It’s more Yuki, as we had hoped for! But first, happy Pi Day, and happy daylight savings switch. I don’t know if most people really celebrate either, especially the latter, but it’s cool that they coincide. Remember to go to bed early so that you can recover from the loss of an hour! (Edit: apparently […]

Horimiya with IriMoya: Episode 10 — The Moyatorium

One thought

  1. Hmm, the jealousy bit at the beginning? I’m somewhere between the two of you. As a gag it didn’t really work for me, but I can accept it as the way Hori is. I’m also confused about the “don’t leave me for a man” bit. Maybe she feels like she can do nothing in that case? I don’t get it.

    But I really liked the rooftop scene. Here’s how I saw it: Toru notices something is off with Yuki, and then Sakura confesses to him but doesn’t want an answer, so he thinks it’s about time he did something but has no clue what. He’s a very straightforward guy, and he knows that might put Yuki into her shell, so then he just thinks, “Dammit, I have to, so I may as well now.” That’s why the grab-pull-turned out so awkwardly. Then they talk about Sakura, and Yuki being herself can’t really bring herself to talk about herself directly, so she talks about snow (yuki) instead. And that’s awkward, because now Toru can’t say what he has to say directly, so he has to use the same metaphor, but he utterly sucks at this. However, him trying to do something he’s not good at basically reminds Yuki of what a good guy he is and that she can’t just go on moping like that (that little smile), so she finishes with “Snow melts because it gets warmer,” which is both intended to tell him she gets what he wants to say, but she can’t quite see it like that, and that the conversation is over now, and to show that he’s been helpful she makes a show of being her usual self (which isn’t quite yet, but hopes to be soon). I think I talked too much about that scene; it felt better to watch it than to explain what I liked about it. Yuki and Toru are just so very different in how they relate to people a heart ot heart between them would always have to be a bit awkward. I thought it was perfect.

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