don’t even know.

To every person that’s been kind enough to follow this blog and let me know that my thoughts are worth listening to more than once. To everyone who’s made the effort to leave me a comment and made me feel part of the gang. To all of you who have taken the time to read one of my posts and share this tiny adventure with me: Tonight, I drink to you. You are all awesome!   

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ED- First, these are in alphabetical order. Second, I realized about a 3rd of the way through that I might have bitten off a bit more then I can chew when I decided on this post so if I missed anyone – let me just say I’m terribly sorry. Finally, my own writing is not always up to par so I can definitely assure you that I haven’t done any of these wonderful blogs justice.



I couldn’t find a blog for 404ism but this may be because I’m inept in very many ways. I am however super appreciative! Thank you for the follow!

Actionadventurefestival : https://actionadventurefestival.com/

Action/Adventure Film and Screenplay Festival is a great place to discover some thrilling shorts you won’t get a chance to see elsewhere as well as tap into a network of talented up and coming screenwriters. If you are a writer yourself, you my want to check out how to submit your work.

Aldael : https://aldael.wordpress.com/

Aldael’s Attic gives you anime and episodic reviews as well as musings and reflections. Aldael writes very well, I must admit I found it a little intimidating. Happily, I swallowed my pride and discovered a great site. You should too.

Alive: https://yasmeenblogs.wordpress.com/

Motivation and occasionally heavy but always thought provoking. Reading these posts in the morning gets my brain going and ready for m day.

All Hail Haruhi: https://allhailharuhi.com/

Everyone’s favorite Haruhi brings you detailed and carefully researched thoughts and analysis on anime and everything around it. Go read this blog and get a little smarter. If you get too smart, come back to mine.

Amelia: https://agirlandheranime.wordpress.com/

This blog looks at anime, manga as well as anime related music and games. I’ve discovered it fairly recently and I had a field day binging the archives. Great blog, go read it now.

Ameithyst: https://ameithyst.wordpress.com/

There are posts on so many aspects of Asian media that can’t even list them all but you will find what you’re looking for. One of my favorites is the current Fan Art Friday series. After all everyone loves fan art and for good reason.

Arria Cross: https://fujinsei.com/

Fujensei is pretty much unavoidable in the anime blogging community but if you somehow have, go follow right now. Arria knows what she’s doing when it comes to blogging and it really shows. Whether you want to pick up some tips for your own blog or just want to enjoy some fantastically written posts, you will find something you like.

Artemis : https://otakulounge.wordpress.com/

Otaku Lounge. Artemis was the first person to ever comment on one of my posts and to this day her input is very precious to me. On top of that she has a wonderful blog discussing both anime and Japanese culture at large that is not only unfailingly interesting but helps you get a better understanding of the context in which many anime series exist.

Artist by beauty: https://artistbybeauty.blog/

Capili Jiron offers up a rare combination of anime posts, drawing tutorials and beauty review vlogs. She is super upbeat and sweet and always a pleasure to watch. You should go over to her blog if you want a picker upper or just for fun.

Auri: https://toritsukamanga.wordpress.com/

A great place for some really thought provoking essays and analytic pieces a well and literary writings on anime and manga inspired subjects. Some really nice artwork too, make sure you go see it.

Beth: https://bigbluemess.com/

Full disclosure, Beth has been a dear friend of mine for many years and I love her dearly. She puts down her thoughts about everything in her life in The Big Blue Mess. If you want to see the world through the eyes of a deeply intelligent, very funny and utterly lovely person, read her blog. She makes the world better.

biblionyan : https://biblionyan.com/

Anime, book reviews and cats!!! A fantastic site with a clear and very professional approach to reviewing that actually gives you an idea of what you’re in for. I,m not selling it well but this is in fact very rare and difficult to do. Neko is a very skilled reviewer.

BlookUp: http://www.blookup.com/en/blog/

Ever thought of turning your blog into a book? If so, you should go see this site. It will give you all the info you need.

Comedy Festival: https://festivalforcomedy.com/

Film and Writing Festival for Comedy, they regularly solicit screenplays from aspiring screenwriters. If you think you may have a work you would like highlighted, go take a look at their site.

Comic covers blog: https://comiccoversblog.wordpress.com/

You probably figured it out but this is a comic book review blog. Manga and web comics count! The design is clever and the writing super fun. It may make you spend all your spare cash on comic books though.

Crack Review https://crackdownreview.wordpress.com/

Classic and contemporary anime and movie reviews. I saw some titles I had completely forgotten about which is impressive. Think you’re better than me, go see if you remember/know every title on ther. Go now….

Crimson613: https://crimsonisblogging.wordpress.com/

Anime, manga, movies and book reviews, even convention memories. I really can’t do this site justice but it’s immensely entertaining. If you’ve been looking for a great entertainment blog with lots of manga, anime and yaoi reviews, you’ve just found it!

Cristian Mihai: https://irevuo.com/

A great place to discover new artists of all sorts. This beautiful magazine log is a fantastic place to get inspiration and just add a bit of art to your day. If you happen to be an artist, you can see if the platform would be an interesting place to promote yourself as well.

D : https://dtalksanime.wordpress.com/

D is currently on a very reasonable hiatus for school, which is a great loss to us all. Fortunately, the blog is already chock full of delightful posts always funny and in depth. One of my favorite features was the F*ck, Marry, Kill series which I read while discussing passionately with my screen. We agreed to disagree.

