I think it should be said that by top 5 here I am just talking in terms of the posts that garnered the most views in 2020. These aren’t necessarily what I feel are the best posts I wrote in 2020 or even the ones that I think are the best liked. But since there isn’t an easy metric for liked, I went with most viewed.

For one reason or another, these are the posts people were coming to see on my site in 2020. Maybe we can try and figure out something from this…

5. The tragedy of Shusei Kagari

Although this is technically the least popular post on this list, it’s my favourite. It’s actually one of the very first posts I ever wrote back in August of 2017 and it has consistently been in the Top 5 yearly posts of my blog ever since. And that makes me happy.

Don’t be fooled, this is not a good post exactly. I was a fledgling blogger and very much still trying to find my footing. But you know what? Kagari is a character that means a whole lot to me. That why he was the subject of my very first character study. And although the post might not be that impressive, I put a lot of my heart into it. The fact that years later people are still reading it sort of gives my blogging journey a sense of meaning. The gre3at majority of my posts will fade into oblivion and frankly, that’s often not a big loss. But once in a while, I will write something I really like that will resonate with others as well. And that’s cool!

4. Top 5 Bi and Pansexual Anime Characters

This year has been fairly active for the recognition of gender identities and non-traditional sexual orientations. I was hearing about it everywhere. And so I decided to write a very simple list post in April 2020. I’m not an expert on this subject so I didn’t want to delve too deep but I wanted to highlight some of the representation in anime, both good and bad.

I’m not entirely sure who finds this post. I do believe that once again it may be people looking for free hentai but I also do have some very pointed LGBTQ+ searches that give me hope that some people were actually interested in the subject of the post. What can I say, I’m an optimist.

3. Top 5 OCD Anime Characters

This is an odd one. I wrote this top 5 list in September of 2018 and it has been very consistently popular ever since. To be honest I’m not sure why. First, it is intriguing that so many people are looking for OCD characters. Second, the fact that they would come to my sight instead of one of the huge commercial ones leads me to believe that this is an underserved market.

Although I can’t say this is one of my favourite posts or anything, I don’t dislike it either and I am happy if people can find my blog through it. Maybe I should revisit this post at some point. Since 2018, I have seen quite a few anime and I can add on to the list.

2. Top 5 Anime Nudist

A full year before my number 1 post, in May 2019, I wrote this little gem. It was meant to just be a silly Top 5 list as I was a little low on ideas. I did put in a decent amount of effort to list actual nudists and not simply fanservice characters that just oopsie always find themselves naked for some reason.

I do like this post. It took me surprisingly long to put together. And I am happy if people who are actually looking for nudists characters have been able to find them through this. However, my search terms strongly suggest that people mostly find this post when looking for hentai and I’m not sure what I think about that. It’s not really the purpose of the post at all and anyone finding it that way is probably super disappointed.

1. Why Watching Anime Makes You More Attractive

I actually really like this post and I am happy that people are reading it. Or at least looking in its general direction. Ironically, the most viewed post on this list is also the most recent. I wrote it in May of 2020. I will admit it’s a simple comedic post not to be taken too seriously but I wrote it because I was seeing a lot of sweet and gentle souls in our community being down on themselves and I wanted to write something that could be a light little pick me up.

I’m not always the best at predicting reader reaction and I have had some good intentions backfire this year so I’m really happy this one didn’t. It’s a silly post, with a silly title and some nice images in it. I hope it continues to do well.

So what can I learn from this? Well, people really like Top Lists but I already knew that. For some reason, search engines are a sucker for a numbered list. The second thing I learned is that sexy titles that could be considered clickbait even though they are literally describing the post are also a great way to get views. Again, this isn’t much of a shocker.

But mostly what I learned from this is that I much rather have people view a post I really enjoyed writing than feeling like I’m disappointing people that just wanted to watch some animated pr0n. Also, if I want views I should make a Top 5 Hentai list!

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the link! Lists do seem to do well…

    You have quite a variety of topics in your top five. Seeing the screen cap from Kill la Kill reminded me of how perfect that ending was. Now I want to rewatch it, but there’s no way I have time for that!

    “But mostly what I learned from this is that I much rather have people view a post I really enjoyed writing than feeling like I’m disappointing people that just wanted to watch some animated pr0n. ”

    I’ve always liked how your titles weren’t click-bait. They’re interesting and make me want to read the post, and I’ve never feel like the title tricked me!

  2. You’ve certainly come a long way Irina :D. To really taken off from 2017, I’m glad you found posts you enjoyed writing. Long may you continue to blog, I’m glad it’s something you really love doing :).

  3. Yeah… I get the same result from my own nudie posts. Search engines yield lot of hentai hunters and very few actually looking for nudist thought or experiences. That’s because “nudist” and porn” are considered similar by the Google algorithm. The algorithm “learned” this because most guys who type in nudist or nude are really looking for soft core.

    There are those who stumble onto my nudie posts who are the real deal and I’ve been shared, quoted, and otherwise referenced on a few honest nudist sites, so that makes me happy. It’s also fun to imagine hentai hunters getting to my blog and being bitterly disappointed.

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