What did you guys think of this week’s Spy x Family? Feel free to go n and leave me a comment about it right now. I would love to have your honest opinion, without influence from what I thought.

I write these posts basically an hour or so after the episodes air so there’s usually not much out yet but I’m already seeing some conflicting reports so I’m curious about the general viewers’ opinion.

I do like how the episode started out. That old teacher is a great character and I liked that he called Loid, Elegant Boy, like he’s a superhero sidekick. I guess that was somewhat foreshadowing in a way. I also really liked the phone at the Forgers’ residence. I know, it’s a weird thing to focus on but I loved that design.

Everything was going swimmingly. Anya finally got into the private school. They got to celebrate and luckily both Yor and that informant guy seemed to be happy drunks. There is something very nerve-racking about watching a drunk Yor even when she’s just being a sweetheart. It’s like watching a weapon of mass destruction teetering on a ledge. It’s just not something you can relax around!

However, even though that setup took up at least half of the episode in runtime, it felt like the only thing that really happened was the happy fun time castle adventure. If someone asked me what episode 5 of Spy x Family was about, I would tell them, they went to a castle and acted out a spy series for Anya. as a reward for her getting into that school.

And I’m just going to give it to you straight guys, I wasn’t crazy about that happy castle adventure. It wasn’t bad at all. There were a few really cute moments and it’s always fun getting to see Loid get a chance to do his super cool guy act. If this was in another show, I’m sure I would have liked it. But this is the very first time I was watching a Spy x Family episode and looking forward to what happens next while watching it instead of afterwards.

In fact, I was really thinking this might be a filler episode. I didn’t remember it at all in the manga despite remembering pretty clearly everything that happened up until now and what happens next. But I looked it up and it is in the manga. In my defence, it’s only about 6 pages at the end of chapter 6 and way more streamlined than what we got in this week’s episode, but it is generally there.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, there were still some really great moments. I actually laughed out loud when Yor started attacking Loid in a drunken stupor as her evil witch character and his only thought was “why is she using physical attacks when she’s a witch?” Nice dedication to the bit!

So at the end of the day, this was the episode I liked the least so far. Keep in mind that I really really liked every single episode so far. I would give it an A-…

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  1. I thought it was cute and fun. Definitely expanded vs the manga but there won’t be as much opportunity for “action” once school starts. But I don’t really see this series as having thought provoking content. I am just in it for the cuteness, craziness and some action.

  2. So, I made a mental note of my opinion before reading yours, but like Dawnstorm, I didn’t immediately enter my comment. But I promise I didn’t change my mind!

    It’s hard to ask if I like something, because the answer is a matrix. It’s something I thought hard about while I watched takt.op Destiny. My expectations drive a portion of how much I like a show. I’m still figuring out my expectations for this show, so my reaction skews heavily to how much I like the characters. And when it comes to this show, I like the characters a lot.

    So, I really liked this episode because of what it showed me about the characters. Also, as a dad, I liked it because of how much I sympathized with what Loid had to endure. I tell you what: I would smack Franky silly for pulling a stunt l like that!

    That said, I understand your reaction. During the whole castle sequence, I felt my expectations trying to get a handle on the situation. It wasn’t what I had expected, and it might be because I still don’t know what to expect that I didn’t dislike that section.

    “It’s like watching a weapon of mass destruction teetering on a ledge. ”

    That’s exactly what I felt as soon as I saw Yor over-indulging! And when she cut loose? I knew Loid would survive, being the MC and all, but I worried for the man’s safety! But what a great scene that was.

  3. What I liked about this episode:
    -The retro Mainland Europe interior decor
    -Wine Mum Yor
    -Badass Teacher who decided that punching an arrogant douchebag was worth losing his job over

    What I disliked:

    Aside from that, yeah. I agree with you. With the exception of the first few opening minutes, it was just filler. The animation department seemed to have spent some attention to the faster-moving moments, but it didn’t add anything to the storyline. If there are many more episodes like this I guess I’ll start to feel impatient, but it still managed to cheer me up after a particularly rough week!

    1. I did notice for the first time some loss of integrity in the character models. But really I noticed it because i take a lot of screenshots. They did a great job considering how much was going on onscreen

  4. I didn’t scroll down to reply the moment I read your opening paragraph, because I’m lazy that way, but what you said’s true for me, too. Without a doubt my least favourite episode so far, but still pretty fun. Not much else to say.

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