Degaussermp3 https://degaussermp3.wordpress.com/

Book, k-pop reviews, even weight loss tips. The anime for beginners post is brilliant and definitely should not be read only by beginners. It should be read by you right now.

Denny Sinnoh: https://dennysinnoh.wordpress.com/

Fun and funny posts on Japanese culture and pictures of pretty japanese girls? YES PLEASE! I figure anything more would really be superfluous.

DerekL: https://apprenticemages.com/

Seasonal anime reviews, lists and more. Apprentice mages lounge is a comfy place to spend a few pleasant hours any day. Occasional surprise food pron will keep you on your toes. Who doesn’t want to be an apprentice mage?

Dire_diarist: https://dirediarist.wordpress.com/

Quite literally an e-diary, personal and resonant posts about anything and everything. This little blog has grown exponentially on the strength of the writing. Go see for yourself.

DirtySciFiBuddha : https://dirtyscifibuddha.com/

The very first person to follow me on WordPress. awwww

Dirty Sci Fi Buddha is the site of Sci Fi author Kent Wayne. He mixes classic sci fi tropes with Buddhist and Mystic teachings as well as a good dose of questionable humor (the best type). You should go take a look at his writing.


Maybe I’m an idiot but I couldn’t find Dokomademo’s blog… I would still like to say thank you for the follow though.

Dorky dva: https://dorkydva.wordpress.com/

Anime and other adventures with a sweet and welcoming tone. And guys, OMG that crochet plant is the best thing ever. Go see it.

Doteco: https://anidotesblog.wordpress.com/

I’ve discovered this blog lately, and so far I’ve been treated to ridiculously well written daily posts i the 100 day anime challenge. I would be jealous but we are clearly not playing in the same league.

Dr. Joseph Suglia : https://table41thenovel.com/

The Table 41 Novel should be published soon but in the meantime you can read it at this blog and you definitely should! Not only is it just a great read but this is your chance to give some actual feedback to the author. If like me you lck the talent to create fiction for yourself, you can still feel part of the process and it’s a great feeling.

Ecladragon : https://ruminatedscrawlings.wordpress.com/

Reviews of all sorts, lots of anime among them, original writings and a lot of fascinating tips and essays on the art of writing itself. If you enjoy the english language you will enjoy this site.

Edhein : https://greatanime4u.wordpress.com/

Great anime reviews and an emphasis on DBZ articles. Since Vegeta is my spirit anime I love this site. Even if you’re not that familiar with the series, you will want to check it out to see what all the fuss is about.

Elle Real: https://thelittlestarcloud.wordpress.com/

Ella writes abou actual important things and also video games (arguably the most important thing). If you think you should take in some topical information once in awhile, follow her!

Emina reviews: https://eminareviews.wordpress.com/

Emina is the first blog I followed on wordpress. It has some great reviews, mixing current popular series with some more unusual titles and some fun challenge posts. I can always find something interesting and so will you.

Eowyn Miral : https://eowynmiral.wordpress.com/

This side of fearadise! A collection of articles aimed at helping us deal with and embrace our fears (and not just those of giant spiders either!). Recommended reading if you, like me, happen to be afraid of every single thing ever.

Festivalforromance : https://festivalforromance.com/

The deadline for the Romance Screenplay Festival is October 10th so if you happen to be a sucker for the lovey dovey side of life, make sure you go check out the site right away. And if you missed the deadline, go anyways!

Gaia Svan : https://voiceofgodmystery.com/

Voice of God. A new world emerges after the final economic collapse of our times. No crime. No violence. No currency. Basic needs met based on algorithms. Too good to be true? Voice of God is a thrilling dystopian tale told through posts. You should catch up with it now so you can boast to your friends that you knew it before it got international acclaim.

Gerard kelly123: https://weenotions.wordpress.com/

An Irish author who regularly publishes fascinating short works of fiction on his blog. I love a lot of these and I really think you might too.

Hat: https://mishatventures.wordpress.com/

Hat and I seem to have the same tastes so MisHATventures pretty much caters directly to my needs. If you happen to like dissecting your favorite media or posts that have the word bitches in the title (you do), this blog will give you what you’ve been missing.

Hazelyn : https://heyitszel.wordpress.com/

Archie-Anime explores the architecture and scenery of anime with incisive posts by an actual architect. My mom is an architect and I grew up around blueprints so I have always appreciated this aspect of anime. I’ve mentioned it for such titles as Madoka, The Flying Witch, Tanaka-kun, Blue Exorcist and Haibane Renmei. All the posts here are just eye opening.

Hell Combat.com: https://hellcombatcom.wordpress.com/

Juanya Burns is a young Manga artist from Rochester. Check out his blog for a chance to get familiar with his great art before he becomes a world famous artist and gain bragging rights.

Irvin Castellanos: https://irvincastellanos.wordpress.com/

Irvin is a poet who is generous enough to share his art with us. You can find a sample of hi work on his blog and a curated listing of published works can be found at https://www.muckrack.com/irvincastellanos

Janna : https://myhonesttogoodnessthoughts.wordpress.com/

Do you want some actual honest feedback on what products to include in your beauty routine. This is the place for you. Informative and honest, make sure you check out this blog before you waste your money.

