If you’ve been around for a while, you might know that my favourite blog stat is the search terms people use to get to my blog. Unfortunately, 99% of them are unknown but I still manage to get a fun one once in a while.

I actually do an overview of my blog’s search terms every year. Stats I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours or Stat of The Year! But I think my posts started to get way too long and unwieldy. So this year I’ve decided to Marie Kindo this post and only keep the search terms that bring me joy!

how I feel when I get a cool search term

The overwhelming majority of my search terms are either searches for particular episodes of shows I am reviewing weekly. This is why episode reviews tend to have fantastic views or some variation of nudity in anime bisexual, pan-sexual or hentai searches. I rarely post anything remotely raunchy, I assume that blogs that are more dedicated to ecchi content have crazy views. Good on them! If ever I actually come up with something interesting to say on the subject, I’ll definitely jump on board.

So after getting rid of those and all the fairly normal terms most aniblogs get, I’ve managed to narrow the list down to the more fun ones. Sadly, I feel like I get a lot less random nonsense searches and that makes me a bit sad. On the other hand, I am getting way more drinking game searches. Now, this may just be because 2020 was a year where people felt the need to drink more but in any case, it’s nice to see my brand shine through!

And now, on to the search terms!

anime mullet

This term came up a full 5 times and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. My blog is a lot of things and if just one of those can be an anime mullet appreciation blog, I will have made it! There are only so many times I can talk about the prevalence of mullets in anime but I will do my best to get another couple of mullet themes posts out next year!

what are the drinks in death parade

I like that this search is relevant to my theme and so precise. This is a search with a purpose. Sadly they did not find the answer to that question on my blog nut they did find a recipe for one of the drinks in Death Parade. Arguably the most famous one, the memento mori. I hope they liked it.

son goku chinese legend

I really loved writing this post but it hardly made a splash when I published it. That’s o.k., I expected this one to be a less popular post. So seeing that some people have found my blog searching for that particular post makes me pretty psyched!

аниме питомец хироки и цукаса

I’m only putting this in because interestingly there were a number of Russian searches for the anime Pet. Pretty much no one seemed to care about this anime when it was airing and I was one of the few to review it till the end. The fact that the series seemed to have generated considerable interest in the Russian market really intrigues me.

is there “romance” in that time i got reincarnated as a slime

I really like this search because it sounds a little like something I would search for. Mostly to avoid a show. I’m not sure if that’s what this particular searcher was going for. And I do mention it in my review so yay!

nosebleed roshi so cute

I don’t have any DBZ posts on my blog. I mention the show from time to time, it is rather unavoidable in the anime space but I haven’t dedicated any posts to it. I’m going to guess I used a screencap at some point.

anime daddies

Sounds pretty hawt. I did write a post on best anime daddies a long time ago. Actual fathers mind you but a lot of them happen to be super attractive. What’s this, attractive anime characters? Who would have guessed it?

anime girl face up

Is that a threat? I honestly can’t tell what this person was looking for. I know the expression “face-up” is used in doll customization when they repaint a doll’s face but otherwise I haven’t heard it at all. Some part of me thinks this may be yet another sex thing. But I don,t know what that thing could possibly be.

monthly girls’ nozaki-kun deconstruction

I really wish I had written this post. I’m planning on buying all the manga so maybe I can write it then!

confused anime girl

Sounds about right

gorgeous anime negligee

I think it’s the use of the .word gorgeous that really tickles my fancy here. Where they hoping to buy one? Also, I have no clue how they found my site through this. I couldn’t reproduce it so I don’t know which post they landed on. I think Akame from Akame ga Kill has really awesome jammies. Does that count?

the island of giant bug boobs

Obviously, this person was looking for ecchi pics from the Island of Giant Insects. I get it and there’s actually a ton of search for hentai or fanservice from that movie. What I like about this particular search though is that out of context it really does look like they were trying to find giant bug boobs. Are the bugs giant or are the boobs? I like to think that my blog is contributing to the evolution of a new subculture. We have furries, we have scalies and now…antennaeies?

irina konosuba

This is so many levels of yes that I can’t even explain it!

harukana receive grandpa is the turtle

I really like this theory. I wish the show had leaned into it more. Hopefully, we’ll get another season that explores this particular phenomenon.

is it wrong to pick up girls in a fanservice

Again, I really know what this search was going for but the way they abbreviated it is awesome. Also, I would figure it is a little wrong to pick up girls in fanservice unless you have explicit consent.

which kind of metaphor is dangers can strike at any time?

