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Top 5 Anime Boys Who Rock Pigtails

Here I am again, bringing you important pressing news that’s…important! Yeah! If any of you recognize this title, congratulations eagle eyes! I’m impressed and a little touched. For those of you that don’t, it was one of my joke lists from this post. I want to eventually make version of all the lists mentioned in there. Admittedly,...


Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star -or- Heavens and Heck

Genre: Everything that’s right with the world, mullets, I dunno music maybe? Episodes: 13 Studio: A-1 Pictures   With the winner of the triple S competition still undecided and the sudden and exciting return of Heavens, Starish have a lot of work to do if they want to prove that they are top bestest boys 4...


Maji LOVE Revolutions – Sociopaths and Secret Robots!

Genre : Reverse harem, music, happiness Episodes: 13 Studio: A-1 Pictures   My hero and STARISH are all back at school? Camp? The Japan’s next pop superstar mansion? And this time they are doing stuff! Adorable stuff like entertaining kids and acting in what I suspect is the greatest play ever written. Move over Shakespeare! You can’t...