Jamie Giggs : https://dpadjoy.com/

D-pad joy. Video game news from true video game lovers. You can clearly see the joy in each article. If you like video games though, be careful, this sight’s open passion for games is infectious and you may end up buying everything that comes out. I guess there are worse things. On a side note, they are looking for writers and seem like a super fun team to join.

JekoJeko: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/

How can you not love a site that categorizes it’s posts between unnecessary articles and unnecessary reviews. You can’t. The quality of the posts speak for themselves. I enjoyed the analysis of the “trap” phenomenon and how it relates to the current atmosphere and questions of gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as the acceptance of non binary individuals. It’s written better there.

Jiraiyan : https://otakuorbit.com/

Otaku Orbit offers a mix of anime episodic reviews and Manga chapter reviews for those times where seeing it is just not enough. The beautiful layout and carefully chosen pictures really give you a good sense of what’s being reviewed so if you missed out on anything, you can catch up here.

JM castidades: https://jademichaelsite.wordpress.com/

This blog is still under constructions but I’m sure it will be great!

Jon Spencer: https://jonspencerreviews.wordpress.com/

Not limited to anime reviews, Jon Spencer and his contributors cover movies, board and video games and television series of all genres for all your entertainment review needs. A great site and a bunch of great writers.

Jrnotjnr: https://jrnotjnr.wordpress.com/

Up to the minute and straight to the point updates on everything that matters to you. Nmely, anime, comic books, TV and games! If you want to know what’s going on, this is where you find out.

JW: https://koreancheapo.blog/page/2/

This blog is mostly in Korean so I’ not the best person to describe it. This said it’s full of pictures of absolutely delicious looking food. It’s worth a visit for that alone.

Ka-chan: https://kachananimereview.wordpress.com/

Anime reviews and much much more a delivered with a wry sense of humor a disarming honesty. I always like the blunt reviews. They are often hilarious and always insightful and I wish I could write in that style.

Karandi : https://100wordanime.blog/

You’re already following 100 word anime right? You should be. I’m convince Karandi is secretly 7 to 15 different people, how else can she possibly put out professional quality posts several times a day? I know my day no longer feels complete without reading a few of Karandi’s posts.

Kawaii paper pandas: https://kawaiipaperpandas.wordpress.com/

That is an adorable blog name right? Ayanol writes some adorable and really fun stuff. If you want to brighten your day, this is the place for you. Be warned, the occasional collection of fan art might make you drool all over your keyboard.

Keanitravel: https://keanitravel.com/

Do you want to pretend you’re travelling around the world with a beautiful girl? Yeah you do. Good news, this blog has got you covered!

Keiko : https://keikosanimeblog.wordpress.com/

Keiko offers both episodic reviews and weekly roundups to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on with the season’s best shows. She also mixes in different series like the Music Box feature that allows you to discover some wonderful anime music.

Kindle : https://nichinichichan.wordpress.com/

This blog is described as “A simple blog for weekly anime stuff.” It is most definitely not. It’s a gorgeous blog for engrossing weekly aime articles.

Krystallina : https://daiyamanga.com/

Eschewing the more traditional review format, Krystallia brings us not only anime but let’s plays in blog form. Currently replaying FF7 (maybe my favorite game) it is surprisingly fun to read along the gameplay. I am a huge fan of the series.

Lethargic Ramblings: https://lethargicramblings.wordpress.com/

A fantastic looking blog filled with equally fantastic ramblings. This site recently turned 1 year old and if you aren’t following yet, send your birthday wishes by doing so!

Lexieanimetravel : http://www.lexieanimetravel.com/

A fantastic travel blog with emphasis on anime related places to see and things to do. I essentially live vicariously through this blog. The pictures are beautiful.

Life of Chaz : https://lifeofchaz.com/

Because you can’t live off anime alone, apparently, Life of Chaz offers up a mix of great book reviews, thoughts on video games and even some original fiction. Although his latest posts seem to concentrate more on detective novels, you can find an impressive range of book reviews of all sorts in his archives.

Lisa wealth creator: https://lisawealthcreator.wordpress.com/

Really informative posts on essential oils and their many benefits, complete with precise recipes for specific conditions. I knew very little on the subject going in but the clear writings was easy to follow and very interesting.

Lita Kino : https://litakinoanimecorner.wordpress.com/

Lita Kino Anime Corner. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell any of you who Lita Kino is. A huge fan of anything anime, she’s been kindly sharing her thoughts on anime and blogging related subjects since at least 2015. A great place for a wide range of posts when you get tired of my reviews…

Literary Scribe Otaku Gamer GirlT: https://otakugamergirlt.wordpress.com/

Concise and well written review as well as stimulating discussions on anime and games. There are even convenient Yaoi and Yuri categories if you happen to be into that…I just need to go see someone about something…excuse me.

Little Fears: http://littlefears.co.uk/

A fantastic mix media art project reminding us that there’s nothing to fear except giant spiders! I had a lot of fun looking through the galleries and I think you might too.

Anime, manga and video game, news, essays and reviews with occasional bible verse. Intriguing mix right! It really works, go see. And the FF15 banner is also awesome. I get distracted easily.

