Well here we are, the penultimate episode of BoogiePop (I’m trying to incorporate the word penultimate more into my vocabulary – I have very reasonable goals) and the seem to be working hard to tear down the one arc I was actually enjoying. But first, how are you Shania?

Thanks for asking Irina! In alright  just busy as usual especially since this week I’m working on giving Quotable Creations a bit if a reboot so to speak, and really focus on getting quality instead of quantity with my content. I feel like my work has been a bit sub par lately so I’m fixing it!

Yeah, I think everyone is super busy lately. Spring is going to be a pleasant change.

So very true.

BoogiePop ep 17 (2)
Boogiepop is pretty true to itself

It is currently snowing again! Just saying… Almost April…

So we essentially pick up where we left off with Kentarou and Shirou having jus discovered a rap door under an unconscious girl. The girl with the dead friend. I forget her name. Do you remember it Shania?

Uhm If i remember correctly i think her name was Sakiko. But I may be wrong.

BoogiePop ep 17 (16)
this girl!

Yeah, that girl! They quickly tell her they’re going to take down the King of Distortion and she promptly locks them in the hatch because she’s on his side. Cause he was nice to her. You know, a lot of the plot of Boogiepop is somewhat dependent of people being both impulsive and irrational at the same time. Am I being unfair?

Heh, not at all. I think you’re dead on with this one. Especially with how the last episode was with the giant monster, lizard, thing. And again with Boogiepop talking to Sakiko and telling her in a very poetic way that you have to live first for her to consider offing ya. Also pretty grim too if you think about it…

BoogiePop ep 17 (12)
explain it to me?

The girl, now alone, runs into Boogiepop who gives her a pep talk and then gets spirited away by the King of Distortion. This was kind of a throwaway scene. It felt a bit like filler, don’t you think?

Yea, it was a bit lacking although as I said I did think her so called pep talk was a bit poetic in a way.

What about the scene with the prez? We didn’t get much new there either.

I honestly was hoping they would expand on her scene. Especially since they never explained why the King if Distortion appeared as masaomi to her.

BoogiePop ep 17 (11)
I thought she was simply traumatized by all the murders so she thinks about him a lot…

The King of Distortion has taken the appearance of Miyashima to tempt Takeda into entering the Tower. He did talk about Takeda to Kei as well. There seems to be a bit of special interest there. I wonder why so many characters are converging on Takeda. Kentarou s cuter. Heck in the manga, Shirou is cuter as well. I’m not so sure about his anime hair…

Maybe we’ll finally get some reason to believe Takeda is as boring as he seems

BoogiePop ep 17 (14)
no one is as boring as this guy seems

In the meantime, the boys have gone through the mannequin room to discover some sort of control room. Here we finally get some backstory. An apparently still alive Teratsuki reveals that he is in fact a Towa organization synthetic, created as a revenue stream, who has become to big for his own good and is now set for elimination.

The Moon Tower is something like a prank or a desperate plea at revealing the truth and cementing a legacy but all in all, I’m not entirely clear about Teratsuki’s motivations. What do you think they are?

Well, he did say something about messing with the organization before he got killed. Perhaps it has to do with those words he left the boys: Stairway to Heaven.

BoogiePop ep 17 (26)
good English spelling dude!

Teratsuki admits having rigged the tower to seal off and filling it with sleeping gas but that’s all. He doesn’t mention the King of Distortion at all….But Shirou looks like he might know something. Or like he might have eaten something weird.

Hah, yea so true the expression we’re left with is…interesting to the say the least. But I’m curious to see how this will play out in the end.

Although I have a foreboding feeling, this episode still maintained the mystery well and I also want to see where this goes!

BoogiePop ep 17 (29)
excellent question

I got a few more images for you guys. This should give you a better idea of the episode!


7 thoughts

  1. Our architect probably doesn’t mention the King of Distortion because he’s not aware of him? I’m not sure whether that was a recording, anyway. If so, the King of Distortion might have shown up after his death. He’s likely the same type of existance as Boogiepop or the Imaginator and nothing to do with the Touwa organisation.

  2. The music they played in the Tower sounded to me a lot like like Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. “Stairway to Heaven” is another Led Zeppelin classic, maybe the most famous.Probably before your whippersnapper’s times.

    1. There’s a lady I’m sure that you’ve heard of before
      And she’s selling a stairway to heaven…

      I’m not convinced they should enter code; they might find themselves going to heaven a little early. Hallucinogens?

    2. well Stairway came out in 71 so it’s before anyone’s time if they’re under 60 but seeing as it’s one of the most popular songs of all time – it’s safe to assume everyone knows it. Kashmir is also very common soundtrack foder but I don’t think that’s what was actually playing. Could be wrong though.

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