• 3dd6f801c9201053c12f46211bb7ee7c1482734207_fullGenre : Supernatural, Action, Steampunk, Presumptuous
  • Episodes: 12
  • Studio Bones 


All hell is breaking loose as three separate rival groups of superhumans are quickly heading for all-out war while trying to avoid the destruction of the city around them.

I liked season 1 but I loved season 2. The arc starts with 4 flashback episodes that reveal a little about Dazai’s past but only as a rarely seen supporting character.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review Oda
Best Friends Forever

These episodes concentrate on a previously unknown member of the port mafia and they are magnificent. You will feel:

Image result for feels anime gif

Although I believe the first four episodes to be the strongest of the season, it was still great and almost nostalgic, to rejoin the main cast as they are preparing for the rapidly escalating conflict with both the mafia and the guild. At this point, things start to speed up considerably. Although, for me, the deep emotional impact of the beginning was somewhat lost, I found it somewhat compensated by the excitement and more traditional shonen feel of the rest of the arc. Not to mention that there was some great moments there too – I especially appreciated Dazai’s reunion with Chuya.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review Chuuya
Trusting Daza, always a good decision!

And Ranpo’s little side story which managed to be delightful and completely satisfying despite taking up only half an episode.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review Ranpo
Ladies and gentlemen: The world’s greatest detective!

The supporting cast of season 1 get their chance to shine and get developed a bit more. Although not everything is explained, people’s actions start to make much more sense as they gain context from the characters’ histories. Also, it’s still eye candy stuff with eye cocaine. My only real complaint is that the ending was sooooo sugary sweet that it felt out of place but another cliffhanger has me counting the days until season 3.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review guild
Well they look like perfectly pleasant folks

Favorite character Ranpo and Odasaku .

What this anime taught me about myself: My knowledge of “classic” American literature is pretty on point.

  “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.”

Suggested drink: Rashomon

  • Every time Atsushi gets hurt – take a small nip, honestly, your liver won’t survive a big one
  • Every time Mori misses Dazai – Take a nip
  • Every time Dazai says something creepy/threatening with a sweet smile – take a nip
  • Every time Akutagawa is jealous of Atsushi – take a nip
  • Every time you are familiar with the namesake of a character – take a nip
    • take a second every time you get the reference in their ability’s name
      • Every time you don’t – read a book
  • Every time Fitzgerald talks about money – take a nip
  • Every time Fukuzawa smile – take a big celebratory swig

Bungo Stray Dogs Review

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