Mel in anime land: https://melinanimeland.wordpress.com/

My peddler of scorching hot fanfics and fellow sports anime lover, Mel has what you need to keep you warm over the winter. Let’s all bask in our love of pretty pretty anime boys together!

Melting pots and other calamities: https://meltingpotsandothercalamities.wordpress.com/

Reviews of all sorts, short stories, essays and cats. Melting pots is the perfect place to find your calamity of choice. Also a wonderful author with a lovely writing style. Definitely worth a look.

Mistress of Yaoi: https://yaoiplayground.wordpress.com/

As you  can imagine, this is your destination for all things Yaoi. I would say more but I think I just sold it, right? I mean I’m browsing the blog as I’m writing this!

MIU Travels: https://miutravels.wordpress.com/

You know what will make you more jealous than tons of breathtaking travel pictures? Tons of breathtaking travel pictures AND vids! This is an absolutely gorgeous blog, you should go see it.

Monica: https://yonderwaylane.wordpress.com/

Yonder Way Lane has this brilliant way of reminding me what really matters. A charming blog by a charming author that will make you smile.

Moonid: https://randgarage.wordpress.com/

Anime episodic reviews and Manga chapter reviews for those who love reliving their favorites or vicariously hating their worse. I just discovered that there is an Ace of Diamond Act 2 manga chapter review so if you excuse me, that’s where I’ll be…

Mystery Gomez: https://mysterygomez.wordpress.com/

Mystery Gomez tackles a wide range of subjects (including) anime and includes a bunch of vlogs for those moments when you would rather listen/watch someone rather than read them (like when you’re cooking).

nesha eiga: https://moe404.wordpress.com/

Nesha is awesome. Happily for me and possibly you, Nesha has recently started writing english language reviews so we get to read some really interesting thoughts on some of our favourite shows. This blog also has a beautiful layout. I’m very jealous of Nesha’s eye for design. Yu should see for yourself!

Oishi: https://animeandfandomlife.wordpress.com/

Maybe you’ve read this blog and you are tired of shows that aired years ago and everyone has already reviewed a lot, then mosey on over to Oishi’s blog You will get episodic reviews of shows as they air so you can watch along. Next best thing to having a friend to watch with, better maybe depending on your friends. Great writing too.

Plain Pasta and Plain Rice: https://plainpastaandplainrice.wordpress.com/

Not only a great blog name but a great collection of anime themed editorials and reviews of more unusual series. You will always find something unique and comforting on this site.

Pete Davison: https://moegamer.net/

Moe Gamer focuses on modern n classic japanese video game reviews. I Love Visual Novel reviews, almost as much as the games themselves and this blog is a treasure trove. You should definitely go take a look.

Plyasm: https://plyasm.wordpress.com/

Anime and manga reviews and thoughts as well as a really cool ongoing novel(?) – original work of fiction(?). A really fun story, go read it then read the rest!

Pokeninja90: https://bakphoontyphoon.wordpress.com/

If for some reason the fun posts aren’t enough to get you to this blog then the absolutely awesome crochet figures should be. I love them way more than I can explain with my meager skills.

Pop Culture Literary: https://popcultureliterarytutor.wordpress.com/

An extremely talented essayist tackles literary themes, the science of storytelling as well as the cultural and intellectual premises buried in the pop culture we consume. Sounds super interesting right? It is!

Prattle: http://seasonalprattle.com/

Re you subscribed to seasonal prattle? Do you have an anime blog? If so then you SHOULD be subscribed. It will make your blog better. I am always astounded to see how much I am doing wrong and honestly, the few tips that were simple enough for me to follow have helped me tremendously. On top of that, you will get the best episodic reviews delivered to your door, no fuss no muss.

Rai: https://raianimeblog.com/

Analysis and research an all things anime and a special attention to Yuri and LGBTQA subjects. Like most (all) of the blogs on here, it puts my writing to shame but I still read it because it’s that good.

Railgunfan75 : https://railgunfan75.wordpress.com/

Thoughts on anime and the business of anime as well as Weiβ Schwarz reviews and deck builds. I have never played weiss schwarz but I am a big ccg fan and this blog has gotten me very interested in the game. Check it out and we can play together…

Raistlin0903: https://raistlin0903.wordpress.com/

Dragonlance is my 2nd favorite DnD setting (Planescape is my first) so I was all set on loving Raistlin’s blog even before I saw it. It turned out to be a wonderful collection of everything I love, namely entertaining and detailed reviews on a wide range of TV shows, movies and games. You’re going to love it too.

Remy Fool: https://remyfoolblog.com/

Remy is a pretty popular guy in the aniblog community and for good reason. Not only is The Lily Garden a great place for incisive articles on all things Yuri as well as up to the minute episodal reviews but Remy himself is a great guy and you can just tell from the great writing. A reliable source tells me that Remy may be moving away from episodic reviews so you want to go follow right now to not miss what’s coming up.

Rewatching pokemon: https://rewatchingpokemonblog.wordpress.com/

Rewatching Pokémon is….rewatching Pokémon. More precisely, the classic series (Kanto-Orange Islands-Johto) episode by episode, arc by arc. You may know that I know nothing about Pokémon so his blog is my entire insight of this show/game/phenomenon. It’s strangely comforting – I love reading this posts right before bedtime.