See this is what I’m talking about. Random! I love these searches. I hope the searchers don’t end up too frustrated at just how unhelpful my blog is.

anime actually i am nude

More of a statement than a question. I like this one. Of the tons of nudity searches I got, this is the most baffling, which makes it the best. There are also a lot of naturist searches which I am assuming is another word for nudist. For some reason, those searches specify that they only want to see girls…

does followers over quality of products, which in return could lead to many people creating a bad reputation that could rapidly spread over many social media sites.

I mean sure. I have a post about followers on WordPress. Sadly if the search led to me I think this person did not find what they were looking for.

fanservice 2020

Just a nice blanket search!

anime with a guy with ocd and white hair

It’s killing me to know who they were actually looking for. Is it death the kid? He has some white hair. Accelerator, not that OCD just kind of a jerk. I’m still not sure.

nezuko crow

I reviewed Demon Slayer with Crow 🙂

scottie anime dormouse

Again no clue. I once had a search term on my blog for “Scott from Mechanical Anime” so this may be yet another foreshadowing of the upcoming invasion.

maika sakuranomiya is cute even tho she isn’t supposed to look cute

I completely agree. I’m not sure she wasn’t supposed to look cute, maybe just a little mean.

anime girl big ass high socks

I think this may be missing an “and”. Although I also like the idea that someone was just looking for huge socks.

anime sigh

Been there!

caress anine gifs

I’m just not sure and for once I think there may actually be such a thing as anine.

I googled anime twitter and I got this and I though, obviously!


I looked it up, this Twitter user exists. Seems like a nice enough chap but his Twitter is private and I didn’t have the guts to start following him out of the blue.

fapswrvice is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

I just really liked the term fapservice. I think we should start to use it for clarity. After all, fanservice doesn’t have to be sexual and this just gets to the point.

who were you before they broke your heart

OMG!!! That is so sad and poetic and how did it end up on my blog???? Don’t worry, heartbreaks suck but they are also very precious in a way. I cherish all of mine. They make you appreciate when you meet a good person and that’s quite a gift.

And that’s all I got for you this year. Told you it was very tame. This said I got A LOT of searches for Grancrest and for Jeweller Richard. Two shows that I thought had not been popular when airing let alone a year later but there you go. I also got a lot of very disturbing searches. I’m thinking a purely hentai dedicated blog would do gangbusters.

You know how some bloggers write about implied relationships in anime? Shipping in post form essentially. Is there something like that for implied hentai. Taking normal anime then writing about how it’s secretly pr0n. Cause that would do amazing and honestly sounds like a fun read.

38 thoughts

  1. Morbidly curious about how one might write about the Conceptual Hentai of a series.

    So are these search terms people have looked for whilst on your blog? Or hits on Google that linked ’em to your blog? I haven’t been blogging long enough to know how this works.

    For instance, if I were to scroll up to the search bar and type in “Hey Irina great blog kthxbai”, or “Please show me some big ol’ insect boobies” in, and hit enter… you’d be able to see those searches, orrr…?
    …Not that I would actually do either of those things. Perish the thought! I’m just curious, is all. Yes.

    1. Sadly it’s hits that lead them to my blog rather than searches on my blog. My blogs search function is a bit too precise for any fun searches

  2. I think the one with “actually I am” in it is referring to the anime/manga also known as Jitsu wa Watashi wa…which does have a harem in it and a “fanservice character” in the form of Shiro/Shiho, but not enough nudity to make it a hentai.

