Well guys, I’ve been doing this blogging thingy for about a month now and you know what I’ve realized? Writing posts isn’t so bad – especially when you don’t research, think about or spell check them BUT watching entire series takes a long time. And I have a full-time job which sadly isn’t watching anime. I missed my calling…So I am now trying to find something I can write about that doesn’t require any time commitment, effort or talent on my part. 

The thinking… it hurts…

For inspiration, I decided to turn to my “friends” – none of whom watch anime – good move me. The general consensus seems to be: that stuff is for kids and it’s just not “realistic” (cause that’s what you want in your escapism – more reality…). I think it’s about time I proved them so very wrong! None of them read this blog, but still this’ll show them! 

Image result for anime this will show them
Showed them!

So how/what exactly am I going to show them? Well I got to thinking that I’ve been adding anime touches to my real life for years – mostly in the form of subtle cosplay. I regularly wear pretty much this exact outfit:Image result for maka albarn full body

Fruit baskets made me learn how to make onigiri which are still a regular lunch and half the time I pronounce thank you as zankyu before I can stop myself.

So with this in mind, I propose choosing a classic anime trope and incorporating it in my day-to-day for about a week to prove that anime is a faithful depiction of the world and true to life in every way.

Is this a good idea? Oh certainly not, it is varying degrees of misguided to painfully idiotic but it **could** also be somewhat entertaining. Can I really keep this type of thing up? No clue, probably not. For one, until I figure out how to get nosebleeds on command I am sort of limited in the tropes I can do for purely practical reasons, but I do have a few ideas – feel free to send me yours – I will happily steal anything remotely viable!

 So without further ado,

Experiment 1: the Ahoge (I just finished The Saga of Tanya the Evil… Also I just wrote a post on Lain…I am devoid of original thoughts)

Image result for ahoge
The cursive might get tricky

Literally foolish/idiot hair. This is a visual cue is usually used to mark a character as silly, bumbling or carefree. It’s also considered gap moe, to soften characters what would otherwise seem too severe. As I can suffer from some pretty epic resting bitch face, this may actually prove useful if it works as advertised.

I have no intention of getting fired over this so I will not be sporting it at work but I will incorporate it to my hairstyles over the next five days as I do my groceries, walk my dog, go have drinks with friends, have dinner at my mom’s and go on a date, with someone I’ve only been out with a couple of times before…This should be interesting!

I will not call attention to it or mention it in any way and I’ll try to avoid actually explaining what I’m doing unless really cornered. Ok, wish me luck and I’ll report back next week! 

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