RickyDDR: https://rickyddr.wordpress.com/

Reviews and more. The man reviews Bars people. BARS. You should follow right now to not miss his new crafting and watching stuff series. Those are just like sunshine in a post.

Rocco B: https://inthecubbyhole.wordpress.com/

Episodic reviews, first impressions, games and retro gaming. Another great blog to find some more unusual shows and it looks fantastic. Don’t believe me? Go see!

Rose: https://wretchedanddivine.wordpress.com/

Rose is just so cute and we are all very lucky that she’s chosen to share her life, cosplay and beauty adventures with us. I can spend hours just reading through this blog, it’s like spending a afternoon with a lovely friend.

Ryuji’s Anime Review: https://ryujisanimereview.wordpress.com/

A beautiful site that features reviews , essays and my favorite: rants. Ryuji has some very interesting thoughts on anime in general and lately has been exploring cliches so you know I’m always there for that.

-S: https://justanotheranimefan.wordpress.com/

Although presently on hiatus, if you missed this blog then go catch up. Lots of great music and seiyuu interviews along with reviews of all types.

Schizoidmouse: https://schizoidmouse.wordpress.com/

Reviews on anime movies and more. Not everyone is brave enough to defend…Big Brother…. Follow now to see if he’ll take my suggestion and review Tale of Two Sisters.

Scott: https://mechanicalanimereviews.com/

Lover of anime and sci fi, you can count on Scott to find an innovative aspect of a show  to focus on and really explore it. Want to find out what you missed when watching a show? Then follow this blog

Shaddowcat99: https://exploringanimeandmanga.wordpress.com/

Some fantastic classic shows are being reviewed here. If you want to remember a series that use to mean a lot to you or maybe discover a classic you missed, this is the place for you. Also just a great blog, go.

Shokamoka : https://animewonders.wordpress.com/

Anime reviews, insights on Japanese culture, introspective think pieces, Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders has it all! Want to get an opinion about the latests series and read a fascinating article on a subject that hasn’t even occurred to you without ever leaving the blog, you know where to go.

simple Ula: https://simpleula.com/

You know what, I don’t think I can say it better than Ula herself: I want to be rich. Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge. You? I do…..

Slowanimedotcom: http://slowanime.com/

The staff at slow anime bring us opinions and in-depth analysis of specific animes as well as the anime industry at large. Because of their wide range of interests and tastes, we get a array of article covering a wider spectrum than usual. Did that not make sense? Go see the site and you’ll figure it out.

Sparki1415: https://animehound.com/

I love a good list. I can spend hours on end reading anime top 10s and Sparki’s got me covered. Not only are the lists on anime hund fun, they are also very unique so you would just be going over the same old top 10.

Takuto’s Anime Cafe: https://animecafehost.wordpress.com/

Takuto has a delightful sight full of anime reviews, cafe talk and more. Lovely posts with a personal friendly feel, the cafe is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or 20. It’s also really pretty looking.

Thady : https://thady.wordpress.com/

Thady reads a lot. If you wonder about a book, Thady probably has a review for you. In fact you should go check right now… I know, I’m surprised I can read too.

The boron heist: https://theboronheist.wordpress.com/

Anime and movie reviews as well as really engaging think pieces. I am a big fan of the Saturday Studio Ghibli series which focus on usually less discussed aspects of the movies. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Metaphysics, was a great read.

The gothic saint: https://makingsofaminimaniac.wordpress.com/

Sadly, it seems tis blog hasn’t been updated in awhile but the diary like posts that are there are a great read and one you should go see for yourself.

The waas blog: https://thewaasblog.com/

A deeply personal blog “dedicated to those in society who’s voices have be suppressed.” This blog will break your heart then build it back up and give you hope.

TPAB~ : https://thepantlessanimeblogger.wordpress.com/

The Pantless Anime Blogger brings you fascinating detailed reviews with  great often sarcastic tone. I will admit, there are a few shows I enjoyed much more in the form of pantsless reviews than in their original anime form.

Texas law student: https://texaslawstudent.com/

Ever wonder what law school’s like? Why not find out alongside this very charming first year from Texas. That was a trick question. There is no reason not to.

Video gamep: https://apieceofanime.com/

That’s a great pic of infinite blade works. Reviews, reactions and editorials. Conveniently rated and spoiler free an actually useful site to get anime suggestions unlike certain drinking game centered ones…)

Viridian reader: https://viridianreader.wordpress.com/

I try not to swear on my blog but I really want to. I’m not sure why I self censor. I mean I promote booze this place is obviously not for kids. The Viridian reader does not self censor and it fucking rocks. This is always a fun and often cathartic read.

Sirius: https://siriuswrites.wordpress.com/

When Sirius Writes is another amazing blog name. Which is fitting for a fantastic blog. Anime reviews and more. Sirius isn’t afraid to keep it real when something isn’t exactly a masterpiece which makes for some hilarious reviews and very enjoyable reading. Go check it out!

Yadu Nagar: http://buzzbox.co.in/blog/

Ruminations on life and culture from someone who actually knows how to write. An intriguing and personal look of what life is like in India today. I found it fascinating.

YahariBento ( ^ v ‘): https://yaharibento.wordpress.com/

Reviews analysis and even special events. I actually really like the holiday themes anime recommendations and wished I had come up with it myself. Can’t wait til next valentine’s day now.

