I’ve made no secret of the fact that although I usually have fun with Halloween episodes I tend to really dislike Christmas themed ones (whit a few rare exceptions (l)), and seeing as it’s mid March, what better time than to air a Christmas episode! Yay Winter Games!

I’m starting to be a little worried. With all the craziness happening around the world, did I miss some sort of famine happening in Japan?

Really now, what’s with all the food pr0n?

 In the penultimate episode, Yuru Camp decided to really shake things up by giving us a deep soulful narrative that really help expand my mind and kept me deeply engrossed in the action.

 As you may recall, last week ended on the promise of March Christmas Camping with the whole gang and this week delivered.

The two original outdoor club girls arrived at the camp ground first with drunk teacher and waited for the others while talking about food. Then Drunk teacher started cooking.

Rin arrived first on her own. At this point we jumped to the outdoor club girls happily eating ice cream while Rin is looking for them and over the camp grounds. There are children playing in the distance. This was a great scene of Rin quietly walking alone but I was a little off put by the very odd proportions of Rin crouching. Artwork has been a touch inconsistent throughout the episodes and this was a low with a few scenes showing very odd character angles and obvious loss of details.

We jump to Nadeshiko in a car with her hot sister. She’s eating. Back to Rin who is setting up her tent and Nadeshiko arrives. Nadeshiko immediately tells Rin she’s hungry and we watch them make smores. Then they eat the smores and Nadeshiko really likes them.


They talk about camping for a bit but switch to talking about meat and breakfast.

We jump to the club girls that are in a store discussing the price of firewood. All the sudden Rin is there, and they talk about dinner. Then they buy firewood and bring it back to camp.

Back at camp the teacher who is supervising them is passed out drunk, while cooking(?) with children around. Apparently, that’s fine.

Then Ena(?) shows up with her dog. The girls think the dog is super cute. Then they feed the dog and Nadeshiko goes to ply with it.


The remaining girls now all together set up the camp. They talk about the price of Ena’s sleeping bag again. Then they play with the kids from earlier and they get cookies. They go eat the cookies with some hot chocolate. The teacher finally come to, she gets some hot chocolate as well and pours ruhm in it. Apparently, that’s fine.

They all look at mount Fuji.

Then we get a voice over as the cook Sukiyaki. They eat it, it’s very delicious and various girls monologue about the sukiyaki. We get a flasback of snaggle tooth talking with her family, about food. Suddenly everyone gets dressed in Santa Suits and they cook more food and then eat it and it seems it’s good. Then they want to cook again but in the climax of the episode, it seems the cooker is out of gas. Fortunately, they are able to overcome this obstacle by sending Rin to the store to get more gas and more food.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!


True story, there was no end tag in this episode and for a second I thought it might have an 11-episode run… It was a sad day.

Character – they will have breakfast all together 

Plot – the dog will get some of the breakfast

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