Boy it’s been a long week. That’s not a bad thing mind you! I’ve been staying out very late watching anime movies at festivals and surviving through my work days on a few hours sleep and next day buzzes. Yay successful adulting! If you happen to work with me, I have most definitely not been doing any of those things. I’m a serious and professional individual. Cough

How have you guys been? Good? Great???? Much like my Grancrest reviews, my Dr. Stone posts are getting less than stellar comments and few likes but crazy views. I’m assuming, people are at least trying to see it online or something. Instead they found this post…sorry. I do sort of describe the episode though. That’s pretty much the same!

Dr Stone ep5-1 (6)
c’mon – just give it a chance!

What I thought Would Happen

After last week’s cliffhanger, I figured Senku would talk himself out of confrontation or Taiju would save him last minute and they would all escape Tsukasa, then spend the rest of the episode hunting for the source of the smoke signals.

Maybe just finding out the truth, or an important clue, at the cliffhanger end of the episode.

What Did Happen

Senku died. I still think it was a toothless threat and useless cliffhanger cause obviously her can’t stay dead but he did stay dead way longer than I though he would. For a second I though they were gonna weekend at Bernie’s it (look it up kids!).

Anyways, Tsukasa kills Senku with a blow to the neck but Taiju manages to outsmart him (now that has got to hurt) and runs away with Yuzuriha and Senku’s body. After finding a seemingly safe spot, Taiju and Yuzu try to find a way to reanimate their friend and actually figure out that he had a small petrified patch on his neck that could regenerate him if the use the potion of life on it.

As he is slowly reviving (I assume) we see Senku have a flashback to when he first awoke alone in the new stone age and how he managed to survive before Taiju came to.

What About the Characters

The first half of the episode was mostly dedicated to action and tension building so we didn’t have much time to check in with the characters. Tsukasa remains a sort of Mary Tarzan (get it, it’s a me Tarzan you Jane joke… you know what, it’s not very good. Forget I said that) but we get a wistful fantasy flashback distorting last week’s showing of Senku’s childhood to include him and for a second, he seemed almost interesting. A painfully lonely boy who never quite managed to put his bountiful skills for any sort of personal satisfaction. Anyways, we leave him behind in act one.

Having Taiju and Yuzu alone together and in a stressful situation that can only be resolved by brains was unexpected. What’s more, it was pretty good. Both were forced to focus, work together and find a solution. This meant that for the most part there were none of those silly theatrics and explosions, and the series even managed to decently justify Taiju’s stroke of genius, making it believable that he would come up with the solution. Meanwhile, they gave Yuzu enough agency to actually be the action hero and created great teamwork between the two which may be the most romantic thing yet.

However, the episode was really a vehicle for Senku as was last week’s episode, really. He basically starred in a one-man show for the second half of the episode. We don’t learn that much more about his character as he has been decently developed already but he remains pretty interesting. This said, he is limited in range and although I quite enjoyed this solo adventure, I don’t think he can carry another episode (or half episode) by himself.

What I Liked

Separating out the characters and giving them all clear and immediate goals focused everyone. Although the episode itself had a lot of goofy, silly moments, the characters were more sombre and determined. It really toned down the aspects I enjoy less about them. In fact, if they were always like this, I would enjoy this cast.

The miracle of Senku’s survival had actually been properly set up a few weeks ago, in a way that made sense now that it comes up again. This almost never happens so I have to give credit where credit is due.

The second, fantasy flashback to all the characters as kids was just as cute as last week and possibly even more charming, even if it did have a slightly painful undercurrent. I wouldn’t have minded if it went on a little longer.

I had mentioned that the Robinson Crusoe desert island survival bit was my favourite part and I was disappointed we skipped it in episode 1. So there you go, me! It had some so so moments but also some really fun ones. The video game references made me giggle.

What I Liked Less

With all the emphasis on Science!, they sure seemed to skip over a few important details this week. For one, how did Senku break through the petrification? He was outside with no chance of bat guano dripping on him.

