Well I’m stumped. I thought I liked this episode of Pretty Boy Detective club less than previous ones. I’m pretty sure I did. Yet I finished it a few minutes ago and now feel great. Like happy and in a good mood. And I know the two are related. I just don’t know how to explain it.

Don’t get me wrong, this has not been my favourite arc. The casino and art caper were my favourites so far. The visuals have been gorgeous, of course. Pretty Boy Detective Club is like posh and expensive heroin for your eyes. The type that won’t leave you feeling bad afterwards or anything. This episode was no exception. My favourite scene was Dojima sitting in the hallways between the Tinker statues. I think they ruined it a little by insisting on the point but it was still a wonderful visual in the moment. I also liked the rainbow hallway in general.

It’s been a very colourful episode and unlike past ones, they didn’t lean into monochromes to make a point.

The element I enjoyed less about this arc was the meta of it all. It felt like Nisioisin was talking directly to me. Even more so than usual. And he had a few particular points to make. It wasn’t so gauche as to ruin the experience but I prefer to more subtle and surreal effect the other arcs had on me.

But then, Dojima sort of spelled out one of the thesis and it just made me smile. The very fact that it was plainly stated at the camera made me smile as well. The moral for me, ladies and gentlemen: it’s o.k. to try to save scummy people who you don’t like. I wrote it down and I’m grinning from ear to ear again.

It’s not the first story to do this. We have seen unlikeable damsels before. But as a focal point for a series about aesthetics. I dunno, I thought it was somewhat delicious.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about one of the main themes also getting the plain statement treatment though. There’s a whole speech towards the end of the episode about how the meaning of a series of events is really up for interpretation and depends on who is considering them. This is in fact true for all stories but particularly for Pretty Boy Detective Club. See what I mean about the episode being a bit too winky and blunt for me.

Still, I did enjoy the statement up to a certain point. I have read enough posts about the correct interpretation of anime. This one and many others. And I like it when a series takes a moment to remind fans that art is a collaborative venture. The audience has something to contribute and it’s not without value. At least that’s how I chose to interpreter it!

It’s also the first time we see some honest depth to Manabu. I was fully expecting his explanation for why he didn’t let Kodaki join to be either complete nonsense or some short-sighted reason. like she’s a girl and he just forgot about it when he let Dojima join. A wistful Manabu was a change of pace and I do think it brings something to the whole.

Still, I’m happy to be moving on to the next arc. I hope it looks as pretty as previous ones.

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  1. Actually, stuff like the rainbow hallway has me instinctively pay a little less attention, because of my (slight) photosensitivity. I’m always slightly afraid. Nothing triggered, luckily.

    I actually preferred this arc to the casino arc, but the art arc is still my favourite (followed by the opening episodes). I quite liked the final scene. It’s interesting that nobody believes Manabu that he tripped and fell. Is it the truth, or is it something he considers beautiful and thus treats like the truth. There’s a sort of ambiguity about what really happened, but I tend to believe Manabu, here, that he slipped and fell (probably because she surprised him by suddenly appearing like that from behind). Why do I tend to believe that? Narrative preference. I think the story’s more interesting if this is true. Is that sort of the point, though?

    1. I also believe Manabu because it’s too boring an explanation. If it was a creation it would have involved a ninja and maybe a mind-altering drung of some sort. Not a simple slip and fall. That’s beneath him.

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