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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! Episode 10 Collaboration featuring Irina (in bold) from I Drink And Watch Anime.

I learned my lesson last time! I just finished watching this week’s episode of Pretty Derby and I’m ready to ask some pertinent pertinent questions… Yup these are gonna be awesome interesting questions…yeah… Calling it now! Worst review ever! (I think I’ve made that joke before we’re off to a good start!)

In all honesty I quite liked the opening tag. Training montages are my thing but some people consider them cheap, where do you fall Matt? Well this episode had three montages in all! Which I’d say is overkill, but I mean it is a sports anime so it comes with the territory. Though the pre-credit stuff was all top quality, it succinctly got us up to speed with Spe-chan, showing how hard she trained only to end up coming…

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2 thoughts

  1. I wonder if that was a special training tyre. I’m not sure I want to see the vehicle if it’s not. I do think the show has an appealing flair for hyperbole.

    I also appreciated that wergh sound Special Week made, when she forgot that she was tied down and ran. It happened off-screen, and that sound really drove home the suddenness of the reminder, so you didn’t need to see it.

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