You know what I found out today, if you have a Business Plan, you can no longer duplicate posts. It’s a feature I had up until fairly recently but for some reason, WordPress decided to remove it from this particular plan and will not be making it available again. So you can pay more for less service… Great!

This means, I have to manually reproduce the outline of this post every week. I won’t lie, it’s a hassle. This post is already time consuming to put together and not very popular. But it also shows a trend I’ve been seeing in WordPress lately. They seem to be making the platform less user friendly and just generally less manageable as time goes by.

This is a real shame because I loved it originally. And I will stick around for a while, although I’m seriously thinking of downgrading the plan. From my personal experience it is definitely not worth it. However, if things keep going this way, I may want to find another home for my blog. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Anyways, that’s not why we’re here. For now, let’s see what the week brought us in episode reviews.


The Rising of the Shield Hero 

Episode 12

Mob Psycho 100 II 

Episode 11

Episode 12


The Promised Neverland – I still have to write the last episode post and let’s just say… I guess you’ll have to read it!

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12


Episode 12


Episode 11


BoogiePop and Others 

Episode I still haven’t figured this out…

Domestic Girlfriend

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12


Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Episode 11

Episode 12

The Price of Smiles 

Episode 12


Morose Mononokean II – Episode 12

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan 


Episode 11

Well it took almost the entire season but it seems that things have stabilized. We already have a few series that have ended, at least for now so I’m hoping to breer through next week’s post.

I’m still of two minds about continuing this series of posts. I do whine about them a lot but they’ve help me discover some great blogs and keep up at least a little with the interests of the wordpress community. Now, this no more duplication of posts twist threw an extra wrench in the works but that’s a pretty lame reason to stop posting.

Maybe I just need an intern. People want to work for virtually unknown blogs without any pay or possibility of advancement, right? Sure they do. That was rhetorical. Can you believe I spelled that right the first time! OK, then. Dilemma solved, these posts will go on as I will most certainly get amazing and valuable help at absolutely no cost to me. Huzzah!

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  1. Irina, I don’t know if business plan is the same as premium plan, but the way I used to copy post formats was removed, however, I can now just find the previous post in my post list, and under the list of options (view, stats, share, etc) is a copy option. Using that creates a new post with the content and then I can edit and save as a new post. Not sure if that helps you but I find it fairly easy for some of my standard formats.

  2. For my more repetitive posts, I just have a basic template on a word document on my computer. I can alter it however I like as things change, and a simple copy-paste gets the job done. 🙂

    Really annoying, though, when they get rid of useful features like that. My sympathies.

  3. “Do you guys have any suggestions?”

    Sorry to hear that WordPress is reducing your plan’s features!

    I’ve stayed with WordPress (self-hosted) because the ecosystem is so rich. My hosting provider (Tiger Tech) has great support and up time, plus they’re really economical, so I can invest in JetPack professional to maintain visibility in WordPress Reader.

    The editor I use, Thrive Architect, supports templates. Its last few releases have been a little less stable, and that’s annoying. But the templates save me a ton of time. Supposedly Gutenberg supports templates, too, but I haven’t had time to investigate it.

    Self hosting plus JetPack Pro plus Thrive Architect is probably less per year than the Business plan. The downside is that I think I have to do more stuff manually (configure Google Analytics, maybe?).

    “This post is already time consuming to put together and not very popular. ”

    I’m really surprised that this series isn’t more popular! I love it! But maybe I’m a contra-indicator? If I really like something, maybe that’s a sign to reconsider it?

    1. I think maybe people who are interested in episode reviews follow along during the week so a hub post isn’t very helpful…
      I might look into self hostibg

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