Yasumo: http://unimetv.com/

Huge site full of episodic reviews (for shows I have not seen elsewhere) and merch. Great way to keep up with series. I am not sure if they are still looking for contributors but once I get a bit of experience I might apply.

Zboudrie: https://zboudrie.wordpress.com/

Zboudrie is one of my latest follows, doesn’t that just work out! Aside from anime reviews, you fill find pieces dedicated to specific characters, anime vs manga posts, cosplay and my favourite: debates. So far the debate is comparing and contrasting the two iterations of FMA and having not seen either I can’t fully appreciate it, but I look forward to future entries, follow so we can read them together!


An thanks to Dawnstorm who isn’t on my follow list but regularly makes my comments section the best part of the post!

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  1. OMG this is kind of crazy how so many people have been around for quite a while now. I guess I’m starting to not be the new kid on the block at this point right? Very cool seeing you build your first 100 and crazy to think I got to 100 with before meeting all these people wild, and whacky. I can’t wait for you do this after getting 100 million now that’s going to be a fun read

  2. You made my day! As you can see I’m behind on all the reading, but wow! LOVE YOU!!! And you are awesome!! (And GORGEOUS!) 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the achievement and thanks a lot for the shout out! Really appreciate it! That is so cool that you mention everyone individually…a real sign of class. Keep up the great blogging!

  4. I can’t believe I missed this post the first time around….I am so sorry for this. What an incredible post this is: thanking all of your followers…wow, this must have cost you hours, that really is amazing 😊 Thanks so much for this: your blog is amazing, and unless I am terribly mistaking I think you are going to hit 1000 followers in no time at all!
    I am stil; in awe of this post, once again my apologies for missing it the first time, and of course thanks very much for the shout out 😀

    1. awwww thank you so much and of course I’ll mento you. Your comments are always there to cheer me up and your posts are so fun!

  5. I’m so sorry I got to this so late…wow, this is an amazing list, I can’t believe you were able to give all the followers blogs’ justice! This is dedication, and now I have a ton of blogs to check out while I procrastinate…and of course, congratulations on such a milestone!
    And aww, thanks for your description! “Melting Pots is the perfect place to find your calamity of choice”. This made my day, I love this description!
    Again, thanks so much!

  6. Oh.My.Gosh. What a list. Your blogroll’s right here. What a great thank you post. BIG CONGRATS on this milestone. Here’s to another 110 followers soon! And of course, thanks very much for the shout-out. I appreciate it. Cheers!

  7. I only just started following you on WordPress but your posts are a joy to read. Not that I’d try any of the drinking games since I don’t know how much alcohol I can tolerate, but still – good job on the 110 followers.

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot. Maybe I should make a cupcake eating game for my sober readers. Not sure it would be healthier mind you.

  8. Thank you for the inclusion and congrats on getting so many followers! You deserve each and every one 😀 I think it is so amazing that you wrote out a meaningful paragraph for each person too, not just a generic regurgitation for each one. That’s dedication right there!

  9. Oh my goodness in how long it must have taken you to write this but Can tell how much it meant for you to get over 100 followers. It’s been very fun to follow your blog and love your style. Thankyou for the shoutout especially the part ” I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell any of you who Lita Kino is.” you make me sound like a celebratory LOL Congrats on getting over a 100 and welcome to our owls group 🙂

  10. i think i have to write a comment too even though i never did. thank you for the feature! no thanks’ to your follower tho, your blog post is really loved to read, so it deserved the three-digit number. i hope your blog can grow much bigger. 😉
    ‘m really happy that you have the nerve to be my friend (‘-‘ or do i had too much nerve to call you a friend?). btw, that 404ism is my first wp account :’3 moe404=404ism … u know, but i don’t really like the username on the time when i don’t’ know how to change it. so i just create a new gravatar account instead. rofl. ignore this story.
    again, congrats for your achievement.

  11. HOLY CRUD MATE, THIS IS THE MOST EXTENSIVE THANK YOU TO FOLLOWERS I’VE EVER SEEN. And I thought I was dedicated by having categorized folders of works by bloggers I’ve yet to read. You absolutely deserve the 110, and 110 more at that!! Thanks for the shoutout, too—I haven’t known you long, but your company is already greatly appreciated. (And you think my blog is pretty ahhh😱🙏☺️). Keep it up, you drunk~!!

    1. Don’t make me doubt my tenuous grasp on reality, I may not know much but that blog is pretty. Like I might someday steal the design, pretty.

  12. You are so sweet!!!!! It must have taken a really long time to type up this post. For you to find good qualities in each blog and blogger is so great. Thanks for the shout out! ❤❤ Congrats on the follower count. You deserve everything. 🍓

    1. I’m pretty sure you’re sweeter and it wasn’t that bad, I am lucky to be followed by people with really great blogs. If everyone had boring blogs it would have been horrible…

  13. That’s really so sweet of you to thank every blogger. Looks like I have some new blogs to check out!
    Glad you’re enjoying my playthrough of FFVII. There are some real… shall I say, interesting parts coming up in the future, so I hope you’ll continue following along!
    Finally, congrats again on reaching this milestone with your blog!

  14. Yay, thank you for the mention! I’m glad I’m doing something right… Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

    Also, there is a reason why your blog grew so fast. Not only do you make quality posts at a good rate, they are also full of personality which is a hard thing you do in written form. I always look forward to more!

