I could be wrong but now that we’re at the halfway point, it seems as if we may finally be getting to the meat of the story for The God of Highschool.

I may have missed this but why is the tournament called The God of Highschool. I get the god part and we got ann even more detailed explanation this week, but why “highschool”? I thought for sure they were bringing high school students from all over to compete but contestants seem to be of all ages and so far there is no institutional affiliation… was that 40-year-old looking prison dude in high school? Maybe he failed a lot…

I have to say, I always thought that Mori was a really cute kid. I almost wish this was one of those younger aimed shonen so that we would get the adventures of mini Jin. He’s such a cutie! And he seems to have been much calmer and more mature back then to booth!

We already knew that Jin’s grandpa was a big deal and this episode reminds us once again. It’s info for the future though. For the now, we only saw him beat up a bunch of guys. Nox guys.

Ok, so he Good of Highschool is finally starting t unravel the lore behind the fighting. Sure Dae, Mira and Jin are still more or less fixated on their matches. In fact, Mira manages to win a last-minute match and avoid elimination, how unexpected, and the three are now a team. And each of them is getting some inside help as well which seems rather unfair to the other teams! But beyond that, things are a-happenin!

Spoilers and stuff from here on ut. I’m also going to proceed out of order!

We end up finding out that the group behind the tournament is essentially trying to find strong fighters capable of properly using powers borrowed from gods and demons, in order to ultimately gain more power for themselves. It’s a sort of general we want the power to rule the world sort of scheme so far but there may be personal motivations as well. These guys can use special powers themselves, as we have already seen and have a few particularly strong members called the six.

Most of them seem familiar with Mori’s grandfather as well but he isn’t currently part f the group.

On the other and we have the hooded guys who are apparently called Nox. They want the same thing so they are trying to eliminate the first guys. They attached Mori’s grandfather but it didn’t turn out well for them.

So far, that’s all I got for the more general plot of the show. Park (who is part of the Six) did explain the borrowed powers bit to Dea who told the other two, but the rest of the stuff is still unknown by our protagonists.

They did mention the weird poison fruit Park game Jin but only in passing. We still have no clue what that was all about and unless they bring it back, it seems like a waste of scenes.

There was an odd moment when Mira accidentally bumps into Mr. Shim, the announcer, at the grocery store and he proceeds to give her a pep talk and some advice. See what I mean by unfair. On the one hand, Dea was getting inside info from Park and Jin had the weird old guy who decided to coach him, so I assumed they gave Mira this chance meeting to even things out. But it was still a bit odd. Why choose the announcer who we have never had any sort of connection with? We introduce his wife and baby and make him so caring and gentle suddenly?

The answer is that the audience needs t care when he gets dispatched a few moments later. It worked on me. Not that much because there’s only so much you can do with such an obvious ploy but still. So Nox has already made an obvious move.

What bothered me a bit more, was that last scene showing us Judge Q skewered to a chair.  I like Q. I think he has an interesting design and he’s one of the very few characters that have had any development. I would be a lot more bummed if I actually thought he would stay dead. My guess is that he isn’t really dead or his big scary clown demon monster has the ability to bring him back t life or something of the sort. I’m not sure why I’m so sure about this other than having him killed right now would screw up the rhythm of the narrative.

Grammarly says this post sounds angry! Does it sound angry to you guys? I’m not angry at all. If anything, I’m fairly neutral towards this episode. I didn’t hate it and it passed by pretty quickly.  There was enough here to make me want to watch the next episode. At the same time, the bigger story being revealed is reinforcing my notion that this might be for a different demographic.

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  1. I haven’t seen this one yet, so I avoided the spoiler parts, but it seems to be all over the blogging sphere so to speak 😊 I’ve already added it to my huge to watch list.

  2. Looking at your screenshots I noticed the noises of people in these anime are weird.. they all look kinda drunk or something! Did you play drinking games with them?

  3. Your post doesn’t sound angry to me. Not sure how grammarly figures it does (on its site I could only see it’s based on “a combination of rules and machine learning”), and also that the tone detector seems to still be in the beta phase (machine learning usually requires feedback, so where does it get it from?)

    I was fine with the episode, but things just go by to quickly. I don’t imagine Q is dead, either, but he’s certainly inconcenienced enough to be late for work. I’m sure I was supposed to think this assassin is really strong, but my first impression was that the employees were all briefed to handle such a situation, so that Nox overestimate themselves (which is why Jin’s grandfather went all out – he’s not part of their organisation).

    The thing is though, that the pacing is a little off, so I’m not at all confident about anything I say about this show.

    1. The pacing is really odd in the series. I think it may be trying to hard to stick to the source but I could be wrong.

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