I feel a little guilty. After the questionable puppet interlude Matt was stuck with last week, we have my favorite episode by fa this week. Then again, Matt and I have pretty different tastes so he may have hated it! I think our opinions of this show have largely lined up week-to-week so it should be no surprise that this was (one) of my favourite episodes of the series.

Ekoda-chan ep 11 (2)

Visually, I found this week stunning. I love sketch work. Absolutely adore it. The designs were familiar enough to be comfortable but still striking. The warm earthy colour scheme felt welcoming and hopeful and the little movement there was flowed well. It was just great to watch. I think this is my favourite visual style too, seeing the familiar looking JR train station signs in such a sketch artwork style really struck a cord with me and I know what you mean about “comfortable” and “welcoming” I also got ‘nostalgic’ too—even though I’m not even sure what I was feeling nostalgic of/for.

Ekoda-chan ep 11 (3)
I don’t know what attracted us to this ep…

I enjoyed seeing a younger Ekoda. There was something charming in her design that betrayed her lack of experience. I didn’t even realize she was younger, I just thought she had different hair but that makes sense thinking back.

Ekoda-chan ep 11 (1)
maybe she *does* just have different hair

The story itself was three short vignettes, or rather two vignettes and a tag. Those two conversation in bars felt extremely real to me. They capture those heady moments of meeting someone and having those useless conversations that can seem stupidly fascinating or excruciating depending on your mood and the person you’re with. We’ve all been there but to see it so viscerally portrayed in such a short time was pretty impressive to me.We’ve all been there”? Unfortunately you picked a weird guy to do reviews with because I’ve never talked to a random stranger in a bar—but then again I’ve never been to a bar alone (or I should say, while single) so I’ve never had this experience. Sadly I more related to the second guy than Ekoda, mostly because I know how much of interminable bore I can be when I get caught up talking about things I think I know a lot about.

Ekoda-chan ep 11 (6)
no, I don’t know at all!

I loved the end tag as well. We finally see Ekoda as we’ve come to know her and bam. Yeah it was very apt and made me laugh.

There was a air of artistic whimsy and fun in this episode which I really appreciated. I kinda wish this series was like an audition reel for the different studios to compete for who would make a full length Ekoda series because more than any other episode this had me wanting more of this. It was kinda hard to fault!

Ekoda-chan ep 11 (11)
as usual, for Matt

I even go a ew more caps!

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  1. Same here.. when the first episode aired I thought that different studios will present there own Ekoda Chan but it didn’t go that way still it’s good…

  2. I didn’t quite get the episode, but I adored the visuals. (And there’s something about putting the Scream into a panel with a buddha.)

      1. I spent too much time trying to figure out who is who and where we are, and by the time I caught my bearings the episode was over. (Also, I’m not exactly the world’s most renouned expert of nightlife. Friends of friends I went out with, when I still did, often didn’t know I could talk.)

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