    As for “who were you before they broke your heart?” (give or take a space before the question mark), according to my Google-fu, it’s the name of a 7 minute YouTube video with songs I presume people listen to after they break up with someone. You probably used the cat in the window image the video uses as a visual.

    As for me, I got a bunch of Demon Slayer ones (including at least one Russian one) and a few Kakushigoto ones but my top one asks for the meaning of “Dorohedoro”. I did try to guess at what it meant at one point, but even I don’t know the answer to that…

  3. How come you get all the “nudist” searches? I am so jealous!

    I’m going to have to research this “otakunudist” character. We could end up being friends. 🙂

    Fapservice… I believe I have used the term “fapping ecchi” to describe the same thing. Isn’t it wonderful how liberating anime can be? Freeing us to be our true selves.

    I’ll have to do a post about my own search terms. My top search term for this week was “tsukimonogatari nude scenes.” This actually seems reasonable.

  4. I didn’t even know that you could see the search terms people used to find your blog- I love the first one (anime mullets), and the last one I find heartbreaking.
    I love how much effort you put into your posts, Irina.

    The way that I stumbled onto your site was when I was searching for the meaning behind the shishi odoshi and the different sounds used in anime (that seem to reference Kabuki and Noh theatre), and found your post on the use of water in anime.
    I didn’t find the particular answer I was looking for, but your post touched on so many things I hadn’t considered when watching anime.

    Because of the insights that you shared, your kindness and warmth towards your readers, the friendly and unique tone you used, and the awesome and even considerate and thoughtful nature of your commenters, I ended up scrolling throughout your blog, inspired and thoroughly entertained by the variety.

    Through your blog, I have been introduced with one incredible community of bloggers, I have a nice-sized list of anime to watch, and have shared laughs and virtual kampai!s on a weekly basis (even though I don’t drink). Thanks for one incredible year, Irina.
    I am looking forward to the next one- to anime mullets and remembering who we are- 乾杯!(Cheers!)

    1. You can only see some of them, I’m not sure why.
      Oh wow, that’s how you found my blog. That’s so cool. I’m sorry I didn’t have a post for you, I do hope you found your answer. And that seems like a really interesting subject!

  5. I’ve heard “fapservice” before (not spelled with the “w”, though); I think it’s been around for a while, but not hugely popular.

    That last one really is strangely poetic, isn’t it?

    Also, getting many search terms for less popular anime isn’t so surprising. To put it in mathematical terms: 10 % of 100 is the same absolute value as 100 % of 10. Fewer people will search for those shows, but more of them will end up on your site (because there’s less competition). It’d be interesting if there’s an empirical function on how this balances out. I mean, I doubt anyone will ever get more search terms for Crime Edge than for My Hero Academia. What are the relevant values? Degree of specialisation, cult following, etc. Not all of this is easily expressed in numbers. Hm…

    1. I would say the Lion’s Share of my search term are for the popular stuff. Demon Slayer and MHA tend to be no.1. Then Promised Neverland GOH and TOG.

  6. A lot of these my brain just went “oddly specific but okay” and that’s what makes these posts great! I hope these people found what they were looking for!

  7. Thanks for the fun way to start the day :).

    And I was hoping you would forget about that invasion thing… (If I do write a guest post, it has to be titled Scott Invasion now. No other choice….)

      1. Dang. One does not simply invade, but I will have to make sure it happens now. Just need to figure out what to write about, but I do need to start it like an alien invasion or something. 😀

  8. These are incredible! 😄 The “anime actually i am nude” and “fapswrvice is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon” ones were really funny!

    Out of curiosity, I looked at the search terms used to find my blog and saw “anime erotic episode giving birth” and “astarotte’s toy boobs gif”!

    1. you got me…those were both me… I’m joking but wow “anime erotic episode giving birth” is a wild search!

    2. People remember Astarotte’s Toy? I rewatched most of it last year (but chickened out before the ending, which I couldn’t remember, really, but I worried it would lean too much into lolicon for comfort – it’s actually a pretty cute and heartwarming series for the most part, so I may have worried for nothing).

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