This title is so confusing. I’m not talking about anime families at all. I should though. Why didn’t I think of this sooner… I will. This isn’t affectation guys, I am actually thinking up stuff as I write and writing out my thought process. I really need an editor is what I’m saying.

Anyways, this week I have a bit of an unusual list for you guys. I was aimlessly wandering my way to work the other day, thinking about anime, as one does, and I realized that there are certain shows which I personify. Not only do I think of these series as a story with a collection of characters, I think of them as a singular presence with a personality. Like a friend. I bet you think you know what anime I’m going to mention. You’re right – I will!

So here are 5 shows which are not only fantastic stories and brilliant worlds to explore, but entities that hold a special place in my heart. Think of this a bit like a harem post but with entire shows instead of characters and also not sexy. Basically not a harem post.


5 – Psycho Pass – Childhood Friend

Man, I talk about Psycho Pass a lot. I’m not blind to this shows short comings and I don’t think it’s the greatest anime ever made or anything, but I love it. More than that, I know it. And it knows me. I saw Psycho Pass a long time ago and have spend so much time exploring the many different aspects, themes, characters of the series that for all it’s dystopian horror, it’s become comforting to me. The devil you know.

I don’t feel like I have to put on airs for Psycho Pass. What’s the point, it can read my mind anyways? It’s a show I’m happy to think back on and discuss any time but I don’t get blindly passionate about it. I can let it do its thing. It doesn’t need me to defend it, it’s proved i’s worth.

It should be noted that two of the most enduringly popular posts on this blog are both about Psycho Pass and that’s not surprising. This series has earned my trust and my respect. I hope it shows through in my writing.


4 – Danganronpa – Idol

This applies a bit more to the Visual Novels, however Danganronpa as an Intellectual Property in general is just so G.D. cool! I waited years to play this game, letting anticipation and expectations build all along and it still managed to blow them all out of the water. Whenever I need a little boost, I think that I finished all of Danagnronpa. It’s a damn weird thing to take pride in, but nevertheless, here we are!

And I want to impress this series. I want to fit in. I want to sit at the cool kids table.

I wrote in my original review that if Danganronpa and I had gone to high school together, it wouldn’t have talked to me. But I would really have wanted it to. So here I am, admiring it from afar. Not quite part of the fandom. I have a little Monokuma on my bag and it gives me a thrill knowing that it’s there.


3- Steins;Gate (0) – Schoolgirl Infatuation

This show reduces me to a gibbering fangirl. It can do no wrong. I have played all the games. Bought the manga adaptation, own the blue rays and will buySteins;Gate 0 whenever it becomes available. I want a Future Gadgets lab gear pin for my birthday (cough).

This is the show I look forward to seeing every Wednesday. The show that makes me forget what’s happening all around me. A friend from work casually told me they had purchased the game from a Steam Sale the other day and I squealed in the middle of the office. Audibly squealed. I’m not a squealer you guys…

What I am is hopelessly devoted to Steins;Gate.


2- Durarara! / Haikyuu!! – Secret crush

Both of these shows have been contenders for my favourite series, and still are. I adore ensemble cast shows and these are some of the best examples I can think of. I really love both series, have collected quite a bit of merch from each and will drop whatever I’m doing should either get another season. Right now, I’m writing this while wearing a low key Izaya cosplay, complete with official index rings.

And I rarely talk about them at all. I haven’t reviewed either and have no plans on doing so. I don’t include them in lists or use them as inspiration for essays. And I don’t know why.

I think it’s cause, I’m still shy around these shows. They’re both mine and special and only for me. You keep your hands off. (Cause clearly, I’m the only one who truly understands these incredibly popular series…) One day I will write a secret note and confess. Until then, you guys don’t tell anyone, ok?

Natsume yuujinchou.jpg

1 – Natsume Yuujinchou – BFF

Yeah…you knew. Of course, you knew. Natsume and I are friends. I remind you every single chance I get. Is there really any point in me going on about it yet again. It’s the show that picks me up when I feel down and that comforts me when I’m weak. It’s also the show I want to hug and pat on the head.