  15. You produce both quantity and quality. It’s obvious you’re both committed to the blog and its readers. It’s no wonder you’ve reached 100+ followers. Just don’t wear yourself out when you breach 1000. Take care of yourself, too, please.

    Also, that final picture is from GJ Bu, isn’t it? Another one that’s not screenshotted all that often.

    1. I knew I could count on you: GJ club it is! I have to do more non review posts so we can play the guess the pic game some more!

      1. GJ Bu had me at the spider scene.

        Perhaps it’s time to ask: your blog header, the one with the girl and the cat in front of the tv, looks awfully familiar, but I’m not sure I’ve actually seen it. Something else from the same artist? Where’s it from? It’s an extremely cute picture.

        1. Actually that’s a original piece from a zerochan artist that I had as a desktop for years. I have been trying to find the original pic again ever since I started the blog to give credit to the artist (unnamed when I got it) but I haven’t been able to find it. If you ever see it somewhere, please let me know.

          1. It’s a great picture. It’s possible that it looks so familiar on account of the influences, or maybe I’ve seen other pictures from the artist before? I’m getting a tip-of-the-tongue experience from looking at the picture and I don’t know why.

  16. Congratulations – that’s a great milestone and I hope things continue to go well.

    ” I’m convince Karandi is secretly 7 to 15 different people” – I wish. I would have so much more time to watch even more anime, read more books, play more games and watch more movies, if there were more of me. Of course, we’d (me and my 7 clones) would probably just end up disagreeing about an opinion on an anime and then we’d be in our own fight to the death to determine who would actually get to write the post. Then of course, I’d be back to just one of me again.

    1. I would read a Karandi debates Karandi post any day. I hadn’t realized until right this minute that this is what is truly missing from my life.

  17. Wow….that is just truly amazing what you have done here: doing a shout out for every single one of your followers is something that’s absolutely and utterly astounding. Thanks so much, and I think I speak for every one of your followers here 😀
    Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone, and before you know it, you will reach 200+ followers and beyond. Trust me on that! 😀

    1. Thank you so much! … Man, I’m not sure I can do this post again for 200 people. Although, I want through everybody’s blog to make sure I had the correct description for each and as long as it was, it was also a lot of fun. The post took forever cause I kept getting wrapped up in interesting posts…

      1. It’s an amazing job you did here. Really mean that. 😊 Haha, no I don’t think that would be a wise thing to do for 200 followers lol. But still, I do know you will reach that number…and it will be sooner than later 😀

    1. Thank you so much. I know a lot of people have gotten there before me but it felt like an accomplishment…
      On a side note, I really like the medicine vendor in your banner….

      1. It sure is an accomplishment. I only hope to be there one day. And for you – wishes to reach four digits one day!
        Thanks, I also like him a lot, as the whole Mononoke also.

  18. High praise coming from you Shoka! I personally think it should be reversed. Your varied posts always have me hooked and I’m looking forward to more.

    And you can cook! I’m clearly not up to par just yet. 😛

    1. This is a delightfully confusing comment. I’m nit sure if it’s suppose to be in response to a different post or if you think Shoka and I are the same person. If so ten that’s one of the best compliments I’ve gotten! I would like to keep that illusion going!

      1. Ahaha! I’ve actually been reading the post little by little while at work. Brain stopped working when I decided to comment.

        I’m not drunk, I swear! Just busy and distracted 😀

      1. If it makes up for anything, I confused myself just rereading my comment! Was reading through the post on my phone between customers and whoop. Biggest mis-comment of my life (I shall bear the stain of my mistake).

        Love and respect for both of you, regardless of whether you go by Irina or Shoka!

        1. In all seriousness I would actually close down my own blog and just write for her.

          That’s if she asks, of course rofl!
          Hopefully that’ll give an idea as to how much respect I have for the blog–her blog.

          1. That’s… a huge statement to make, though I’m sure it’d be a beautiful partnership.

            Bold, but my respect for you both has gone up two-fold!

            1. No no – I can’t live up to these types of standards.. Go back to being impressed I can find the keyboard through the vodka haze

  19. Thank you for the shoutout!
    I found your blog through one of Karandi’s In Case You Missed it post and let’s just say I’ve been in love with you since then(I hope I don’t sound like a creep). I mean how could I not? Just look at how much effort you put into this post.

    1. Blushing again – I guess I owe Karandi a drink – (or like 16). Thank you and the feeling is quite mutual. I always look forward to your posts.

  20. Thank you for the kind shout-out, and for the list of people and blogs to follow! I’ve been trying to engage a bit more with the wider WordPress community over the past few days in particular as it’s a side of things I feel like I’ve neglected quite a bit.

    There are some enormously talented folks out there putting out great content on a regular basis, so it’s always a pleasure to discover a variety of new voices. You better believe my “following” count has just increased exponentially, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and their work!

  21. YOOOOOO- You da best!

    Congrats on all the followers and the many more that will come! Your blog is amazing and so entertaining, fun, and informative!

    P.S- As i’m writing this i’m sipping on some coffee and bailey’s 😈

    1. I am jealous now Thank you for taking the time to comment while you obviously have more important things to do. Hold that coffee with both hands…

  22. I would rather receive alcohol poisoning than unfollow you! 😇
    See. This post is one of plethora of reasons why you quickly gained popularity.

