The plot thickens by the end of episode 8 in The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. Relationships come to a head in what is arguably the most dramatic episode yet.

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Guys, this aired on Thursday and the gallery is already here! Now that’s some great service! Ok, not exactly service. I’m posting these galleries mostly for myself…Oh well, great personal service…That sounds a little naughty.

Seigi holds his spoon kind of awkwardly, doesn’t he? Do you think this is because he usually uses chopsticks? Most of the people I know, know how to use chopsticks but none of them are primarily chopstick users, so I’m not familiar how someone would hold cutlery under those circumstances.

This show has a Richard leg fetish which is super creepy. I wonder how Richard himself would feel about it considering how annoyed he got at Seigi for constantly focusing on his looks.

Richard’s mother looks a lot like him but a bit more…masculine? Like she has a more masculine hairline and jawline. That’s sort of funny to me but I’m pretty immature. Maybe this particular character designer is more used to crafting male characters…

It’s now the second episode in a row that has scenes with dusk shadows. I really like it. It brings a lot of dimension to the character’s faces. It’s only used on character’s faces, I’m sure it would bring dimension to other things as well.

I wish Richard would cut his fringe like when he was a kid. I’m very surprised his mother didn’t have a flowy wisp of heir constantly in her face. That would have softened that hairline a lot and it’s probably Richard’s most prominent feature. It would have been weird for min to emulate his mom but anime is weird, we’re all cool with that!

Once again, there’s a beautiful screencap of the city. I really like the city in Jeweler Richard.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ep11-7

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