I think we’re friends. I would add my name to that book given the chance.

And so this is part of my makeshift little anime family. I carry these shows around with me wherever I go. Little touches of fantasy to enhance my reality.

Do you guys have any series like that? Shows that seems to have a distinct personality and their own little spot in your life?Durarara silly.jpg

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  1. I never expected Haikyuu to be on the list! I adore that series <3 And I love that you labeled them in a way that is so easy to relate to. Secret crush huh 😉

    Curious about Danganropa and Drrr now… while others are on my PTW already.

  2. I totally get this. Where ongoing anime is concerned and a season ends it’s like they’ve moved away and it pains me so but I have the comfort of knowing they’ll be back.

    When one finishes it’s basically a funeral. I don’t deal well with endings.

    1. I also get anime depression…And game depression, especially when I’ve been playing an RPG for months

  3. Is Durarara the one with a girl who is headless? I remember starting the series but I didn’t enjoy it that much… So I think it got better..

    Anyway, I haven’t watched any of these but added them to my to-be-watch list. 🙂

  4. I very seldom offer lists, but this post from back in March, 2017, seems vaguely relevant. . .[]

  5. I didn’t quite expect Haikyuu to be on this list. I mean, it isn’t exactly a surprise either, but compared to the other shows you don’t seem to talk about the show as much? Is that my imagination? I certainly have to give credit to Haikyuu. Sports isn’t among my favourite genres, and I tend not to stick with longer shows, yet I’ve watched all three seasons and wouldn’t hesitate to watch a fourth. Every single character in the show feels like a person, even the rival teams (gotta love Oikawa, and that soft-spoken little guy from Nekoma whose name I can’t recall).

    Never in a million years, though, would I have guessed #1. I mean… Oh, who am I kidding. Natsume forever!

    For me, the top contender is without a doubt… The Eccentric Family. “What is fun is good,” is an excellent motto, especially since it doesn’t mean that what isn’t fun is bad. It just means that if you can’t do much about the world, you can do a lot about your attitude. The show’s the anime equivalent to Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, but more complex and less pushy. It’s exactly what I need.

    There’s Kimi ni Todoke. It’s the reassuring it’s-gonna-be-alright show. It’s nominally a romance, but I watch it as a friendship show. I almost said that the show’s an excellent counter to social anxiety, but that’s not it. It engulfs you social anxiety in a warm breeze and blows it away grain by grain. (Well, mine anyway.)

    Oh, and Yuyushiki. Did you know that life’s a free-association game and doesn’t need to make sense? If you didn’t, watch this show. That’s the perfect way to pass the time with friends: do nothing in particular, look up things on the internet, run with it without any goal whatsoever, and summarise the results as a short poem that you can only understand if you’ve been there (The sun is amazing/incredible too/Maunder Minimum/Death to the Enemy!). I’ve always believed that arbitrariness can be personal. This show proves it.

    I suppose there are more shows like this out there. But I’ll run with this for now.

    1. I really like the Eccentric Family as well. It’s one of my great anime discoveries of the year.
      You’re right, I rarely talk about Haikyuu at all. For stupid reasons. It’s a very popular show and everyone’s already written about it so I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to add. And even more stupidly, for various reasons, the shipping that happens in the fan community makes me uncomfortable. I know it sounds super silly but it just does. So I don’t tend to talk with other fans about it as much other shows.

      1. I can see that about Haikyuu. Also, it’s such a focussed sports show that almost everything that’s good about it is character and execution. It’s a show that perfects rather then re-invents the wheel.

        And I enjoyed your posts about The Eccentric Family a lot.

  6. One of the shows that completely takes a definite spot as like my best friend is Toradora because it was with me during a really rough time in my life.

    And Nichijou for being there whenever I needed quick laugh when I was down.

  7. Lately it has been Natsume and all his friends that are yokai and human, Chihayafuru and her team, then section 9 from Gits and the White Base crew are not going anywhere.

    Oh, Made in Abyss and it’s characters have made room in my heart as well.

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