    If a blog is my cooking session… let’s see…

    – Add a unique theme of drinking game
    – Add the humor and ‘dat personality’
    – On top of personality, add a persona

    Each and every one of your posts have that ‘spoken’ feel to them; as if you actually wrote a script for a video! This post is no exception.

    Like, I’m not even reading this post (or any other one of yours) with my own voice, that’s how surprisingly powerful writing can be when you embed your very own personality into it.

    I do have to mention that my eyes almost died from scanning the huge appreciation in letters…this post probably has more effort put into than 3/4 of all of mine lol!

    Thank you for the lovely description for my blog haha!
    Despite not being a drinker I do have a cask of red wine which I use for cooking.

    However today, I drink to that~

    1. well I’m blushing… Shoka you make the carpal tunnel I got from this post 100% worth it. I love personal voice posts – yours are like that too. It feels like I’m having a super fun conversation with friend everytime I go through your blog.

  23. Thanks for the mention! For someone who only recently noticed and followed me, you sure dug deep, haha.
    I’m pleasantly surprised that you found my novel/story series. Yes, it’s original. Yes, it is still ongoing. However it is currently on hiatus along with my more fun posts due to real life. However, there is many more interesting original content that I’m working on that will be released once I’m done with this state of busyness. Furthermore, I will be redoing my story from scratch again, this time with better writing.
    Thanks again and congratulations on hitting 100! Hopefully I too, someday might hit that milestone. Your blog was wonderful to read.

  24. This was such an awesome thing! Celebrating your followers is set of you. Plus now I have my reading material for the next two weeks. *bookmarks* Thanks for the shout out of my blog, I wasn’t sure how you would describe it, but highlighting the classics was a cool way to do so. This newbie will definitely be watching more classics, they’re named that for a reason. (Just started the Rose of Versailles, gasp!)

    1. OMG Can’t wait for Rose. First anime I ever watched so it’s real close to my heart. I also have no clue what I think of it…This is going to be great. Thank you for your always lovely comments. They mean more than you think

  25. HEY let’s be real. It was only a matter of time before you hit the milestone of 100+ followers.
    So don’t act too surprised!

    It’s still a milestone worth celebrating, after all!

    Thanks for the shout-out and the kind words, by the way. It was very nice of you.
    You really did put in a lot of work into this post and it’s just the thing to cheer me up on this dreary morning. See, your posts are giving back to the community, too~

    Plus Ultra!

    1. I’m doing my best Taylor Swift impersonation now.
      Thanks Remy, you’re blog is a constant source of inspiration and intimidation

  26. Mad props! Taking the time to shout out every single person makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a special snowflake. Plus, Irina, you deserve all the follows because your posts are genuinely very interesting and enjoyable, very much so and could possibly make one die from alcohol poisoning-BUT that’s what makes life much more fun doesn’t it? Keep doing what you’re doing! SALUTE!

  27. Thank you for the mention. This must’ve taken a lot of effort to do, so I’m doing my best to give the comment it deserves!!!! I enjoy your reviews a lot too. I’ve tried some of your drinking game, and I threw up once re-watching School Days. Not with the drink you suggested though, since i’m dirt poor. XD
    You also watch anime at an amazing speed, since you post your thoughts on them one after the other. good job to you. I wish I can be that fast too.
    congrats on the milestone. i’m sure it’ll double, nay, triple, in no time.
    btw, i recognize that picture. XD brings back good memories. haha.

    1. Thank you and yeah – this post was a bit more of a challenge then I had bargained for but once you’re already hours in…
      I now take my pants off watching anime thanks to you….ooohh I hope someone reads this out of context…

  28. Thank you for the shout-out!
    I must confess that I binged your entire blog in three days and have been awaiting updates with bated breath everyday since.
    I don’t drink but your drinking games are so much fun I’ve seriously considered a cocktail or twenty.
    I haven’t updated my blog in so long because of other commitments like academics but maybe that’s simply because I haven’t found anything to write about with as much passion as you do anime.
    I was shy about posting comments because I don’t know much about anime (although I enjoy the medium and know a lot more since reading your blog) but you seem like a really nice person and your writing is very interesting so you’ll be seeing more of me around ^_^.

    1. I am extremely happy to hear that and please feel free to comment anytime. Can’t speak for anyone else but I certainly really enjoyed this one and would love to see more.
      I understand that some things are more important than posting but I think your older posts are a fun read.
      Maybe I should add non alcoholic drink suggestions…
      and again, of course, Thank you!

      1. Lol!
        Fun? Okay, you must not have gone as far back as my first few posts. My first post is literally titled “Dank” T_T.
        Through you, I’ve discovered the Anime Blog circuit which is a whole new world I can’t wait to explore (I have promised it as a treat to myself after I’m done with exams in two weeks).

        1. Actually your right, fun s nowhere near the right word. Your writings feel very personal and I got the impression I was being told something private..Not sure how to qualify it. thingly?

          1. Tingly works.
            It’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while, I keep writing more and more “private” things that seem highly inappropriate to post.
            (Un)fortunately that’s the headspace I’ve been in for over a year now.
            I need some Irina type fun in my life!
            I binge watched Orenchi no Furo Jijo recently to get some of that so thank you once again!

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