So uhm… a funny thing happens hen you spend a couple of years writing weekly anime “Top 5” lists. You sort of end up covering a lot of them. And let’s face it, listicles are like internet weeds, there are so many already, sometimes it’s though to find something to write about.

But Top lists are fun. Fun to write and fun to read and once in a while, that’s just what you need.

So what should a poor little amateur blogger like me do when faced with the sad fact that for the first time they don’t have a top 5 list ready to go. How about any of these:

It’s my blog so I get to pick!

5. Best Boy/Best Girl lists

These are fantastic in a pinch. Since these lists (well all top lists really but these ones in particular) are so obviously subjective in nature you don’t even have to feel bad about doing zero research. All you need to do is sit down and fantasize about a few anime hotties for a while then write it down. That is MY kind of research.

And you can go the extra mile by finding drool worthy fan art of said best people which is a plus for everyone! There’s a reason these lists are so popular, most people like pretty characters!

Cross Game
Cross Game is though to truly categorize

4. Top 5 “insert genre here” anime

A lot of anime fans occasionally get in the mood for a specific type of anime. They feel like watching a horror series or a good old mecha. And in those times, a Top list can really come in if for nothing else than finding our what’s out there. I’ve certainly read my share when trying to figure out what to watch next. And I have discovered more than a few shows that way.

The only drawback I would say is that there is a chance you could end up with a list identical to something that’s already out there. For instance I regularly read top horror anime lists and it’s always the same handful of titles. If the top list has a but more substance to it, there might be different descriptions or explanation but when people only put the MAL synopsis these lists get very repetitive.

fabulous hair
I don’t know about “best” but definitely most fabulous

3. Top 5 characters with “hair colour here”

Another opportunity for fan art or at least some nice character art. You may need to do a bit of research for this one but it’s super easy to find characters with specific hair colours and for some reason really fun. I can’t explain it. I have done this type of list in the past and it was quite popular. And I know that I read these types of lists a lot too as there you go.

If you want to stand out from the crowd a bit, I would suggest substituting hair colour for eye colour. Especially if it’s not a very unusual eye colour. I see the hair colour thing a lot, but eyes are much rarer. Of course you could go with any physical or visual trait. Top 5 Gothic Lolita characters, Top 5 short charas… The possibilities are endless.

Anime winter
what a beautiful warm spring day

2. Top 5 current (or last season) shows

Current or recent titles tend to attract a lot more attention. That’s normal, people are interested in what they’re currently watching not what was on air 5 years ago. I get it. The problem is most people don’t watch all currently airing shows at the same time so you may want to make it a bit easier on yourself by picking a recent season instead.

Either way, it’s a fairly easy list to put together and it makes you relive your favourite recent shows which can be surprisingly motivating for an anime blogger. At least it is to me, When I sit down and think about shows I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it makes me want to watch more and write about them more. What’s the opposite of a vicious circle? A benevolent square? Let’s go with that, it’s a benevolent square…

samurai_flamenco paperwork
how organized

1. This list!!!


Ok.. maybe not. This was a really weird list to do and it’s only anime related in the most generous interpretation. But meta lists are always a great distraction and people tend to enjoy them. Taking from your on experiences and incorporating the writing of posts into the premise of your list.

Top 5 animes to review, top 5 posts you’ve written, top 5 times you were embarrassed for being an anime fan…or proud… wait a second, let me grab a pen.

I honestly started this top 5 because I was having top list writer’s block and now I have a good handful of viable ideas. I don’t know how successful it was as a top 5 list, but it certainly was a great help with my inspiration. You are more than free to try it for yourself if you think it might be useful!

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  1. Thank you. I have noted all these ideas to use as prompts when I am feeling uninspired and need something anime, although no reason they wouldn’t apply to other things. My Top 5 characters in Lord of the Rings, GoT, etc. Hmmm…

  2. Yes, this is so true. I do my best to have interesting and unique Top 7 lists for people to check out.

    Also, thanks for checking out my Hikaru no Go review! I was really proud of that one.

  3. “4. Top 5 “insert genre here” anime”

    In my defense, the post I’m publishing tomorrow has been in the works for awhile, and it’s part of a series…

    And I varied the title a bit…

    And I tried to have series that I don’t see mentioned often…

    Seriously, I think it’s a great idea to write a post that helps you generate post ideas. It’s a meta post for a meta purpose. I think the Overage Otaku would be most impressed!

  4. There are plenty of things you can do over and over again by tagging “of the season” after it. Best OP/ED, inaminate object, mascot, backgrounds, musical score…

    This was the season of magical rumours, but I can’t think of five, so that won’t work. (I only have enough for a top 3: Hanako-kun –> In/Spectre –> Magia Record). But sometimes themes like this stand out, and if you go beyond the season…

  5. Slow down, Irina, you’re scaring me. . .(oh, and biochemist? Don’t remember, but was that reply on 01 April?)

    1. nope that’s what I actually studied…I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that it sounds like a joke…

      1. I thought I remembered you identifying yourself as a lawyer at one time in the not-so-distant past. Sorry if I misunderstood. (P.S.–I still liked you, even when I thought you practiced law. . .)

        1. I work in a law firm in pharmaceutical patents. So I work in law (patent agent) in most countries patent agents are lawyers but in quebec their usually engineers or science post grads.

  6. Maybe I’m just weird and don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas to do some lists lol. I don’t plan lists if they come to me then I’ll do it 😂

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