In my last post about The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window, my readers called me out a little bit. In a good way. In fact, called out isn’t the right expression. Basically, they questioned why I was still watching this show.

And that is an excellent question!

We are now 3 episodes in and I can’t pretend that my qualms about the early episodes were just quirks or narrative hiccups that don’t have a bearing on the overall story. The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is about an unpleasantly abusive relationship and continuing to gripe about the act that Rihito is a arse or that Mikado is a doormat, seems pretty pointless now. From here on, if I chose to continue this show, I’m the one choosing to watch that.

And sadly, I do have a feeling that the series will probably either redeem Rihito with some shallow gesture or try to justify his abuse and frame it as romantic or caring somehow. I think we all deserve better by now.

Fine so the “romance” aspect of this story is definitely not why I’m here. But is there anything else? The production isn’t impressive or original enough to be a draw in and of itself. The dialogue is clumsy. One reader suggested that it was a show for horny girls which is probably the biggest selling point I have seen for this anime but sadly the art style isn’t my thing.

So is it the storyline? Another reader said they were enjoying this anime for the mystery of it. That could be something. The random house visits and people they help have been pretty dull so far but the other spiritually gifted people might have some promise.

We were introduced to Erika by name in the first episode as a spiritually gifted girl who could cast curses. It turns out that she’s… a spiritually gifted girl who is paid to cast curses. And as such her family is exploiting her gifts to some extent. Do I care about this…. Not really. I don’t find the character that appealing so far. In fact, the only character I do like was that other guy who was pretending to be a medium. He had all the best one-liners!

But there is that. The one-liners that is. Once in a while, the show seems self-aware and almost revelling in being exactly what it is. A kind of trashy and ridiculous parody of BL tropes. And I think that what’s keeping me around is that show. The one that doesn’t really exist so far but that I think I can see from time to time. And of course the mystery of how a meek librarian got so buff. I would like to find that out!

I also really like Mikado’s home life. I think the scenes with him and his mom are the best ones.

So if you like, maybe join me next and we can figure out together why I’m still watching?

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  1. Just commenting because I have missed you!
    Classes and a ton of other stuff had me dug into a grave, but I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    I finally watched a few of the anime that you mentioned before- I loved Demon Slayer!
    The Promised Neverland promised a lot (har har), but I felt like it was trying too hard- another shocker without any real depth.
    As for this series, I haven’t watched it and thanks to your review, I can skip it- yay!
    But sometimes series or anime are strangely addictive, and when they go against everything that you like it is always a great chance to do some inner searching if you are willing to do it.

    Oh boy… have you missed me, Irina? Because I am going to start doing another lengthy ramble… XD

    For example, the original Tomb Raider. I love it soooo much but it is soooo bad.
    The acting, the posing, the really lame jokes… so much is so artificial.
    I don’t like how over the top “I’m a bad girl” posing vibe this throws out, and I wish there were no love interests at all- just baaad.
    But I also know all the reasons why I treasure it.
    Basic- I love Angelina Jolie in this. I would love to be fit as her (and as athletic, strong and confident as the character).
    That scene where she swivels her motorcycle around to use her back tire to knock a random bad guy out is so cheesy but something I would love to try myself. Blasting classical music in an empty mansion Plus, she explores some amazing places and her life looks so spontaneous and dangerous- I love that.

    There are plenty of Kdramas and books that I have kept flipping pages because I wanted to know how it ended, but thankfully I am better now about catching on faster when that is all it has going for it. If I have invested more than halfway through it, I still have to skip to the end for closure. 😛
    Here’s looking at you, “The Twelve.” (Too bad because I loved “The Passage”)

    Hmm… I’m trying to think of others that I watched although I….
    Ah! Game of Thrones! I watched this because I read the first book and loved it (I didn’t realize it was a whole series).
    I didn’t start watching the series until the fourth(?) season finished. Although I hated a lot about the series (I don’t think it needs any explanation), the character development, the plot, and the worlds felt real and were interesting. More than that though was the exploration of honour (Ned Stark and Jon Snow), the soundtrack, and of course dragons- just epic!
    Looking back, I still love (parts) of the first season, and despite popular opinion, I love the final series.
    If you go straight from the first season to the last, it seems like this is the exact direction everyone was heading from the get-go. I am just surprised it ended with as many happy endings as it did.

    The first book I remember reading excitedly all the way through despite not liking a single character was “Lord of the Flies.” OK, other than Simon- he is the only person in there that was remotely likeable to me. Yet I kept returning to this book over and over again. This book shaped me a lot. It made me reevaluate my own beliefs and question myself- how would I behave if all of society was disintegrating?

    And then of course there are films that are just so terrible, they are just that wonderful to watch (like the live version of Attack on Titan- that chicken scene… gets me every time)

    Sometimes I watch a film just for purpose of finding a good story, but usually I watch wondering how I would behave in a similar situation… or even taking notes on how to survive.
    For the record, I would be great to have around in a Zombie apocalypse but of no use in the case of vampires or in a world like “The Quiet Place”… unless if I was used as bait. I have zero patience or strategy skills.

    Back to anime, it is great that you recognize what you don’t like and that you even point it out here in your blog- that you are continuing to watch it even though you acknowledge it is awful. I’m sure you’ll figure out the drawing point, or the positive points that brings you back.

    But until then, thanks for these reviews and keeping us updated. As much as I like exploring, I really appreciate it when someone saves me the time from wasting it on a terrible Kdrama, anime or book…. not that I have read a book for pleasure since the last break. I miss this so much!!!!!!!!

    Alright, back to homework for me 😛
    Thanks for this, Irina!

    1. Ahhh Maica I HAVE missed you! I’m so glad to hear from you! I hope your classes are going well. I know how busy it can get. Hang in there!
      I also have a lot of shows I like that are objectively not very good. I mean I have a very healthy love for cheesy and kitschy stuff and I enjoy the so bad it’s good type of entertainment so I won’t juge anyone else’s tastes that’s for sure!
      I would say that a night beyond the tricornered window has potential for becoming a so bad it’s good type of show but it’s also just sort of messy so I don’t know yet.

      1. I have missed you sooo much- you have no idea!
        Just keep us updated with the show- I hope it gets deliciously terrible. I have been craving a rewatch of Predator lately for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love parts of Predator, but the lines and the opening scenes especially- just baaaad

    1. I did not enjoy the Mieruko manga at all but I bet it’s going to be popular with a lot of viewers. As much as I don’t want to defend tricorner, it’s not suppose to be a horror anime. It’s not labeled as such and wasn’t marketed that way either so I can’t blame it on not being a good horror.

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