I’ve made no secret that Dakaichi is not exactly my type of show. I just find little interest in romance storylines. However, the incredibly talented Naja recently made me by a BL Visual Novel. By that I mean she wrote this post . See what I’m talking about? She might as well have been holding a gun to my head. I’ve been low key obsessed with it for the last couple of days and more than ready for some BL antics!

I started off the episode with high-ish hopes.

good start

I gotta say, I quite enjoyed that coffee commercial in all it’s cheesy glory. If it was a real commercial, it would probably work on me! It was very Japanese, I loved it! I’d like to see more of the stuff these two actors got up to, like that horror movie that Takato was in that Junta mentioned–I imagine that’d be fun to see, but maybe they won’t show it because it might ~distract~ too much from the lovey-dovey atmosphere.

Takato is still an interesting character. The show is milling his insecurities for some type of conflict which is fair enough. For my money I much prefer his hesitant feeling of professional rivalry towards (pretty much everyone) than any forced romantic jealousy. When he was looking over blondie’s poster for his upcoming movie, I like to think that the unease he expressed was mostly about blondie landing such a prestigious role. I took it to be a bit of both. I mean I don’t know if this show is capable of writing him feeling both (that’s not an insult, just an observation) but maybe it was both.

Despite being very petty and self absorbed, Takato has so far not shown any signs of possessiveness. To his credit! I just took it to mean he’s a classic ~tsun~ he’s not going to act like he’s needy except only when push comes to shove, emphasis on the shove.

Dakaichi episode 4
ok, but this is the boringest movie poster ever

Blondie has some psychological issues right? Either that or he’s just a jerk…Maybe both…

Have you noticed that blondie only comes around when he wants some. He never even bothers to check in Takato has other plans. Just steamrolls him and then physically forces him to go along with whatever he wants to do. He never asks about Takato’s day or takes him out for a nice date….That jerk option is looking more and more likely. For all his sweet words, Blondie acts much more like he’s infatuated than actually in love. I don’t blame Takato for being so defensive. I guess “love” is different for everyone… we don’t really know what Junta’s previous romantic relationships were like? Maybe they were exceptionally dull things and so now that he’s found someone that ‘revs his engine’ he can’t help but act all controlling and lean towards the physical aspect of the relationship. It’s not ideal but it’s one way of showing a relationship. I disagree, I think when you love someone you do care about their happiness. Of course I do agree that not all romantic relationships are love and that’s fine.

I thought the huge alarm sound effect was funny. Yeah, I laughed!

Dakaichi episode 4
legitimate complaint…

I was disappointed they didn’t go with a gakuran. I like those a lot more. Omg, I can’t believe we had the same thought on this! I was expecting (and hoping) for that style of uniform too! I guess they wanted to go for something that ~softened~ Takato’s edge and make him a bit more vulnerable compared to Junta’s teacher roleplay. Also, I’m guessing you weren’t a fan of that whole dynamic being sexualised? Or are you okay with it when it’s two consenting adults roleplaying as student and teacher? Roleplay is fine and fun…when you don’t force it on your partner….

Dakaichi episode 4
if I didn’t know it was a school uniform I may not have guessed

I’ve been noticing this for a while now but this show has almost no fanservice. Even the sexy scenes don’t show as much as a hint of ab. They wear loose often casual clothing. There’s no random work out montage and it would be easy to work into a story about actors who absolutely need to maintain a certain physique. It seems so very odd that they wouldn’t add some in, I figure that’s clearly what the audience came for yet I’ve seen more gleaming muscles in the first episode of your average fighting shonen. I don’t know to be honest. The irlwaifu seemed happy enough, I guess you’re just used to the ‘hard stuff’ no pun intended so you expect more, whereas she doesn’t play Yaoi video games. I think the show is sexy enough without the skin, but at the same time the unclothed male body (anime or otherwise) doesn’t do anything for me so it doesn’t make a difference if they’re clothed or not. To me the homosexual aspect of the story isn’t very important so I was comparing it to other series I’ve seen where a romantic relationship was the main theme (like SNAFU, Toradora or  Haruhi). Since Dakaichi doesn’t have as much character development or wacky shenanigans but a much more explicit relationship. I’m surprised it doesn’t feature as much fanservice as those shows from a marketing standpoint if nothing else.  It even has less than he series we’ve watched together that weren’t romantic at all. I guess Harukana could be considered “hard stuff”?

Dakaichi episode 4
who else wants to see “Witch’s Drip”!?!

Matt, you are usually much more patient with romantic plots. How are you enjoying the series so far? It’s not that I’m more patient, I think its just I can find things to like about how a relationship is presented very quickly and get attached to watching that dynamic. Plus it helps if I like the characters, which i do here–even Junta–and I usually hate “jerks”. I guess I’m okay with a jerk if he’s a jerk to another guy not if he’s a jerk to a girl–double standards, I know! As for enjoying? It’s kind of like a soap opera (and it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a soap opera) it’s all emotion driven and seedy and sexual but still kind of safe. It’s by no means high-art and I doubt I’ll remember it once the season is over but I’m enjoying it enough!

Dakaichi episode 4
you never could…

What’s your favourite thing? Probably the same as yours (if I remember correctly). Takato’s ‘bitchiness’ and ‘resentment’ about not being #1 handsome boy. I also like his frantic inner monologues, they’re cute and well-acted.

Just throwing it out there. If you want an actually romantic romance about boys falling in love, A Hand in the Darkness is very sweet. In fact, I’m going to go play it right now! Thanks, but 24 minutes of Yaoi, is about all I can deal with per week. I’m going to go watch some Senran Kagura gifs and go to bed.

Dakaichi episode 4

Dakaichi episode 4

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  1. I haven’t given this show a try yet, mainly because yaoi is a genre I tend not to enjoy (haha that rhymed), but if the homosexual undertones aren’t that strong maybe I’ll give it a shot. I also think that Run with the Wind is the superior handsome boy anime this season 😈

    1. oh it is overtly homosexual with unambiguous physical relationship…But it doesn’t seem that different from any other romance anime outside from the character models

  2. I’m still really enjoying this and I’m kind of glad they toned down a few things from the manga because I was pretty sure going in that this anime was going to make me feel a lot more uncomfortable to watch, and while there are still aspects of Junta’s pushiness that do make me feel uncomfortable, the overall anime is just fun to watch and I am absolutely loving Takato.
    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I wish we would see blondie by himself a bit. I would like to get to know him better. So far all I know is that he likes Takato

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