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Anime Q and A

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! Episode 12 Collaboration featuring Irina (in bold) from I Drink And Watch Anime.

So this episode started out with a bookend with Spe’s mom echoing Spe’s own big city experience, I wanna say you thought that was adorable? Absolutely! How could I not?!

We check in with seemingly every horse girl that’s ever been on the show before the big race. All have words of encouragement for Spe on her big day. I like that so many of them are jealous of her getting to race against Broye, really shows that they’re a part of this world too–even if it’s in a cursory way. They’re passionate about the sport too–they’re just not as good as Spe-chan and Suzuka.

A challenger approaches!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anime makeup look right. Broye would be so much cuter without that lipstick. I didn’t notice to be…

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  1. That was a nice episode, but other than that I have little to say. I did like the throwback with Special Week’s mum arriving in the big city. And I also enjoyed El trolling them all, via Spe.

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