Also, did he actually understand the monkeys? Were they speaking Japanese? How did he know the term “shiny monkey” I get that it’s probably just a gag, but it still bugged me.

As much as I liked flashback Tsukasa, present Tsukasa remains way to unbalanced a character to provide proper contrast as a villain. I think scary weather would be more effective.

Closing Thoughts

Honestly, if this was a standard episode, I would be pretty happy. Some jokes didn’t really land and you had to gloss over some bits for it to make sense but on average, it was an enjoyable and fairly interesting episode. It ended way before I thought it would which is a good sign. This said, because it has the legacy of some pretty bad episode (and we’re just at ep 5 – it’s been a real roller coaster), I can’t quite let my guard down!

I figure introducing smoke signal girl will be pivotal. She’ll either be a breath of fresh air or a nail in the coffin!

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Dr Stone ep5-4 (5)

11 thoughts

  1. I’m still enjoying it (I know — it’s a shock, huh? 🙂 ), but from a scientific perspective, I had one issue. The gunpowder exploded violently — as it hung in the air.

    Gunpowder, if it’s not in a container, burns quickly but doesn’t explode. Guess how I know?

    I grew up shooting muzzle loading rifles in competition. I used to watch the old Daniel Boone TV series. Do you remember how they’d lead about 50 kegs of black powder (gun powder) in a building, then leave a trail of black powder to behind some rocks? Then they’d like it, and it’d burn slowly until it hit the kegs — and kablooey?

    Yeah, that’s not how it works.

    I took a can of 3F (rather coarse) black powder and put it in a can. I made the long fuse, just like on TV. I bent over it to light it — and FOOM! The 10 feet of powder ignited instantly, all the way to the can, which just flamed upward (the can was open on one end).

    I didn’t know it, but the flash had burned off my eyebrows and some of my hair. I put it down to being a bit dazed. I tried to clean up, then went into the house where my mom took one look at me and asked “What happened?”

    I was like, “What?”

    Seriously, my eyebrows were burned clean off. Looked like I had sunburn.

    Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

    But it prepared me for this moment to throw down the gauntlet to Senkuu and say: “Busted!”

    1. Explosions are way more cinematic. You know I’ve never made gunpowder using such basic ingredients so I’ll take your word for it. The processed stuff I know is pretty far from what Senku was making. Please be careful with gunpowder Crow!!

  2. Well, I’m not going to have much to say, since I’m not watching the shows, but I’ll still contribute to the view count, so there’s that (I can’t like stuff, though, so no change on that front). Looking at the screenshots, I can only really repeat myself: gorgeous backgrounds, but the character designs aren’t my cup of tea. (Someone writing E=mc2 on his shirt comes across more as a wannabe than a scientist. It fits what I’ve seen from the show.)

    1. I also think that’s what they’re going for. Senku is just a science fanboy, that’s why he mostly fails at it. It’s not a bad characterisaton but I think they’ve only manage to use it to it’s ful otential a few times. Still if the writing can find it’s footing it offers interesting possibiities

  3. My take on the monkeys speaking? It’s Senku imagining so that he has someone to talk to. The whole segment does take place in his head, and we already know Dr Stone likes to dramatize events people are imagining even if they didn’t happen.

    1. I thought something like that but I wanted a few more visual cues. Also, it’s not impossible that the monkeys did i fact develop language in 3.7k years. And if we think of a language as a sort of natural representation of regional pressures and genetics, then it would make sense that the language would be at least close to Japanese. I just want a talking monkey, is that too much to ask?

      1. I can buy talking monkeys given the circumstances. However, when the monkeys are making comments like “Maybe his brain is shiny, too” (a slam against his intelligence) I question how they already have a concept of the brain that maps to our cultural associations with that organ. I mean, the ancient Egyptians had a far more developed civilization than the monkeys, and yet still didn’t know what the brain was for.

  4. If you don’t like the science, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the rest of the series. As a science guy myself I htink that the overemphasis on the science is holding it back.

    1. I think the sience is probably my favourite part. Too bad hey skipped over it in this episode

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