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Chisato really has it all. She’s young, beautiful, smart. Admired and respected by her coworkers and subordinates for her reliable and hardworking attitude that have earned her the position of  chief at the office. Everyone knows that if you need something done, and done right, you can always count on Chisato. Unless she’s had a drink (and only one is needed). Chisato’s terrible secret, carefully guarded from all those around her, is that despite her deep love of intoxicating libations, she cannot handle her alcohol and a single drink is enough to reduce her to a happy, overly friendly, messy drunk. Luckily that’s just how Sora likes her.

First Kobayashi, now this! I need to find the hidden cameras these Japanese writers are using to spy on me and convert my life to manga. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. This is identity theft (no it’s not), copyright infringement (not even close), use of my likeness and personality without permission (well I am the only blonde in the world ho enjoys a stiff drink…)

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yeah sure…like looking in the mirror

I’m guessing those of you who knew about this show figured this review would be coming right? I mean it would be ridiculous for me to skip this one especially since this is a short program with each episode clocking in at 3 minutes including credits. It didn’t exactly demand a huge investment on my part. That’s not always a good thing.

Short series don’t usually have a huge budget to play with and it my experience this tends to translate into simplistic art and minimal animation. This said, few series of the type are really high action (Luluco being an exception in both the action AND budget aspects) and as such they can get away with it rather easily. This holds true for Love is Like a Cocktail, with animation largely consisting of basic walking/talking animations or Chie’s repetitive letting her hair down move (which in some ways was parallel to a magical girl transformation scene). The art however, we quite nice, in typical moe style. Nothing too elaborate but it could easily compete with full length episodes.

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Sora looks uncomfortably young to me

Sadly, this cocktail doesn’t pack much of a punch. One of the greatest possible infractions in my book! There’s really not much to the series. It’s cute but not actually funny and extremely repetitive. So much so in fact, that the abridged drinking game I’ve put together for it should get you completely hammered and that’s a non-alcoholic cocktail!

I’m not entirely sure what they were aiming for. The relationship between Sora and Chie was extremely sweet but without any conflict or drama it’s a little bland for traditional romance fans. Chie is a little too stiff to truly appeal to the CGDCT crowd and as I said, there isn’t any actual comedy to fall back on. It the end this little show is really just a palate cleanser.  

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it does have some genius ideas

You may be thinking to yourselves that that’s all you can really expect from a short series but I would beg to differ. My beloved mermaid boy (Orenchi no Furo Jijō) had an even shorter total runtime but manage to pack every episode with something utterly weird or touching, worthy of your attention. It also had a few completely absurdist gags that had me laughing out loud. OK, so maybe the beautiful boys might be pushing against my bias, in that case so how about we look at I Can’t Understand what my Husband is Saying.

I Can’t Understand what my Husband is Saying has a nearly identical premise as Love is Like a Cocktail yet it presents it in a much more compelling way. The art and animation aren’t nearly as nice and visually it’s a much less attractive show but the characters are developed enough that their stories become compelling to the viewers. Actual humor and character arcs are weaved into the narrative to hold the entire thing together making you truly feel like you are sharing in Kaoru and Hajime’s lives rather than watching a series of random vignettes with interchangeable characters. I should say that the last two episodes of Love is Like a Cocktail, which feature a two-part flashback to Chie and Sora’s first meeting, were by far the strongest of the entire series. I remember thinking that the narrative was finally starting and I was for the first time looking forward to the next episode….then I realized that it was the last one.

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but this is when it starts…

I wanted to love this show. I really did. On paper it was more or less written for me (or about me). However, in the end, even perfect man of my dreams Sora is just to unsubstantial to be of any interest. The series is ok, as in distinctly average (5/10). Maybe if you watch the last two episodes first you might relate to the characters a little better for the rest of the show but then again you might also have no clue what’s going on. Honestly just watch I Can’t Understand what my Husband is Saying instead.

Favorite character: Sora (he’s a bit boring to watch but I’m still 100% down with a cute guy who would make me delicious cocktails every evening)

What this show taught me: A lot of new recepies

I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.

Suggested drink: Episode 3 Cinderella

  • Every time Chie goes into cocktail rapture – take a sip
  • Every time we see Lemon Guy – take a sip
  • Every time we see the Office director – take a sip
  • Every time Sora takes care of Chie – awwww
  • Every time Sora welcomes Chie home – take a sip
  • Every time we get a new drink recipe – try iy out

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  1. I saw some vines based on this series and I thought that this series is pretty cute.
    But now that I know it’s a short series, I’m having second thoughts.

    Regardless, your review was fantastic! I loved reading it.

    PS: Sue them for creating story about your life without giving you any recognition.


  2. HA HA HA!!! Ok I know you said this show wasn’t great and got repetitive and such but I still have to check it out just on principle! (I may have to add a little booze to that mock tail to do so though!) I like cute and mindless every once in a while. But, I’ll have to check out ‘I can’t understand what my husband is saying’ as well! Especially if it has a nearly identical premise.

  3. Well, you know I ditched this one after episode 1 and I must say after reading this, I’m really glad I did. I just found it fairly pointless (unless you really want to learn how to make a particular drink in which case maybe it is educational).

      1. I wish my anime instinct was refined (remember I did watch Dies Irae and Hand Shakers last year). This one just didn’t have any hook to suck me into it. No mystery or intrigue, no cool fantasy, no question I needed confirmed. It was an easy drop.

  4. It’s so weird that Japanese animators make anime based on aspects of your life. Get every penny from them for copyright infringement and espionage! HAHAHAHA!

    But in all seriousness, that was a fun review as always. One can certainly make a case about a show involving cocktails to be interesting, but it looks like the animated liquor didn’t age as well as wine.

  5. “I can’t understand what my husband is saying” is pretty much my go-to/gold standard for just how much a short form anime can accomplish and how good it can be. I often say it packed more character development and moments into it’s runtime than many two-cour series of full length episodes.

  6. I enjoyed I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying very much as well. I like the three minute format generally…I think they’re based on Sunday Morning cartoon strips in newspapers. Sounds like it’s worth investing ten minutes to see if it’s any good. Fair?

    1. The casual engagement required by short programs is a big plus. I tend to watch all of them and I’ve never really regret it but this wasn’t one of the better ones.

  7. Aww…really you don’t have to feel bad at all. I don’t drink, and I have never had any problems in still feeling awesome (and going completely nuts from time to time, even though I don’t drink lol 😂)
    hmm when I started reading this post I thought it really was an anime that was written either by you or for you. But I guess it wasn’t after all, as you are seriously cool, and this anime, at least after having read your review, really wasn’t.
    Oh well…maybe I should pick up drinking after all. Might even enjoy this series when I do that lol. Great post!

      1. Hmm, Well I don’t know either show yet, but that reminds me: do you have a recommendation for our collab post? March is coming up, really looking forward to it 😀

          1. No problem, take all the time you need 😀 But yes, am definitely looking forward to it (Today I let the random number generator decide the two animes I will be reviewing for other people and I am pretty happy with the results (nope not going to say which ones yet lol😂😂😂)

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